10 small temples of Angkor and the Mountain of the Settlement Sun

Angkor – These are not only impressive complexes and big temples, and even more so no one-only Angkor Wat, as many have accustomed to thinking, just advertise it more than all the rest of the sights of Cambodia. Angkor – This is a huge territory in two hundred square kilometers, on which the great many temple and other buildings are scattered, most of which are certainly hiding from us in the jungle. Those of them who are located around Angkor Tom and Angkor Wat are most interesting and loved by visitors to the ancient city.

As you already understood, in this article we will talk about the neighboring small temples, which are as if the beads are crushed around the key sights of Angkor. They are some canvas, complementing and holding out the Angkor giants, while some worthless attention and admiration.

Small temples of the big and small circles of Angkor

Small and big circles of angco – These are Routes of the Angkor Temple Complex, designed for one and two days of visits, including the most spectacular attractions. Conditionally, all Angkor temples can be divided into the following:

  • Middle large,
  • Middle small,
  • Far temples.

The first two groups just make up these circles.

Small diagram (red line) and large (green line) of the circles of angco:

Small circle: These include temples, mandatory to visit by all tourists who arrived in Angkor, namely, Angokr Wat, Angkor Tom and Tom Prom (this is the closest temples), if you have time – Middle Small Temples Prev and Ta Keo, and at sunset – Punk Buckeng.

Big Circle: These include all the closest small temples, which will be described in this article (Bantei Cadki, Prev RUP, Bantea Sir, Ta Som, Nick Pin and others, located around the Eastern Barai). Typically, their inspection is combined with a visit to the far temple of Bantea Site (37 km from Siem Reiza), the visit to which is most often planned for morning. About the distant temples of Angkor read here.

In addition, there are a number of near small temples that go beyond the two-day route, they usually reach their hands, or rather, the legs, those who laid on the visit of Angcore from three days and more (this is the Western Barai and Temples around it).

* About possible options for routes on Angkour have Separate article (from 1 to 7 days).

Scheme of the location of small temples of Angkor:

So, below you will find a description Small neighbor temples Angcard, located around the Eastern Baraya (I will describe them to be counterclockwise, in the course of the scene-repace).

Prasat Kravan 1

The first small temple, founding on the way from Siem repa to the epicenter of Angkor attractions – Miniature Prasat Kravan. To get to him, you need to hurt the south-eastern corner of Angkor Wat and proceed further to the east, most importantly, do not pass by, thinking that «These little turesists» will not give any impressions.

Location Prasat Cravan: East of Angkor Wat.
Duration of inspection: 20-30 minutes *.

* The minimum approximate time of inspection is indicated, because if you wish, you can wander to infinity in one place or another.

* For «Walk» Click on the picture and move it, you can deploy an image to the full screen (Toggle FullScreen).

Srang reservoir (SRANG) 2

Says Srang – This is a big lake-reservoir in which the water never dries. His name is translated as «Pool Omomeny», What makes it becomes clear. I think, to find out in Cambodian heat, a lot of tourists dreams of committing a bluntness in Senrange))

The location of the Sranga: north of Prasat Cravan.
Duration of inspection: depends on what purpose you come here – on «Just look» enough and 10-15 minutes, and if you meet the dawn, then you can see an hour, waiting for sunrise and admiring the scenery.

Scheme of the reservoir of Srang:

Keystay Kdei Temple (Banteay Kdei) 3

Further at the rate of travelers is waiting for Baktei Cadki – very large and spectacular temple, despite the rather dilapidation. Maybe he would have come to us in much better if the then King of Jayavman VII did not require building more than they could thank architects and workers. With it, Angkor experienced literally a construction boom, and it was not always possible to combine the reduction of construction periods while preserving due quality. In addition, for a while, the territory of the temple was chosen by the herd of deer, the presence of which also could not do not affect the appearance of buildings.

Balay Kdeya Location: Southeast of that slip, opposite Echo Sranga.
Duration of inspection: 30-40 minutes.

Scheme of the Temple of Baldi Cade:


Those who decide to go on to the east, will meet the temple-mountain of prep, resembling a sortical festive Pie with five tower. It looks especially spectacular in the morning hours – At dawn or immediately after it, as it is built from materials of warm tones as opposed to most of the buildings of the Angkor, made in fifty shades of gray.

This temple was erected in honor of Shiva – Ancient Indian God, personifying the male beginning of the universe. Maybe therefore, the crop looks so majestically and powerively.

The location of the prize: northeast of Sranga.
Duration of inspection: 30-40 minutes.

Temple scheme Prev RUP:

Banteay Samre Temple (Banteay Samre) 5

Next, at the rate of researchers, Angkor is waiting for Baltai Samra, if you do not count the couples of small temples, banging between him and prep. In general, to see all-all-all the buildings scattered around the territory around Angkor Tom seems unreal, and it does not need it at all, because about the third day, many of them begin to seem completely identical and no longer cause such delight as at first. In view of this, I advise you to choose the most interesting specimens, relying on the reviews of the predecessors, and not to put in the chalk of the corner to the detriment of the quality. Better look three temples instead of five, but meaningful and thorough. I recommend starting to start with small temples, the inspection of which will serve as a aperitif before visiting key attractions.

