10 reasons to visit Canada. Exciting nature, bright cities and unique culture

The size Canada Truly huge, so the second largest country in the world also provides its visitors an inexhaustible number of impressions and ideas. From a variety of nature and picturesque villages to megalopolises and unforgettable cultural and gastronomic events. Why do you also have to visit Canada?


1. Canadian Nature: scenes from which the spirit captures is famousNiagara Falls, Snow-covered vertices Rocky Gor, Huge lakes, sparkling in the rays of the midday sun, endless dense forests, Desert Prairia, northern Lights, Majestic glaciers ; Home Feature of Canadian Landscape &# 8211; His amazing variety and untouched clean. No matter what time of year you go to Canada , Local nature is always preparing you unforgettable landscapes.


2. Canadian cuisine: try Putin and maple syrup. Canadian cuisine is also very diverse, mainly due to many nationalities living in the country. Here you can try literally Kitchen all over the world in ethnic regions Canadian cities. In addition, of course, you will also find real Canadian delicacies, especially Fresh fish and seafood, Caught B Quiet and atlantic oceans. One of the national corporate dishes is a dish "Putin" &# 8211; Crispy Potato Fries with traditional sauce and melted cheese. Also are famous for local wild rice or Excellent beef. Be sure to try maple syrup. Maple &# 8211; National Plant, and his sheet is depicted on the state flag. Canadians often add maple syrup to dishes, most often for breakfast &# 8211; to pancakes or porridge.


3. Indigenous peoples: Follow the footsteps of the Indians. Canadians are known for their own immeasurable hospitality and are One of the most tolerable nations in the world &# 8211; Whether it is a question of ethnic minorities or homosexuals. In addition, in some parts of the country still live native people. About Indian You can learn in many interesting things museums, scattered throughout the country or in areas where Indians still live.


4. A variety of adrenaline entertainment: Awaken in yourself Seeker adventure. Canada &# 8211; Paradise for lovers Adrenaline Sport. Canadian landscape creates perfect space for a variety of fresh air entertainment, which you can only remember. Local ski resorts They are considered one of the best in the world, on some Canadian lakes in winter skate or even to fish Under icemines. In the summer you like Hiking riding a bike, climbing, canoeing, diving or rafting. Then you can do Surfing in the waves Pacific or Atlantic Ocean Or do paragliding. In one word if you are looking for Adrenaline, Canada &# 8211; Suitable place for you!


5. Lively cities: Meet them. Canadian megalopolises modern, energetic and, above all, each of the large cities is different and has its own specifics. In the largest Canadian city Toronto You can admire the skyscraper horizon in Ottawa Learn more about history State and try to immerse yourself in the Secrets of Canadian Politics. Montreal charm you with your French charm and countless cultural events, in Quebec You will feel almost like in the European city, and in the most West Canadian city Vancouver You will be amazed by a local port surrounded by mountain ranges.

Beer and wine

6. Try Canadian beer and wine. If you are amateur guilt, You can go to Winery regions Canada and taste them as much as you can. Grape grows mainly in Ontario or in the solar valley Okanangan v British Colombia. The most famous B Canada It is so-called Ice Wine from Frozen grapes. If you do not like wine too much, know that there is also a tradition in Canada Brewing, And if you prefer something "Ignorable"Try Canadian Jean or Canadian Vodka!

Museums and galleries

10 Reasons to visit Canada. Exciting nature, bright cities and unique culture

7. Museums and galleries: World-class spectacle. You can find out best The history of Canada in visited the most Museum country, Canadian Historical Museum v Quebec. If you are a lover of graceful arts, do not miss one of the most famous museums North America &# 8211; Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. It is there that you will find the works of European old masters, as well as treasures from Asia and Oceania or extensive collection of Canadian art. In the capital Ottawa located National Gallery Canada or impressive Museum of civilization, Where will you see how the dwellings of the leaders and the Viking camp looked.


eight. Canadian eccentricity. Want to Cocktail with thumb? Or visit the reserve with Thousands of Snake? Canada &# 8211; it is a treasure of unusual impressions and you can see and experience such things as anywhere in the world. I would like to you spend the night in a hotel fully built from ice? Go to an impressive hotel Hotel De Glace in Quebec! Want to see together the largest number Snake in the world? Visit the place called Narcisse Snake Dens v Manitoba. Tens of thousands of snakes descend into this valley during mating, and you can watch club of their intertwy bodies. You are looking for extreme sensations? What about Cocktail, in which will be Swim a human finger? V Dawson City There is a bar "Sourtoe Cocktail Club"Where such a cocktail is served, which you can drink and get a certificate.


nine. Canada for lovers of fauna: OT whale before Bears. For lovers of real wildlife Canada &# 8211; Literally Paradise. On the eastern and west coasts you can watch Kitami and seals , In dense forests you will go in the footsteps Lose or Bears And go B Canadian Arctic, to watch unique species &# 8211; Majestic White bear, Sucked Ondatrami or Elegant white owls. Or you are more interested in traditional races on Dog sledding v Whitehorse? Canada also offers such visitors their opportunity.


ten. Canadian culture: Mosaic from famous names. Canadian cultural Life is really rich. Canadian dance, especially ballet, impressive, and Winnipeg Royal Ballet Ensemble &# 8211; One of the best in the world. Canada presented the world many famous artists, whose fame crossed the country’s borders for a long time: Thomas Burrow, Palmer Cox, Joseph Rosental. If you are a fan of culture, you will definitely like one of many Canadian festivals &# 8211; You can choose between International Film Festival in Toronto , which is one of its most important in the world, folk festival in Edmontone or Juste Pour Rire &# 8211; Comedy Festival and theater in Montreal.

10 Reasons to visit Canada. Exciting nature, bright cities and unique culture

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