10 reasons to visit China. Tradition, progress and delicious kitchen

China &# 8211; Beautiful country for all adventurers, lovers of different cultures, Asian traditions and the latest technologies. You have a unique opportunity to experience it! China &# 8211; one of The largest countries of the world with the largest population. However, not only statistics affecting this part of the Asian continent are interesting. This is a country where there is no shortage of Natural attractions and Monuments of History. Come and get acquainted with cultural specifics, kitchen, architecture and other aspects of an extremely attractive country of traditions and progress &# 8211; China.

Omnipresent buddhism and communism.

In China, a lot Buddhist temples. However, there is a noticeable influence Taoisma and Confucianism. With echoes of these philosophical currents, you can face every step. Especially in rural areas and in small cities, people are very quiet and no anywhere in a hurry. They have enough time for them, the main thing for them &# 8211; the quality of life. Of course, in big cities you will no longer find such a lifestyle, because they suffered from globalization and chase for money. Symbols that will accompany you all over China, connected with Policy &# 8211; The whole country is managed Communist Government, and therefore in different parts of the country appear Red stars or Sickles and hammers.

Historical monuments.

Few countries in the world can boast such a long history as China. State Department and education Center He acted much earlier than, for example, The Roman Empire. Famous Terracotta Army Near the city Xian Dated a period BC, What causes admiration for experts and the general public from all over the world. The most famous historical structures include Forbidden city v Beijing and A number of temples and Monasteries. You can not miss the famous Great Chinese Wall, Sole Human Construction, Visible from Cosmos.

Superior China.

Symbol Supermodern &# 8211; This is basically Shanghai City. Examples include Shanghai an airport and underground, which are much more modern any transport structures in Europe. The message between the international airport and the city center provides high-speed magnetic train Transrapid, Which develops speed 450 km / C. It is also worth a visit second in height building in the world &# 8211; Shanghai Tower . In addition to Shanghai, Hong Kong Also very modern, it symbolized skyscrapers. Like a former British colony, he is influenced London. Here you will find, for example, red two-storey buses, which also go on the left side.

Chinese cuisine.

Chinese products &# 8211; Famous export goods. Chinese, Perhaps the only nation that extended its typical cuisine around the world. Chinese Restaurants can be found in almost every major city on all continents. On the other hand, it should be said that these establishments of public catering are very adapted to the place in which they are, and therefore they are very different from restaurants developed by Especially for Chinese visitors. So if you order in China, for example, Kung Pao, Typical for the region Sichuan, You will be surprised how much it is acute and hot. Dishes that are served in China, Usually very sharp, with a large selection of spices. Special Sichuan meat Very acute for Europeans. Here is another taste even Peking soup or duck. Potato FRI It is almost never available as a garnish, and in most restaurants you do not even have Table devices. There is Rice sticks for food.

Diverse and complex.

On the territory of this huge country they speak many dialects, Therefore, if you learn one word, it will be difficult to use it in another part of the country. Pronunciation of Chinese You can compare S singing &# 8211; When you say a syllable with another tone, the value of all the word may change.

Mystery Beauty called Chinese Village.

Visit Chinese village not quite simple, but be sure to try. Foreign tourists still have certain restrictions and can not travel to the country freely, but if you still succeed Chinese Countryside, This is the experience that you will never forget. In some places you will find yourself in The center of attention, And all residents will come look at you. People will offer you all possible And be very Friends, After all, a visit Foreign tourist &# 8211; this is big holiday. The problem is only in Language barrier.

Beautiful nature ;

10 Reasons to visit China. Tradition, progress and delicious kitchen

V China Almost all Climatic zones, Therefore here you will find Desert, Beautiful Forest arrays, sea, Islands, plateau and Self high mountains in the world. Here you can swim in sea, stroll in beautiful Reserves or go hiking. Of course, because of the long distances it is not done in a few days. Also traveling China pretty hard. If you do not say in Chinese or English, you get lost.

Panda &# 8211; a rarity that does not allow to miss.

Extremely popular Bears Panda &# 8211; One of the characters China. Recently, you can visit several reservations, where you can carefully consider them. In this area, the region is mainly active Sichuan, Offering tourists a trip straight to Pandam. There English-speaking guides will tell you all about life Panda. You can see them very carefully and maybe, Play with young. Look at these endangered animals &# 8211; occupation that never get bored. After all, find a panda in the wild almost impossible.


W China Very long Sea coast, And you can also lie and sunbathe. The most famous marine Resort China Island is considered Hainan, Here Clean sandy beaches, Developed infrastructure, a hollow bottom, so Hainan is a favorite seaside resort for tourists from around the world.
But you must take into account that the ocean is relative cold, a air temperature for swimming Not always pleases. The sky is often there overcast, And even if there is no rain, you can even Do not see the sun for the whole day. Town Sanya, which is in the south of the island, surrounded by mountains. There are a lot of hot sources, harbors, grottoes, and of course, Excellent beach.

Adventure for brave travelers.

Study of this country &# 8211; One big adventure. You can go to China across tourist agency, which will take care of you from the start of the trip to the end, while you will not stay without adventure, or you can arrange everything (including visa) Individually. For individual tourists, looking for an interesting, but completely safe adventure, this country Not ideal. Here Low crime, But stay here really adventure. It would be detailed to tell you about Transition of streets, where Road rules absolutely do not work, about Absence of information written in English, or obligation huge cultural and linguistic differences, at which even Experienced traveler Sometimes loses his head ; But sorry it China. China &# 8211; A beautiful country that tourists have not yet fully opened, and those few obstacles that will have to overcome, Compensated by hospitality.

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