The location of Balse Sirra: To the northeast of the foref and east of the eastern fabric.
Duration of inspection: 30-40 minutes.

Temple of the Banja Sirra scheme:

East Mebon and Eastern Baray (Eastern Mebon and Eastern Baray) 6

Eastern Mebble – The temple located on the island in the middle of the Eastern Barai, which was once a full-water reservoir and was part of a complex irrigation system. Today, only plain remained on the place of the reservoir, in places in places rice.

East Mebbit is very similar to the temple of prep. It also represents a pyramid of several levels topped with five towers, so it is quite possible to limit the inspection of one of the buildings if the reserve of time is limited.

The location of the Eastern Embroidery: north of the prison, almost in the center of the eastern bara.
Duration of inspection: 40-50 minutes.

Temple Scheme East Mebbit:

Temple of that Som (Ta Som) 7

Ta Som – This is a small quiet temple that has not touched the hand of restorers. If you look at it from above, he will remind one prom in miniature – Three built-in track walls and central buildings. Here you will find a privacy, and so favorite tourists spectacular trees with splash roots, and the noteworthy towers with stone smiles A la Bayon.

The location of the Soma: north of the eastern fabric.
Duration of inspection: About 30 minutes.

Scheme of the temple of that cattle:

Neak PEAN Nickname 8

Nickname – This is a large square pond, surrounded by terraces and steps, in the center of which is located a miniature temple of an unusual form. If we talk about the complex as a whole, it is worth mentioning that it consists of five ponds and nickname PIN – central. If you believe the records discovered, the royal hospital was located here, and simply speaking, a sanatorium, where treatment was led in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda.

Nickname Nick Pina: west of that sobe.
Duration of inspection: About 30 minutes.

Scheme of the temple Nick Pin:

Church of Preah Khan 9

Prevant – The temple, which makes up a couple with a beautiful and mysterious one. If the latter was erected by the most active Emperor-builder of Jayavarman VII in honor of the mother, he erected a par, he honored his father’s memory. These are the largest of small neighboring temples, so that time on his inspection will need a little more.

Location of prevanta: To the west of Nick Pina / 2 km north-east of Angkor Tom.
Duration of inspection: 40-60 minutes.

Scheme of the temple of prevant:

Bridge Spin TMA (Spean Thma) 10

Moving from Prev Kana in the southern direction, towards the temples located along the western tip of the Eastern Barai, you will certainly notice the stone ruins along the edges of the road. So, these ruins are nothing but the ancient bridge of the spin of TMA, one, the only one in the whole Angkore, by the way.

Bridge location: Southeast of Prev Kana, not far from that Keo.
Duration of inspection: 5 minutes.

Temple of Ta Keo 11

TA KEE – Another temple-mountain, the same as prep and nodno Buckeng. He could be the main masterpiece of the Angkor, but for nothing – During construction, lightning got into it, which was considered a bad sign, and construction work was abandoned, and without bringing the case to the end. Now it remains only to speculate, how could I appear in front of us at the completed form.

The location of the temple of that Keo: On the road from Angokr Tom through the gate of Victory, to the scanner from that.
Duration of inspection: 20-40 minutes.

Temple Temple Ta Keo:

Temple Tommanon (Thommanon) 12

On two sides of the road coming from Angkor Tom through the gate of victory, two neat, almost identical miniature temples were attached – Tomannon and Chow Say Tevelod.

Tomannon is a cruciform sanctuary. It was completely restored by the Anasteloza method and is now in excellent condition, literally, like new, only the outer wall is not preserved at all.

Tomannon’s location: 500 meters to the communion of the Victory Gate / To the West from the Bridge of the Spin TMA.
Duration of inspection: 15-20 minutes.

Tomannon Temple Scheme:

Ruins Chow Say Tevoda (Chay Say Tevoda) 13

Chow Say Tevel is preserved worse than its neighbor, but it is not less beautiful. With such a small scale, it is possible to fully appreciate the idea of ​​the Creator, which built both temples in the same style as Angkor Wat.

Location Chow Say Tevelod: 500 meters to the communion from the gate of victory / west of the temple of that keo.
Duration of inspection: 20-25 minutes.

10 Small temples of Angkor and the Mountain of the Settlement Sun

Temple Temple Saui Temma:

Pno Buckheng (Phnom Bakheng) 14

Once in the Buckeng was the temple of the so-called «First Angkra», Cities based on the site of today Angcourt after the transfer of the capital from Rolaos. The temple itself was partially wounded in a rock on which it is partially built. Today it is one of the most popular places among tourists to observe the sunset, as it is on the elevation and offers panoramic views of the surroundings (to get up to the top will have to walk in the slurry).

The location of the Bowhenburg: 1.3 km north-west of Angokr Wat (between Angkor Vat and Angkor Tom).
Duration of inspection: about 1 hour.

