10 reasons to visit Sweden. northern Lights. 20 kilograms of lososi. Paradise for winter sports.

There is an incorrect idea of Sweden as a cold country where the same cold people live. Impressions of the Northern Lights and the acquisition of true peace of mind &# 8211; Here are the reasons why even this northern country has an indisputable charm for tourists. You can go Explore Sweden v Any time of the year. but in autumn It is the most beautiful … summary &# 8211; Sweden definitely worth to visit.

1. northern Lights

Do I need to say that in Sweden Cold climates, like in a large part Russia. After all, integers 15% of the country Located for Polar circular. From autumn to spring here is mostly cold. However, in recent years, winter has slightly lost their intensity, and the temperature is usually only about five degrees below zero.
Here Pretty dry and windy, What is connected with the location of Sweden and the quality of local air. However, the mother-nature balances this lack of an exciting spectacle in the form of Northern Lights. Near large cities such as Luleå, Yokkmokk and Gallovare, Various are carried out Winter events, among which northern Lights. There you can go to the surrounding forests and enjoy the spectacle.
northern Lights You can see out Any corner Arctic and subarctic Sweden, If you allow weather conditions. It can also be Pomeus, Laponia, Yukkasyarvi.
Interesting fact: in Yukkasyarvi Every year it is built Hotel Iso Ice River Torn. It offers rooms, skillfully carved masters from different countries of the world, in some of them the air temperature is -5-8 degrees Celsius. But they are attached and Warm numbers.

2. Lake: Generous Dar of Nature.

V Sweden At every second step occurs Lake. It seems exaggeration? Figures and facts speak for themselves. In Sweden 95 700 lakes More than more 100 100 meters. And some of them have at least Unconventional names, for example, "Lrdagstrsk"What can be translated as Saturday swamp.
Lake Venern in the South-West Sweden It boasts title the largest lake Sweden, The third largest lake in Europe and The largest tank drinking water throughout Europe. Here fishery lovers caught The largest salmon in the world. He weighed incredible 20 kilograms.

3. You are creative? Drive in Sweden!

From autumn to spring here cold, But the Swedes are not particularly worried. Adults and children can have a good time at home. They are reading, Listen to music, bake or do something.
Thereby Sweden For a long time was one of The most creative countries of the world, According to the so-called Global creativity index, which determines the country’s creativity by the formula: Talent + Technology + Tolerance. Among the Swedes you will find Many successful advertising Creativers and artists. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the Swedes have introduced some time ago Six-hour working hours.

4. Uninhabited nature: the ability to explore.

You may know that Swedish landscape by 97% uninhabited and not spoiled by civilization. Thus, Sweden Creates a colorful cocktail from Reserved nature, national parks and reserves, occupying the tenth of its square. Natural beauty that can be explored, truly blessed.
It is known that the Swedes love nature and care about it. They even Processing 99% of their waste. They are big fans active rest and make focus on healthy lifestyle. Swedes love look right. Therefore, many places are equipped Foreign with rotating grille and Big pan.

5. Summer Solstice: the most popular holiday in Sweden.

Midsommar (Midssammar) &# 8211; bigger Summer holiday Sweden. He is so important that even became National holiday. Traditionally, he was celebrated during Solstice, But today the celebration falls on the weekend, about June 24.
In addition, long summer days and white nights make it possible Celebrate several days and nights in a row. At this holiday put pillar, Looks like cross, with two rings on the sides (midsommarstng), and around it Horovodov and singing songs. On this day Wreaths fly, And girls wear them either hang on the door.
According to superstition, Single girls should Collect nine colors and put them under the pillow. In a dream, they will appear their future.
Typical Soltestae dish &# 8211; Marinated herring, S Young potatoes and pancakes. Also eating Strawberry and Strawberry cake.

6. Paradise not only winter sports

Swedish entertainment &# 8211; This is PlavaI, Yachting, Football, Golf, Horse Riding, Athletics, Fishing, Mushroom Collection and T.D. However, its geographical position literally predisposes to classes Winter sports in this fabulous Scandinavian country.
Of course, the most popular winter sport &# 8211; it … yes, as you already guessed, &# 8211; hockey. This Swedes are among Absolute world leaders. However, they passionately love and ski or snowboard. Also worth trying curling or skate On the frozen lake.

7. Pleasant, responsive and relaxed people.

10 Reasons to visit Sweden. northern Lights. 20 kilograms of lososi. Paradise for winter sports.

If you hear people from the north Cool and arrogant, Do not believe. It’s just a stupid prejudice. Swedes Very friendly, Hearts, hospitable, Open for other cultures, and possess a wonderful sense of humor. Sweden is also considered One of the most liberal countries in Europe and the world.
Swedes will be interested in you, will be happy to exchange a couple of words and introduce you to your country and culture. They have a strongly developed National feeling, which stems out respect and Pride per own country.
During his stay in Sweden You will definitely appreciate what Disciplined Swedes Observe the rules. At least no Danger, that someone will be To push you in the queue or that your luggage will be irretrievably lost ;

eight. The largest musical festivals.

Though Sweden &# 8211; little country, Swedish music managed to fix in the world. Sweden gave the world of such legends of music as ABBA and Roxette , who for their careers were sold incredible 75 million albums. In addition to pop music, Swedes also love to play jazz, Classic and Opera.
Musik Vid Siljan (Music on Lake Silyan) &# 8211; one of The oldest musicals Sweden festivals, CT 1969 for 27 weeks. It is a combination Jazza, church music, folk music. In addition, the entire festival takes place in a beautiful countryside nearby Lake Silyan.

nine. Northern Fashion Center.

If you ask anyone Lovers of high-quality fashion, What comes to mind when it comes to Swedish fashion, He will say it moderation, Simple color Combination, minimalistic cut, Quality materials, original parts and t. D.
In clothing, the Swedes are relaxed, preferred Simplicity and originality. If you are looking for a new impetus to revive your wardrobe, Inspiration by some of the popular brands (Acne Studios, & Other Stories, Filippa K, Cos and T. D.).

ten. Food, food and eating again

Traditional Swedish cuisine simple and satisfy. With severe living conditions in the north, the most important element was what had to be fade away, as north a long time was Peasant country, therefore peasant cuisine to a certain extent prevailed over the preparation of exquisite dishes. if you love Fish, meat and potato, Swedish cuisine will pleasantly surprise you. The taste is just great!

Top 5 typical Swedish dishesMeatballs, shaking, goulash from moose, Potato pudding with breadcrumbs, onions, cream and anchovies, pickled salmon.
The most famous sweet dish is Calbullar From a very popular test on Zakvask with cinnamon. Put it coffee – also an integral part of the Swedish cuisine. V 2015 Sweden occupied 3rd place in the rating of the largest consumers of coffee!
Interestingly, the Swedes, besides Traditional holidays celebrate today I Food days. You would celebrate Waffel Day (March 25) or Snail’s day cinnamon (The 4th of October)?

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