10 reasons to visit Madagascar. Snow White Beaches, Baobab Alley and Amazing Fauna

Famous Lemuri, Paradise beaches, impassable jungle, Exciting landscapes and fascinating underwater life &# 8211; this is Madagascar, place for adventure and nature lovers. Torn the myths island in Indian Ocean Separated from supercontinent Gondwana 90 million years ago and since then has become independent. Madagascar &# 8211; One of the places with the greatest biodiversity: here inhabit 5% All famous species animals and plants on earth.
So, the reasons to visit Madagascar?

See Megapolis Antananarivo (Tana).

Megapolis Antananarivo Known by the fact that it is a starting point for most travelers coming to Madagascar. You will not find here large tourist attractions (although in the city there are about 2 million inhabitants) but it is in this that some travelers see his charm. Though Megapolis Madagascar it does not boast such a magnificent architecture as other megacities would be a mistake to skip the city’s visit, because it is unique in its own way. Tana was the center of the Malagasy Power for three centuries, and you can get acquainted with the rich history and culture of the country. Also this is a rare place on Madagascar, where you can enjoy Good food; Some businesses can compete with restaurants marked star Michelin v Europe. Although prices in the cafe are quite low.

Scuba diving and snorkeling with whales

If you are an enthusiast of scuba diving with scuba or snorkeling, Madagascar offers excellent opportunities, especially on small islands Nusi-B, as well as on Il-Saint-Marie / Nusi-Burach. In the waters of Madagascar, these types of Pacific fish live like Clowns, Angels Fish, Eugene Fish, Skates and Sea Perch. Special is the ability to swim with a whale shark in deep blue waters Nusi-B, What is a truly exciting and unique occupation that you should not miss when visiting the country.

Tropical forests in the area of ​​Asinanan.

Tropical forests in the area of ​​Asinanan Include 6 National Parks in the eastern part of the island. These relict forests are crucial to maintain environmental processes necessary to maintain unique biodiversity reflecting the geological history of the island. Madagascar separated from the nearest mainland more 90 million years ago, Therefore, local plants and animals developed isolated. Tropical forests are listed UNESCO due to their importance for environmental and biological processes, as well as endangered species (especially Lemurov).

Hike to Issa National Park.

ISALU National Park, The most popular natural direction on Madagascar Due to easy access from the road RN7. It was founded in 1962 And protects more 80,000 hectares of land, which stands out impressive Array of sandstone, Destroyed time and weather conditions. Stone transformations, impressive rocky plateau, peaks and walls of the National Park Izal hide Oasis with waterfalls, dense forests, which are home for unique Flora and fauna. On Tracks Isal You can get to many places and make hikes from a few hours to several days.

Walk through the Zinggi Du Bimaraha Reserve

Qingi &# 8211; This is a plot Untouched nature on Madagascar, which is a large rocky area of ​​limestone, rubble and marine shells of dead animals 200-300 million years ago. They create a surreal and impenetrable landscape, and Qingi Reminds visitors about the ancient period of the Earth (Jurassic period), when Madagascar was still associated with the African continent. On the territory of the reserve, tropical leaf falling forests grow, as well as plants –bean, couch and mope. It is these forests that were the first shelters of the inhabitants of the island.

Possibility to walk in the footsteps of Lemur, which is a symbol of Madagascar.

Lemuri, Primates, considered ancestors of monkeys, are endemic species Madagascar, They can be found in the nationalx parks, reserves and rainforest. Currently, Madagascar lives more 100 types of Lemurov. Kata-Lemur with tail in black and white stripe &# 8211; This is the most famous appearance named after cats, because they meow. Another famous view &# 8211; Indri Lemur. Lemuri &# 8211; very smart animals, and some species, such as Lemur Sifaka, very friendly to humans; So do not be surprised if Lemur sees you on the shoulder During the walk through the jungle.

Alley Baobab

10 Reasons to visit Madagascar. Snow White Beaches, Baobab Alley and Amazing Fauna

Baobab, Also called on Malagasy language Reniala (" Mother forest"), Is a majestic and sacred tree that was used here for hundreds of years As a source of drugs and water, because rainwater accumulates in massive trunks, which serve as tanks for animals and people. Baobab You can meet all the tropical island, but the main attraction (and the perfect place for the photo) is Alley Baobab (Avenue of Baobabs) in the region Menabe. Majestic Alley Mighty Baobabs towers over the surrounding scenery giants. Best time to visit Alleys Baobab &# 8211; Sunrise or sunset so you can see this wonderful environment in the best light.

Observation of world whales near Northern Madagascar.

If you arrive From June to the end of September, You will be able to witness one of the most amazing ideas on earth when Large groups of humpback whales during their annual migration from Antarctica turn out to be in warm waters around the island. Here they are divided into two groups: one group migrates on West Coast (Nusi-BE), and the other remains in the waters Eastern coast (Nusi-Burach / Saint-Marie Island and Antonzhil Bay). It is best to watch whales on Speed ​​boat accompanied Expert in Kitam, which will take you to the best places and tell in detail about the whales and their samples of behavior.

Holidays on the beautiful beaches of the nosi archipelago.

Madagascar is also an ideal place for holidays on the beaches: Island is surrounded by thousands of kilometers of wonderful wild beaches. The most idyllic of them can be found on Nusi-B, which is located in Mozambik W. Strait North-West Coast Madagascar And also known as "The island of the Spirit"Due to fragrances Ilang-Ilanga, Sugar cane and spices. This tropical paradise &# 8211; with turquoise lagoons, long beaches with golden sand, abundance of lush vegetation and volcanic relief with lakes, will not leave you indifferent.

Accommodation on the most exclusive beach resort in the world Time + Tide Miavana.

TIME + TIDE MIAVANA &# 8211; it’s ultra-luxury resort, Located by Ankau Island, which is a private island Northeast Madagascar. Surrounded by colorful coral reefs, Miavana Includes 14 VILL with pools, Designed Silvio Roche and Leslie Carsten. Chic villas are located around clean white beaches in the west of the island.

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