Temple Scheme by Punk Buckeng:

Western Barai (Western Baray) 15

Western Barai – This is a huge artificial reservoir, which, unlike the practically mirrored Eastern Baraya, is full of water. If there are great desires, you can swim on the boat to the island, at which the temple of the Western fabric was once blurted, from which only ruins reached this day.

Western Baraya Location: To the west of Angkor Tom.
Duration of inspection: If you just look – 5-10 minutes will be enough if you ride along the bare or, which is still steeper, go around it around, then much longer (it depends on what you move on).

Temple scheme Western fabric:

Cambodian village near Western Baraya 16

Ready to repeat again and again, that cruising in Angkour on a bicycle – almost an ideal way to study. Benefits Many: You yourself are the owner and no one depends on time; You can drive anywhere by changing your route on the go depending on the sudden «oh, and what is it there is interesting?»; This is a super romantic ride in the Angkour of the Angroochka with the wind, however, at lunchtime, in the midst of the dry season, it is also hot, but it is the little things; In the end, this is the most budget version of the move between the near temples, if you are an economical traveler, such as Andrews, and it is relevant.

So, rushing on great on the expanses of Khmer ex-empire, we inadvertently drove into one cute and very distinctive village. They got impressions, made photos and remained very satisfied with a sudden visit.

Beautiful video, giving a common idea of ​​the temples of Angkor

How much time you need to examine small temples?

We have examined the small neighbor temples a total of two days (except for the Western Barai and the said village, in which we traveled separately):

  • 1st day – Says Srang, Prep, Bantea Sirre, East Message and Eastern Barai, Ta Som, Nick Pin and Prev Kang.
  • 2nd day – Prasat Kravan, Bantei Cadki, Ta Prom, Ta Keo, Chow Say Tevel, Tommanone and Non Buckeng.

I note that we did not particularly hurry, because there were subscriptions for 7 days in the hands, so they rode around the surroundings, they drove in the village and considered all sorts of lost little things.

If you have little time, and you want to see and find out as much as possible with minimal labor costs, you can book a pre-excursion to Angkur with a Russian-speaking guide, for example, on the Tripster website, which offers unusual excursions from local residents. For example, tour «Temple complex Angkor» In addition to the walk through the most famous temples, accompanied by a guide includes a transfer from the hotel and back and auto for the whole day. Organizer – our compatriot, so it can be without any problems to discuss all the details.

I am sure that all the listed temples can be inspecting much faster, if there is such a need, either from some at all refuse to favor more interesting.

Saturated to you walks on the temples of Angkor, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

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Visiting Angcourt (cost, work schedule)

Information on how much entrance tickets are, what is the schedule of the temple complex, what to pay attention to, look for in this article (the data is the same for all close to the seam-reasons).

How to get to Angcore from Siem Repa

Three options are possible: Taxi, Tuk-Tuk and bike (the exception is organized tours, which include transfer and trips to temples). About all the options, I also wrote in detail in another article, look for information here.

Where to leave bikes in the temples of Angkor?

Andriusix we chose the most romantic and cheap way of movement in the near temples of Angkor – bike. We really liked the freedom of movement, because we could call anywhere and see what the drivers of Tuk-Tukov or taxi drivens would never see (I would note that we had enough time, because there were subscriptions for 7 days.

Periodically readers who also want to explore the temples of Angkor on bicycles, ask where to leave them. So, we left great next to the entrances to the temples or on the adjacent parking lots, having trailed to anything cables issued at the rental point, but if nothing suitable for proximity was noted, cling to each other and left right so. For all the time, besides us, they did not need anyone.

Rental of bikes in Angkore (Siem Repa)

Asian directions are accustomed to the fact that, for example, in Thailand or Vietnam, you can rent a bike (it’s a moped or scooter) and calmly drive around around the surroundings, ask how things are in Cambodia. I answer: unfortunately, it will not be possible to ride across Angkor temples with a breeze, because the rental of bikes with tourists in Siem reparaent is prohibited, and therefore, look for other ways to move (in other cities, it seems possible, we, for example, drove on a scooter in Kampot and Sianville). You can theoretically, you can find a bike somewhere and in the sieve, but the likely it is likely to run into problems with the local police, and there is no usual rental offices.

Accommodation next to Angkor (Siem Reap)

Details about the search for housing in Siem Repaa, about various options, as well as about the hotel in which we lived, read in this article →

To speak briefly, the three most common accommodation options are possible:

    Additional search and booking Hotels and Guesthouses. For these purposes, you can take advantage of popular tourists with search engines like Booking.COM and Hotellook →

What is this resource, how to use them and our reviews read in my article instruction →

  • Search housing in place. This option is most suitable «Long-play» travelers who have enough time and which often do not even know when and where exactly will be in a few days.

Our opinion: Personally, we are on a visit dedicated to Angkor’s visit, I was looking for housing in Siem Repa. It should be noted that it turned out not so simple and more or less normal option at an affordable price and quality We found not the first time. If we went to Cambodia now, most likely would have booked something on the Airbnb website, which actively use and managed to love for a long journey through Mexico and the USA.

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