10 reasons to visit Bavaria. Beautiful nature, fabulous locks and good well-being

Bavaria &# 8211; Magnet for lovers nature, castles, beer and active rest. Give in to the temptation and Bavaria You will not let go.
Bavaria. Just say it, and everyone will immediately want to go to travel. She gained its popularity due to his Unique clean nature, Beautiful mountains, clean lakes, traditional folk customs, beautiful infrastructure and tasty beer. Bavaria attracts tourists to Any time of the year, Whether they remain here one day or at the whole week. Here everyone will find their way. Here 10 reasons, Among which you will find at least one (two, three …), why it is worth come here. Bavaria welcomes you with open arms.

1. Nature &# 8211; Pride of Bavaria

It will be difficult for you to find So many natural beauty, how in Bavaria. Here you like the lovers of the mountains and Alpine landscapes.
Covered valleys dense forest, Crystal sparkle everywhere Pure lakes, You will see charming Waterfalls and breathtaking panoramas. Center Bavarian Alps is an Garmisch-Partenkirchen, lively Ski resort At the foot of the highest mountain of Germany &# 8211; Zugspitze, towering to height almost 3000 meters.

2. Lakes or crystal clear northern fjords

In the local landscape there is Lake, where you can swim, Ride boat and on Skate. Lake Königsze v Berchtesgaden &# 8211; one of the biggest and clean in the whole Germany. High mountains rise right above it, and the lake on the background of the landscape looks almost like a fjord.
Kimsee called "Bavarian Morce"And you really can feel it riding and fed. Lake Hinterssee, Alpzee, Schwansee, Oberry Also very picturesque. The largest lake of Germany &# 8211; Bodhen Lake , which, besides Bavaria, extended B Austria and Switzerland.

3. Fabulous locks of Louis II

Bavaria looks fabulously not only due to beautiful nature, but also installed in it charming castles, Built Louis II, fan King France Louis XIV. Following French Versailles He built lock Herrenomsee on one of the islands Lake Kimsee , the mirror hall of which even on 10 meters longer than the hall in Versaille.
Exclusively as your own asylum in Bavaria, Louis II. Built luxurious Linderhof Castle. The most famous and most fabulous castle in the whole Germany, Undoubtedly, is Neuschwanstein, Silhouette which is known for served as a source of inspiration for cartoons Walt Disney.

4. UNESCO does not regret records here.

Bavaria boasts Seven entries in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is I Residence bishop with park and palace square, and City of Bamberg, and old City in Regensburg, including Stadtamhof district, Prehistoric pile dwellings in the surrounding Alp.
V 2012 was also registered Marcgraf Opera House, The interior of which in the style of Baroque with trother balconies is one of the most beautiful in the world.

5. Modern life in traditional costumes? Why not?

Residents Bavaria Enthusiasm follow traditions, although they are supporters of the latest technologies and progress. Traditional costumes wear not only for special cases, but simply, for example, on Sunday walk around the city.
Perhaps, U Each man there is leather pants Lederhosen, A W Each woman &# 8211; Traditional folk clothing Dirndl , which consists of a dress with a fitting bodice on the lacing and a wide skirt, blouses and apron, tied on the waist.
Locals love to walk on Various events and festivals, Carnival processions, They like Walking, equestrian processions during Pentecost, holidays solstice, festivals hunting cattle from mountains, wine festivals, traditional Oktoberfest and christmas fairs. There is always a reason to celebrate and meet with friends.

6. Oktoberfest or when pouring beer

Bavaria &# 8211; Beer region. In the landscape around the capital Munich dominate Hop plantation, And lovers Beer v Bavaria Fight with a stunning choice of brands. In the thoughts that the gold drink in the people drink from liter Tupurkov, A man spins his head ..
Exactly at Munich Every year it passes Traditional Oktoberfest &# 8211; The largest beer festival in the world. The beginning of the celebration is dated October 1810, when after the wedding hereditary Prince Ludwig Bavarian And his wife organized a holiday for the inhabitants of the Kingdom in the meadow outside Munich, who was successful and began to be held regularly as "Celebration of October". He retained his name even after The organizers moved it to September .

7. Bavarian sausages and other delicacies.

10 Reasons to visit Bavaria. Beautiful nature, fabulous locks and good well-being

Traveling in Bavaria, Keep in mind that local kitchen very Rich and piquant. Gourmet In no case will not be disappointed.
Here you can enjoy pork stew Schweynbrat SchweiNBRATEN), Pork steering wheel Schweinshaksse Schweinshax), Rizushki Rippchen, and Fish and typical sausage, which are served by S mustard and Saima cabbage. Slightly spicy Blouture and traditional White sausage Weisvurst run both small and big hunger.
And still there Sweet skilles On Zakvask, covered with egg custard DampFnudeln, Cresphoto (Brezen), Christmas Nuremberg Gingerbread Gingerbread other Delicatesse. How the Germans love, everyone is prepared from high-quality fresh (and often organic) Ingredients. If you do not want to drink Good food beer, you can choose Local wine from Franconian Region.

eight. Museums

You can dedicate for several days exclusive Museums of Bavaria, some of which are considered The best of its kind in Europe. One of the main art galleries in the world is Pinakotek in Munich (Old Pinakotek, New Pinakotek and Pinakotek of modern times). German Museum of achievements Natural Sciences and Techniques is the storage of the technical past, while Nuremberg It can boast Railway Museum. Of course, Bavaria I witnessed one of the most sinister chapters in European history and homeland Nazism &# 8211; and many places such as Dokcence Obersalzberg (Obersaltskard Documentation Center) and ReichSparteitagsGelnde in Nuremberg (Territory of the Congresses of NSDAP in Nuremberg), where 1930s conducted The largest Nazi meetings, tell this gloomy story.

nine. On christmas fairs in Bavaria!

How to enjoy Traveling in winter, If you do not want to do Ski Sports on the Bavarian Alps? Align a pleasant with useful and go to Bavarian cities on Traditional christmas fairs. Stylish kiosks have a wide selection of goods: from Christmas decorations and Small Gifts before Gastronomic delicacies.
Of course, a pleasant reign celebration atmosphere, Sounds of christmas hymns, smell of fried chestnuts and almonds, Guests drink Punch and Mulled wine. Bavarian Christmas fairs &# 8211; Some of the most beautiful, their atmosphere and well-being will not disappoint you.

ten. High quality of life

Are you going to Bavaria for Research, active recreation, spa or business Trips, You can always count on Perfectly functioning Infrastructure and services. And not surprising. Bavaria Important for Germany not only because attracts tourists from around the world, But S Economic point of view. Most focused here German industry &# 8211; including cars here are produced BMW (Bayerische Motor Werke).
When you look back on the sides in Bavaria, You will see that everything is chased on the most modern models of cars. Standard of living locals really very high. Everywhere order and you will be very comfortable here.

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