10 seats you need to visit in Mexico

National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City – one of the best of its kind. And the point is not at all that anthropological museums are not as widespread as well as, for example, museums of art and science. Wealth Museum in the Collection of Ancient Artifacts. It was founded back in 1825 and his task focuses on the archeology of Mexico of that period, when Evrapetsians did not go to conquer the new light. It can be found in the history of the culture of American Indians: Aztecs, Olmekov, etc., "Sun Stone" – the most famous of the museum artifacts.


Yucatan’s staff is world famous for its archaeological sites and annually attracts a huge number of guests from all over the world who want to get acquainted closer with the Maja tribe culture. Merida – State Administrative Center – the starting point of all tourist routes. Chichen-ita is the largest city of Maya and one of the most visited places in Mexico among tourists. The most famous landmark of the city is the Pyramid Temple El Castillo. Its design has a special astronomical importance: each facet of the pyramid is a staircase consisting of 91 steps. If you fold the number of steps of all four faces of the pyramid and the upper stage of the temple, then the number 365, which is equal to the number of days a year.


In the second century, a new civilization arose in the Valley of Mexico City. Her capital became theotioacan. Now this ancient city is the main tourist object in Mexico. It is famous thanks to local pyramids – Sun and Moon. The pyramid of the Sun was built about 100 years of our era and is the largest in the city and in all Mexico. The construction of the pyramid of the Moon began later, and was finally completed in 450. 700 years after the fall of the empire, Aztec came to these places. There is an opinion that the gods and / or aliens are involved in the construction of the pyramids, so theotihuacan, which is only 50 kilometers to the northeast of the Mexican capital, ranks first in the list of main attractions of the country.


Sochimilko was not accidentally listed as a UNESCO World Heritage List. This area of ​​the Latin American capital, which is also known as the Mexican Venice, is one of the few preserved heritage of the Aztec Empire in Mexico. Local channels were dug a few more centuries ago, and now river walks are arranged here. Of course, this is more tourist location, but local residents love to rest here. The cost of one and a half hours is about 25 dollars; Sochimilko is located in the south of Mexico City.


Tijuana – Mexican "City of Sins". It is located 30 kilometers south of California San Diego and is probably the most lively border city in the world: more than 40 million border transitions are performed here more than 40 million (legal; and illegal and more). The main influx of tourists comes from the USA: California youth makes it possible to take advantage of a low alcoholic threshold (alcohol is sold to everyone who has 18 years old, unlike the United States, where there is a restriction for the 21st), relax in cheap Tihuang clubs, bars and brothels, try drugs and other "charms" of adult life. Enough tourists and from other countries. By the way, in the spring of next year, the third part of the film "Bachelor Party in Vegas" will be held in Tihuhan, which is not a reason to visit this Mexican city?

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon or, as it is also called, Copper Canyon is a group of six separate canyons, which in size exceeds even Grand Canyon in the US. He is located in Chihuahua. The most popular way to explore the canyon is to go on a 14 hour trip by Chihuahua Railway – Pacificiko. 400 kilometer route consists of more than 37 bridges and 86 tunnels and passes at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level, giving the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic landscapes of the canyon.

Kozumel Island

10 Seats you need to visit in Mexico

Cozumel Island – Mexican Mecca Diver. In 1959, the underwater world around the island was explored by the famous Jacques Yves Kusto, who called him one of the best places for diving in the world. To whom who, and to the authoritative opinion of this Frenchman to listen. Cozumel was subsequently recognized as the National Marine Park to preserve the wealth of the underwater world: the most beautiful coral reefs and a variety of tropical fish. There is a large number of diving schools and companies that provide their services for immersion in the sea depths.

Tequila Bar "La Opera"

This is probably the most famous bar in Mexico, and, of course, the most historical. Once there were often local celebrities here, the most famous of which is the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who fired in 1910 in the Bar ceiling. The hole from the bullet exists so far and is the subject of pride of the institution.

Coco Bongo in Cancun

If you want to "break away" truly, then you are the road to Coco Bongo – the most popular dance club of the country, which is in Cancun. It accommodates 1800 people, every day colorful show programs are held here, which are often coming world "stars", such as, for example, Madonna and DR. Come better in advance, because in the midst of the evening it often happens not to push around.

"Ray Libre"

Do not know what to do on Friday night? Then go to the real "Ray Libre"! Lyuba Libre is a Mexican type of wrestling, his main feature is that the fighters (Lucadors) perform on the boxing ring in special spectacular masks. This show is greatly popular with Mexicans who love to see how two overall wrestlers of Kolochyat each other in the ring. If you have a desire to visit the presentation and see with your own eyes, then the best place except the Arena Mexico does not find. Fights take place every Friday evening.

10 Seats you need to visit in Mexico

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