10 seats in Asia where you can see karst landscapes

Karst landscapes ; Amazing masterpieces created by nature. Asian karst regions are considered the most picturesque and spectacular in the world. Among them ; North Vietnam, Central Laos, South China, Andaman coast of Thailand and Eastern part of the Philippines.

1. Zhangjiajie, China

Region Zhangjiajie became known to the world thanks to the film "Avatar". Unique local landscapes served as a prototype Pandora. The most beautiful places – mountains, canyons, forest trails and viewing platforms – located on the territory of National Park Zhangjiajie.

Karst landscapes of Asia. Photo Credit: Dayou_x, Flickr

2. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay – the real miracle of nature and perhaps one of the most beautiful places on the planet. About 3000 limestone and dolomite islands are scattered on an area of ​​1.5 thousand.kv. kilometers forming breathtaking karst landscapes. Halong Bay ; Magic, mystical place and especially beautiful it in sunrise clock and sunset.

3. Guilin and Youngsho, China

Old-timers say that Guilin is the most beautiful place on Earth, and Youngsho is more beautiful guilin. Watch the beauty of karst landscapes Guilin Province ride travelers who love the city and comfort, whereas, in January – lovers of rural landscapes and intimacy come to nature.

Karst landscapes of Asia. Photo Credit: Samuel-Berthelot, Flickr

Karst landscapes of Asia. Photo Credit: Marin Tomic, Flickr

4. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi ; Southern Thailand Province, famous to the world with incredible marine karst landscapes, snow-white beaches and small, wonderful islands. Most of the advertising posters of Thailand are made on the beaches of Krabi. They create a reputation as a region as one of the most picturesque places on the planet. In addition, Krabi is one of the best starting points for travel through Thailand Islands.

Karst landscapes of Asia. PHOTO CREDIT: Alessio Tacchini, Flickr

5. Van Vieng, Laos

Van Vieng is perhaps one of the most beautiful places of Laos. Because the city is located near Karst Caves, the view of which attaches a special unique beauty to local landscapes. The corporate view of the holiday in Van Wieurge, for which backpackers from around the world come here – this is a tübinge, alloy along the river on a rubber wheel.

Karst landscapes of Asia. Photo Credit: Malena Andrade, Flickr

6. Palawan, Philippines

Palawan – a picturesque region in the south-west of the Philippine Archipelago. The untouched virgin nature is attracting fans of wildlife. The most beautiful karst landscapes can be seen in the El Nido area, Puerto Princess, and the islands of the Crown.

Photo Credit: Yen Baet, Flickr

7. Ningbin, Vietnam

10 Seats in Asia where you can see karst landscapes

Ningbin is close to Hanoi and offers rare travelers dramatic types of karst mountains and cycling in rural areas, scenic rice terraces and a pleasant atmosphere, as well as pretty good conditions for living. Despite the fact that in close proximity to Ninbina is one of the most beautiful seats Vietnam ; Region of Karst Cave Tamcock, the city rarely attend tourists, giving preference to organized tours from Hanoi. But even a short stop in the city will allow a closer to get acquainted with the present, non-Russian Vietnamese.

Karst landscapes of Asia. Photo Credit: Hoang Giang Hai, Flickr

eight. Bochol, Philipins

Bohol – Island, famous, first of all, with its "chocolate hills" – amazing natural formations, which are a hill of brown on the background of bright green landscapes. Travelers who go to admire this natural attraction, will also find the magnificent tropical jungle, rice terraces, snow-white beaches and beautiful dive spots on the island. And finally, Bochol is notable in that crumbs live here live ; the smallest monkeys of the planet.

Photo Credit: RURO Photography, Flickr

Photo Credit: Julia Sumangil, Flickr

nine. Pokhanng National Park, Thailand

Enchanting seascapes can be seen in the area of ​​Phangrong Province along the Andaman coast of Thailand. Islands to Yao, which are in the heart of the bay of Jo Phangung. As well as Phuket and Kao varnish ; Popular resorts in the region.

Karst landscapes of Asia. Photo Credit: Daryl James, Flickr

ten. Cunichimin, China

South Chinese province Yunan is a homeland stone forest located near the town of Kunmin. Unusual karst formations of bizarre forms create a unique one-sized stone landscape.

10 Seats in Asia where you can see karst landscapes

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