10 resorts of the Krasnodar Territory with sandy beaches

In the Krasnodar Territory there are little sandy beaches, almost all covered with pebbles. Most of the sand beaches are made artificially, but if it is not to know, they are difficult to distinguish from natural.

The sandy beach is associated with comfort and high-class rest. In order to spend vacation on the sandy beach, it is not necessary to go abroad. You can visit the resorts of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

The best sandy beaches of the Krasnodar Territory

If you want to relax on the sandy beach, choose these directions for recreation planning:

  • Adler and Sochi;
  • Lazarevskoye;
  • Tuapse region;
  • Gelendzhik;
  • Anapa.

The following are the best beaches with the sand of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

Sand beaches of Sochi and Adler

To relax in Sochi and Adler is quite expensive, but the level corresponds to the prices.

To the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi district transformed. A new coastal cluster appeared – Imeretic resort.

Sochi and Adler infrastructure expanded and became more modern. These resorts are among the most prestigious and developed in Russia.

Imereti Beach – the most modern

Start an overview from this beach I want not only by territorial sign.

This beach is one of the most well-kept resort areas of the Krasnodar Territory.

Immediately behind the Olympic Park begins the embankment. All coastal line of this embankment – Beach. At the beginning of the Embankment, the beach is covered with sand, it is the sandy beach. It is always very clean here, there is no shortage of outlets, entertainment, cafes and street food, a lot of locker rooms, there are comfortable tracks for the approach to water.

You can swim in the Imereti beach only until 22:00.

If you go a little further, then control the observance of the prohibition will be no one. But then the islands with sand will be rare, as it is mostly not natural, but a bulk.

All the details in the Imereti resort here ;

Mandarin Beach – the most part

Located in Adler.

This is one of the most parties in Big Sochi.

The beach is part of Complex Vinograd, But the entrance to it is free to everyone.

Free toilets work, there are locker rooms. There are many outlets and institutions where you can eat, from small vans with food to premium restaurants.

You can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas. You will be pleasantly surprised, a comfortable mattress is attached to the chaise longue. Do not allow surprise to bump alert, be sure to check that the mattress is clean.

Location of the beach can be attributed to the location near the mouth of the Mzymta River.

The full-flowing river originates in the mountains, so after the rains the sea will not be clean, even if the rains were not in the Sochi itself, but far in Abkhazia. The proximity to the cold river affects the water temperature in the sea. The difference between other beaches of Big Sochi can be a pair of degrees.

Many regulars of this beach do not pay attention to the water temperature. They attract lively nightlife.

Nearby is a shopping and entertainment center. In the summer, there are noisy parties here every night. Similarly, noisy and fun in the summer cafe, which in the evenings turn into clubs in the open.

Riviera Beach – in the very center of Sochi

Despite the fact that people here are always a lot, everyone can find a place on the sand.

On all beaches of Sochi sand alternates with pebbles. Riviera Beach leads by the number of sand.

This is the best beach of Sochi, it is very well maintained and beautiful.

There are many cabins for dressing, and therefore they are not going to. There is a paid and free shower, many shops and cafes. If you want to buy something or have a snack, do not go to the point right on the beach, go through several hundred meters and you will be surprised by price change.

This is not just a beach, but a place for cultural leisure.

Here are often engaged in yoga and other sports classes, animators lead entertainment programs for children and adults. Near the beach you can listen to street musicians, among which are talented and charismatic artists.

There are shortcomings.

On the beach never there are few people, even late in the evening in September. Also, the disadvantages include high prices for water entertainment, rental chairs and umbrellas, but pricing in Sochi is quite spontaneous. On other beaches, prices may be the same or even higher as the owner of a small beach business will decide.


In terms of prices, rest in Lazarevsky corresponds to Sochi. It is not cheap.

At the same time, the recreation level also corresponds to. Being in Lazarevsky, you can imagine that you are in Sochi.

About Lazarevskoye read in this article ;

Beach Sanatorium "Odyssey" – the only sandy in Lazarevsky

There are no free sandy beaches in Lazarevsky, there are only sand islands on them.

Depending on the beach, these islets can be clean or not very. Free beaches are also covered with pebbles, but you still have a way to sunbathe in the sand.

