10 reasons to go to Bali

Tens of ceremonies pass throughout Bali every day, transforming the life of travelers to an endless holiday. Elegantly dressed people carrying fruit pyramids, umbrellas with fringe and baaron figures – a mythical lion dog, covered with wool and mask. The temple procession disappears as suddenly, as appeared, Merzaya away in gold and white silk clothes, leaving a hibiscus petals on the road.

2. Come to yourself with the help of spa

Full reboot for the body and spirit or just the desire of silence and rest – arriving at Bali spend a lot of happy days, enjoying massages, baths, rubbing scrubs and incenses, drowning in Nege and bliss. The technique of Balinese massage includes stretching leisurely movements, rolling the skin, massage with the help of palm and thumb, resulting in the complete feeling of pacification. Try wrapping by a banana leaf.

3. Enjoy Balinese cuisine

Most likely, you will capture the spirit when you find yourself in a classic varunga (food shop) to buy meals. Dozens of freshly prepared dishes. Fertile land gives a variety of products from which fragrant dishes are prepared. Local cuisine, such as Babi Guling (fried milk piglet, marinated in spices for several hours), make you get in line again and again. Vegetarians here too Razdat.

4. Surfing

Surf season on Bali all year round. It is from here that the surfing in Asia began. Surfers wear around the island on motorcycles with boards for boards in search of a new cool break. Wave falls? Another awesome place just five minutes from here. "Your Wave" here will find both professionals and beginners.

5. See Balinese dance

The full opposite of Balinese relaxation – folk dance. This art requires perfect accuracy of movements, which is not waiting for the lazy people who love to spend their time in the beach cafe. Level’s performer – an incredibly beautiful dance – spends years to study, scrupulously honing the movement, starting with the eye and ending with his fingers. Each movement matters. Dressed in silk dancers perform "stories", with which the Hindu beliefs and customs lie.

6. Warm the scenery of rice fields

Narrow strips of greenery whimsically argue around the hills shown by coconut palm trees. Ancient rice terraces Jatiluich serve as an eternal evidence of love and respect for the Balinese peasants to the Earth. In 2012, UNESCO recognized this area as a World Heritage Site and included the traditions of Bali to grow risk in their list.

7. Get to know Kuuta Beach

10 Reasons to go to Bali

Hence the tourism began on Bali, which is not at all surprising: a wide sandy arc from Kuta goes to a foggy horizon in the north-west to echo beach. The surf, which began far in the Indian Ocean, is divided into shore of long uniform waves. You can walk around all 12 km of sandy shore in the south, enjoying the foot massage, or get enough pleasant loneliness in the north.

eight. Spend the night in club clubs

The night begins in a fashionable cafe or an open-air bar of Seminyak, where everything looks a little more beautiful thanks to the flickering of candles and fascinating music in the style of House. Then you need to move to clubs Cute. Here, world-class DJs are crowded. In the morning you will be catastrophically squeezed, but cosmmatically happy.

nine. Diving

Feel yourself quite small when manta slot sails over your head, flaming the light of the sun. Or suddenly you will see a 2.5-meter fish-moon next to him, frozen motionless and studying you. Nusa-Penida – only one of many places for diving on Bali.

ten. Go crazy from beauty in Ubud

Known for books and films Ubud – Art Center Bali – exudes irresistible spiritual beauty. On the streets of the ranks of galleries in which glorified and not very artists are creating. Wonderful ideas that demonstrate a rich island culture, dozens of scenes decorate every evening. Museums exhibit the works of creators who have acquired inspiration on this earth. Ubud is the state of the soul and beautiful human existence.

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