10 reasons to visit Athens. Feel the glory of the country

What comes to mind when they say "Athens"? Ancient philosophers, playwrights and riters, Women with long braided hair, all in White Hitonah and Sandals, Watch out Tragedy in the theater Open-air or just walk through the magnificent white temples. But Athens interesting not only from a historical point of view. There is At least ten good reasons for which you will spend next vacation in Athens.

Acropolis: Sacred Athens Hill.

Speaking by Athens, Should start S Acropolis, on which the most advanced ancient Temple, Sacred place Athens. Prayers of local residents and admiring views of all visitors were treated for him. Ancient Greeks were Perfectionists, and the result of their desire for detailed perfection can be seen in the form of the temple goddess Athens &# 8211; Parthenon. All distances, height, width, depth and numbers have its own value and strict order. In addition to Parthenon, You will also find a technically very complex building Propilelia &# 8211; Entrance gate on the hill. And the last but no less important: with Acropolis Opens stunning views of the whole town and Aegean sea with Porto Piraeus.

Real cradle of democracy.

Initial attempt to establish Democracies or Governments was undertaken Athenian state figure Solomon Back at the beginning 6th century BC. While, of course, it’s too early to talk about Democracies In today’s understanding of this word, but it was the most important first step in question. At the end 4th century BC statesman Pericles was on Top Athenian democracy, When all full-fledged male citizens could participate in State management. The center of public meetings, shops, political debates, public administration and cults was Ancient Agora, stretched under Acropole. To this day you will learn residues Town Hall, Public office buildings, shopping rows, and Departments &# 8211; one of the most important characters Athenian democracy. Special space allowed all full citizens to freely express their opinions and ideas.

Do you know that in Greek agor, they probably were the oldest public toilets in the world?

Place of birth of tragedy and comedy.

Athens retain their best qualities in the field of theatrical art. Almost born here Theatrical performances, Hence the most outstanding Dramaturgures all time as well The oldest theater of the ancient world. The ancient theater was dedicated DionysusGod winemaking, fun, religious ecstasy and Orgiy. Theatrical plays were intended not only to entertain ancient spectators, but also had more Deep edification goal. They were, among other things, part "cultural competition", where Dramaturgures competed with each other in Perfection of execution, texts, cleanliness of the language, educational ideas, accompanying choir singing and t. D.

Do you know that for the urban elite in the forefronts there were always backs?

Center for Roman Education.

Figuratively after Greece fell under power Roman Empire, Athens "SaveCb"How kinda Museum open air, Educational and Cultural Center. Roman &# 8211; Purely practical people who are not interested in curls on the pillars and philosophical "chatter". Rhetoric serves only for effective political propaganda. Nevertheless, among these practical Romans there were many lovers and sincere fans Ancient Athens. We are talking about statesmen who financed the construction Theaters, Sport stadiums, Infrastructure, sewage and T. D. The most important thing for Athens, Undoubtedly, was The contribution of the emperor Adriana, who even built whole New Roman Athens and A huge library on Monastica Square.

Medieval atmosphere.

Each city has a place, ideal for Walking on the lunar light. Athens &# 8211; oasis rest, where you can enjoy romantic and relaxed atmosphere Warm evening. One of these places in Athens, Undoubtedly, is Medieval cry, Discussed on the slopes Rocks Acropolis. Multicolored houses and cozy taverns add charm city. Narrow streets that are typical for medieval Athens, transfer you to another time.

Greek cuisine: useful and tasty at the same time.

Greek Maximum use fresh food To prepare your dishes, because their homeland is also absolutely perfect climatic conditions for growing Vegetables and fruit. Although in local taverns you will find mainly meat dishes, in count fishes, Olive oil and fresh products Greek cuisine has no equal. In small taverns on the table will begin to serve Different types of snacks, Several main dishes with different handbrokers. Dishes follow well drink homemade wine, which is served on the table in Lithric Charters. Such a joint dinner often lasts more than 2 hours.

Do you know that there is a street near Greek Agora, along which taverns are located?

Famous Balkan well-being.

Though Greece is a part European Union with 1981, At first glance, you will become clear that European standards Complied here with the famous southern negligence. You may be surprised by several Meful move Transportation, Food Street Trade, units in public places or trash outside the garbage tanks. On the other hand, in Greece Neoubly reigns Welfare, Outgoing from tanned faces of temperamental and hearty South. You will be met Smile v Taverns, Souvenir stores or Just on the street. And if Greek asked, Where are you from, And you answer from Russia, He is sure to you Greeting at least RussianHey".

10 Reasons to visit Athens. Feel the glory of the country

Do you know that in Athens you will also find real oriental markets? Complete through Monastraki Square.


Weather &# 8211; one of Main reasons, which is worth a visit Greece. The sun not only has a scientifically proven beneficial effect on the human body, but, above all, significantly improves the mood. The most favorable time for visiting AthensMay, summer, September, When the temperature fluctuates from 25 to 35 ° C. High temperatures from which Athens Sometimes they suffer in August, make up from 35 to 40 ° C. The greatest and cold month is considered February, When mercury value in the sidmaker slightly above zero.

Do you know that in Athens is up to 3000 sunny hours a year?

Beaches half an hour from the center.

Another synonym Greece &# 8211; sea. If you arrive in Athens In the right time, you do not miss Swimming in the Aegean Sea, or rather B Saromic Gulf. All you need to do is sit on Right tram on the central square Syntagma , who takes you to coast With his beautiful city beaches. Most Popular &# 8211; Glyfada, Alimos or Vouliagmen. On the beaches, of course, there is everything Social objects (Toilets, locker rooms, taverns and t. D.).

Do you know that tram number 4 will take you to the beaches from the city center about half an hour?

Other interesting places nearby.

Thanks to its location Athens are an excellent starting point for excursions around the neighborhood. From here you can go not only for more deleted and, therefore, less visited Beach, But on Walk on Nature, Hiking in Mountains and on ferom on any Greek Island. Undoubtedly, the most popular directions include Archaeological excavations Micheen, Nafplion, Epidavr, Corinth, Delphi, Islands of Angha, Hydra, Spepsies, Mount Arachov and Parnas. The simplest means of movement for you, of course, will a car, But you can also get to many places on the local Bus.

Do you know that there are paid gates on the motorways, where the passage is paid in cash?

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