I propose to visit Paid Beach Sanatorium "Odyssey".

Coating on this beach is mixed, and it is very convenient.

Closer to water – small pebbles, then from the edge – sand. Leaving the sea, you can hide a little on hot stones, the legs will dry, and they will not stick to them. One of the main problems when visiting the sandy beach has solved.

The cost of entry is from 200 rubles per person. This is a profitable sentence.

Paying money once, you can be on the beach all day. The price includes the use of canopies, umbrellas and chairs. Here you can take even a towel for rent. On the territory there are shops and outlets, there is a bar and restaurant.

Tuapse district

Dzhubga and Novomikhailovsky, where the VDC "Eagleok" is the most expensive holiday destinations in Tuapsinsky district.

But at the same time, rest here will cost cheaper than in Sochi district or Gelendzhik.

Tuapse guide here ;

Beach VDC "Orlenok" – the cleanest on the whole coast, ideal for children

This beach is always perfectly clean, here you will not meet the annoying sellers of corn or homemade alcohol.

Shore is very mild. In order to get to the depth, you need to go through at least a couple of dozen meters. At the shore, water is warmer at the expense of shallow water, but it does not affect the purity of water.

Unlike Gelendzhik and Anapa, the sea does not bloom here, water is not stirred.

Entrance to the beach is paid, Price – about 200 rubles.

If you were in the summer camp in childhood, Visit "Orlenka" will give a reason for pleasant memories. Little camp residents are called "Orlys", and they greet with everyone who see. It is so accepted here. Do not be surprised if the whole detachment will greet you, and be sure to say hello.

On the territory of "Orlenka" there is a cafe, shops, a concert hall, a shooting school, even its own post office.

Do not limit yourself to visiting the beach, walk around the territory, you may see an interesting event. This is a separate city in which you can get everything I would like. Or almost everything – on the territory it is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol. In fact, the staff finds secluded smoking areas (the territory is very big), but to do the same guest will be much more difficult.

Djubg beach – free, but very good

From the season for the season, the beach in Dzhubga is only better.

All details about Jugbu read here ;

Part of the beach is covered with sand, then the small pebbles goes. the entrance is free. There are many cabins for dressing, souls and toilets work. Enough paths for the approach to water, which is especially relevant to exit water on the sandy beach.

As on any popular beach, there are a lot of marine entertainment – from walking on catamaran to sea fishing.

Always guided common sense. Not so long ago, the walking catamaran sank here. At maximum capacity, about 15 people on board at that time was about 60. Passengers were without vests, and this is not all safety disorders.

Come to the Jubg Beach in the morning, here are very beautiful dawns.

Every morning the beach is charged for everyone. Adults and children with pleasure connect to complete exercises. This excellent reason to start your day is actively and dynamically.


One of the most expensive resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.

Read more about Gelendzhik Read here ;

Rest here will cost no cheaper than in Sochi. Infrastructure level – does not lag behind Sochi, but the sea is much worse. Gelendzhik is the bay, the water exchange with the open sea is slow, water is not so clean, like on open spaces.

10 Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory with sandy beaches

Central Beach – right at the Embankment

All who relax in Gelendzhik know where the city’s central beach is located. It stretches along the promenade – the development of the city.

Almost the entire surface is covered with sand, only occasionally there are small islands in small pebbles. The bottom of the hollow, the water is always warm here, as the city is in the bay.

The beach is clean and beautiful, but very crowded. Especially many people near the water park, it is popular among tourists.

Entrance to the beach is free, everything else is very expensive.

Gelendzhik – in itself a dear city, but prices reaches their peak on the beach. If you want to save, buy products, fruits, water and everything else, that you will need on the beach, away from it.

The popularity of the beach makes itself felt. If you come here in the afternoon, you can not have time to rent an umbrella or chaise longue – they will figure out those who came earlier.

Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020: prices, tourists, restrictions

There are many entertainment on the beach, but the cost will be high.

But if you relax in Gelendzhik, most likely you are ready for this. If you want to ride a catamaran or other water rides by the company, try to bargain. It often works, especially if you come in the morning or at lunch, when people are not a beach relatively a bit.

Beach "Commander" – the most unusual

Here is the company "Commander", so the beach is local residents also call.

