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Bali makes it possible to diversify the usual vacation. Resort, as they say Arrow Hotels and Resorts reviews, surprisingly combines beach holidays, excellent hotel service service and unique attractions.

Only here it turns out to enjoy a combination of excursion walks with bathing in gentle ********** No wonder called sunny paradise.

In order to make sure that Bali’s holiday is the best, read the list of reasons why it is worth visiting the island from Arrow Hotels and Resorts.


Bali history begins over 4000 years ago. His centuries-old development is expressed in the oldest monuments of architecture. These include the unique temples of the island.

An exciting spectacle is wedding ceremonies. Each tourist can participate in the event. Of interest are other local customs committed in the temples:

  • sacrifices of gods;
  • static teeth;
  • Ritual childhood.

Lovers of acute sensations like the burial ceremony.

Local customs

Bali – holiday island. Here year-round are a variety of festivals. Tourists can take part in any of them. Bright, carnival processions, mysterious religious dances, authentic ceremonies – all this in excess is represented in the very colorful place of Indonesia.

Travelers who want to get closer to local traditions can settle in the house of local residents.

If you want to meet the new year unusual – be sure to go to Bali. Here it is carried out by an amazing way: in silence. This is especially like to tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts, who do not bring the pre-New Year bustle and noise.


Bali famous for their surfer schools. They are open everywhere. Professionals in this case began training exactly. A special approach to newcomers will allow to master the art in a matter of minutes and enjoy a popular view of the rest.


Southeast Beaches of Islands will enjoy fans of a quiet, measured rest. According to tourists reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts This is a great place for families with children. Beach zone – clean, entrance to the sea – gentle. No waves, and, in effect, and active surfers in this part of Bali, too.

Everyone can choose what he is more like.

Kitchen Bali

The cuisine of the island has connected the traditions of China, India, Indonesian countries. Local traditional culinary delights add a special highlight to each dish.

Spices, fruits, seafood – the basis of healthy food, and therefore longevity.

Emperum strongly recommends that its customers taste traditional delicacies Bali.


On Bali – amazing sunsets. Romantic places will be remembered for long. Warm sea, sunset, beloved person – what could be better?

10 Reasons to visit Bali from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - about. Phuket, Thailand Blogs and Travel Notes

This is the best time to practice meditation. On the beaches there are plenty of secluded places where no one will prevent unity with nature.

Rice plantations

One of the main attractions of Bali, which attracts tourists from around the world.

Rice fields are descended by green waves to the foot of the mountains, coqueturily twists between hills with coconut palm trees. The picturesque look makes travelers take pictures in memory of this amazing place.

Rice terraces jodyluih – proof of immense love of local residents to native land. These beautiful fields have not been ignored by UNESCO. From now on, they are included in the list of natural monuments of world importance.

Cultural Center Ubud

Ubud – Bali Spiritual Center. Here are countless ranks of galleries with exhibitions of famous artists and only beginners to create masterpieces.

In the evening, ideas are held on scenes by which you can familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the local culture.

Museums Manyat visitors amazing collections of a wide variety of painting, ceramics, jewelry art.

Ubud – the living embodiment of what a person who knew the force of art could create.

SPA salons

A huge selection of salons for every taste and wallet will especially like women. Here you can restore the forces after a difficult working period, relax and relax.

Customers are provided with a variety of massages, wraps, aromatherapy.


Some tourists arrow Hotels and Resorts do not represent their holiday without shopping. On Bali, you will enjoy them fully. Infections use:

  • Clothing of popular brands;
  • fabrics;
  • incense;
  • ceramics.
  • masks;
  • figurines;
  • Batikom embroidery.

All these products will be an excellent gift for relatives and loved ones.

If you want to relax a bright, memorable – *************. He will not disappoint you!

10 Reasons to visit Bali from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - about. Phuket, Thailand Blogs and Travel Notes

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