10 reasons for which it is worth visiting Riga

The Riga Tourism Development Bureau amounted to a list of ten reasons for visiting the capital of Latvia. The rating is intended to inspire tourists to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and personally make sure of its charm. Less than two hours by plane – and first-class service at attractive prices at your service.

Riga – Pearl Architecture

The greatness of the Gothic churches, the Middle Ages of the Old Riga, the magnificence of buildings of the UGEND style, the charm of the wooden building make Riga one of the world architecture samples. Walk through the streets of Riga is a fascinating trip to the world of history. The city center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Architectural Monuments of Yugden-Style

Albert Street, Strelesku Street, 4 A, and Vitez Street, 10, Old Riga (Audeu Street, 7 and 9, Street Theater, 9, Valne Street, 2, Smile Street, 2 and 8), in the center (Terbatas Street, 15 / 17, Brivibas Street, 47, Elizabetez Street, 10a and 10B)

  • View of the old town
  • Riga – Pearl Architecture
  • River Daugava

Riga – the city where different era are connected

Riga History has more than 800 years. Each era introduced its unique features to the appearance of the city. Middle Ages, classicism, modern, bright modern solutions of the urban environment harmoniously coexist in the conditions of a rapidly developing city. As the famous legend says, Riga will never be completed. This is a city that develops and grows.

Places for visiting

Old Riga, Kipsala, Riga Central Market, Verper Park, Riga Church of St. John.

  • Streets of the Old Town
  • Cafe on Square
  • Roofs and Spiers Riga

Riga – the gastronomic capital of the Baltic

Latvia consists of four geographic areas, and for each characteristic of its kitchen. The coastal regions of Kurzeme and Vidzeme are rich in fish dishes, and Latgale and Zemgale offer a magnificent pork and bread, which even presidential Col Clintonov appreciated.

The dessert prepared from rye bread reminds ambrosia, and birch juice is a real elixir of life! Understand the local pies – small, crispy, ruddy like amber, with a filling of onion and a spree. Do not forget about the sour-sweet rye bread, Yanov Cheese with Tmina, Puff Honey Pie and Riga Black Balsam, adding it to coffee or watering ice cream – what can be tastier!

Famous restaurants

Vincents, Bergs, Neiburgs, Desiderata, Le Dome, Ka&# 316;&# 311; u v&# 257; RTI

Riga – Cultural capital of the Baltic

In Riga, the cultural life. In the Latvian national opera perform world-class artists, concerts of classical and popular music sounds in concert halls. Exhibition halls introduce visitors with works of classical and contemporary art.

Places for visiting

Latvian National Opera, Riga Russian Theater. Mikhail Chekhov, Riga Dome Cathedral, Art Museum Riga Exchange, Museum of Decorative Art and Design

Riga – a city for beauty and well-being

10 Reasons for which it is worth visiting Riga

In Riga cosmetic salons and SPA centers, you can enjoy rejuvenating, wellness and tonic procedures. In Riga, many different baths and saunas. You can not go to Riga and not know what is a real Latvian bath.

Places for visiting

Modern five-star spa complex ESPA R&# 299; GA, Ecological Spa Verdant Eco Spa, Beauty Institute "Lior ;".

Riga – a place for outdoor activities

Here all year round sports events are held – running marathons, cycling races, ski runs. The abundance of water bodies allows you to engage in various types of water sports. On the territory of Riga there are two golf courses and a trail for motorsport.

Places for visiting

The largest in the Baltic water park "L&# 299; VU", Vertical aerodynamic tunnel "Aerodium", golf Club "Ozo", Center for active recreation and entertainment "Go Planet".

Riga is an exciting shopping

In the souvenir shops of the Old Riga, you can buy products of applied art, made by hand from amber, wood, ceramics and other materials, and in urban supermarkets – to choose high-quality goods of foreign and local producers in their taste.

Places for visiting

Alfa shopping center, Galerija Riga, Galerija Centrs, Gourmet Studio, Folk Music Shop, Latvian fashion designers store, Green Studio "Pienene".

Riga – a source of creative inspiration

Cultural diversity of Riga – a source of inspiration for many representatives of creative professions. Guests of the capital are convinced of this by visiting art galleries, concert halls, theaters, walking through the streets of the city and admiring his architecture.

Places for visiting

Quarters adjacent to the streets of Krishiaan Barona (KR.Barona) and TERBATAS (Terbatas), a quarter adjacent to Baznica Street (Baznica), a quarter adjacent to the street of Miera (Miera), a creative quarter "Speaker", Kalnciema Quarter (Kalnciema).

Riga – a city that takes care of the health of the inhabitants

A large number of medical centers, clinics, private doctors, a high professional level of medical workers, high-quality and affordable maintenance stimulate residents of other countries to come to Riga for treatment or just strengthen their health.


Health Center "Baltezers", "Vesel&# 299; Bas Centrs 4" ("Health Center 4"), Medical society "ARS"

Riga – City for successful business

Riga is a dynamically developing city with modern infrastructure, high-quality service. Creative and professional environment is successfully formed here. Riga – the largest business and cultural center of the Baltic States, where it is convenient to carry out business events of all formats.


International Exhibition Center &# 310;&# 299; Psala, Riga House Congress, House of Chernogolov, Small Guild.

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