The company specializes in conducting marine and bus tours. They have their own vessels, including large ships. Landing on excursion vessels is made on the pier. Here you can explore the directions for excursions, the cost and duration of the tours.

Resting in Gelendzhik, it is impossible not to visit Rock sail and settlement Kabardian, Where is the most amazing park of the Krasnodar Territory.

Consider sightseeing programs in this direction. Sea excursion is an opportunity to have fun, see a lot of new things, not standing in endless traffic jams on the tracks.

The shore is always clean and well-keeled here, it is completely covered with sand, like the bottom of the sea. But it is better to refrain from swimming.

It is pleasant and convenient to sunbathe here, just spend time, but few people want to swim where the ships are moored.

Gelendzhik is the bay, water here will not be clean, like in the open sea. In the zone of shipping, the situation with the purity of water will be even worse than on the rest of the beaches.


Anapa is sandy beaches. Here they are more than in any other city of the region

Central Beach – in the center of Anapa

This beach shallow, water is warm, which is suitable for recreation with children. Children love to dig in the sand, here it is especially interesting, because you can find beautiful seashells.

All beaches in Anapa are considered healthy, water and air are saturated with iodine and other valuable elements. Resting on the beach, you strengthen your health.

On the Central Beach Anapa has all the necessary amenities and entertainment, which you can wish. Near Sea Port. This is the starting point for excursions in the nearest cities and towns.

Despite the high passability, the sand here will always be soft. Urban services regularly sift sand with special equipment. It happens at dawn, so as not to disturb holidaymakers.

Please note that this beach can not smoke, beach workers control the prohibition compliance. If you smoke, then ask where the place is specially designated for this.

Beach Jehete – the cleanest sea in the vicinity of Anapa

Located not in Anapa, and in its surroundings – in the village Lower Jeenet.

Beautiful and well-kept beach, no worse than central, but people are much less here. Water here is usually cleaner than on the central beach, but it depends on weather conditions.

Accommodation in the Jemet can do it more expensive than in Anapa itself. This village is in demand among tourists.

But consider Jemet worth at least for the sake of the beach.

There are real vegans here, which leads to the delight of children and even some adults.

Being in a jamet on the beach, you can imagine yourself in the real desert, make thematic photos.

Do you like you on the sandy beach?

As a resident of the coast, I want to tell about the unexpected features of the sandy beach. It’s not so cool as it may seem at a distance.

If you have never been to a sandy beach, then the first visit can bring disappointment. The advantages of the sandy beach are obvious – it is convenient to walk on the soft sand, it will wipe the comfortable approach in the sea, the stones do not flow into the legs. In addition, it is very beautiful, especially if the sand is white. It seems that on the sand you can be located without a sun lounger, the surface is soft, enough and towels.

But in reality, sand has several flaws.

He sticks to the wet body, not to be avoided, even if we rent a chaise lounge. Sea coral slippers will not save from sand on the legs. It will not allow the use of oil for sunburn – no one will like the sticky mixture with sand grains. If you get on a sandy beach in windy weather, then immediately regret the choice of a holiday destination.

The most unpleasant is to try to remove sand from the hair. It is also unpleasant to swim in the sea when. Sand falls under bathing clothes and when leaving the shore causes many inconveniences.

Especially thinking about those who are planning to relax with young children.

It is unlikely that you can make your child calmly sunbathe in a chaise lounge. Be prepared for the fact that the sand will be in his mouth, in the nose and in the eyes. If you still want to relax with your child on the sandy beach, choose comfortable beaches and get closer to the medical club, as you may have to visit him to rinse your eyes.

At the same time, to visit the sandy beach is still worth.

At least in order to make your own conclusions about what beaches you have a comfortable rest – on pebble or sandy. Keep in mind that not all sand beaches are similar to frames from advertising "Bounty". Choose well-kept beaches, otherwise sand will be mixed with small and large garbage.

Is it worth looking for accommodation near the sandy beach?

You will love to relax on the sandy beach or not – it depends on preferences.

It is important to take into account that there will always be many people on them, and the relevance is reflected in the rental housing. Having been on the sandy beach at least once, you will understand, to taste such a holiday or not, is it that it makes sense to overpay for accommodation.

10 Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory with sandy beaches

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