10 Summer Resorts with Best Price-Quality

Voyage, opening of the world, unusual countries, as well as spiritual pleasure. Such criteria are trying to find any traveler, but all to no avail due to Hardwife rest. There are resorts where you can relax.


This country has changed for many years for the better An amazing tourist country. Nature is beautiful here, including mountainous places, sea, climate warm and unusual plants. Plus there is still Whole bunch of sights.

And Georgian food will always attract tourist. Portions of food and in the restaurant, and the usual Harchevna are big, it is inexpensive. This state managed to save his tone and connect it with European service. Very like travelers City Batumi. It is located on the seashore, because there are also gratuitous beaches, and the vintage streets of the city, as well as transformed with a mass of different types of leisure, center.

Prices here Very low. They are very different from the province, the farther from the center, in small villages even cheaper. In the eaters on the streets, the traveler will get a large number of food at a price of 1 to 3 dollars. In the normal restaurant 10-15 $.

Most museums invaribly either. Private apartments are inexpensive, at least with the amenities of the problem. For example, the room at the old lady in the ancient ghetto costs 15-20 $.

In Georgia, you can live in a beautiful hotel without spending the whole salary. For example, a day in a total-time five-star hotel Hilton Batumi will cost $ 130-140 for two. At this price, you can get excellent service, extensive rooms, swimming pool, gym with simulators, menus, internet.


Exotic place, it is the most inexpensive price. Cost of living -500-1000 rub During the day, this includes a hotel room and meals. On the wallet, of course, Flew the price of the flight. Menu in Cambodia Appetizing, and housing in a good hotel costs 60 rubles per night. Beaches and infrastructure improve instantly. Now country and resorts are the best for young people.

Greece, Crete

Crete &# 8211; The most famous place, here seek Russian travelers on vacation. With a single trip, it is quite possible Distoping a small amount and perfectly enjoy resting on the beach, but also on excursions.

There are mountainous hills, sandy and village beaches. Chalkidiki &# 8211; Treasure of the Aegean Sea, Athens &# 8211; The capital of this state.

Montenegro, Budva

Some still give preference to the Montenegro of Bulgaria because of Adriatic Sea. Cost for food: Shaverm &# 8211; 3 euros, beer -1.5 euro, baked chicken in a cake -3 euro, tea &# 8211; 3 euros, ice cream &# 8211; 1.5 Euro.

There are no shortcomings. Recommendations: The best way out for housing is not in Budva itself, but in close villages, for example, in the village of Yaz. Because there There are little people on the beach, The cost is small. Ideal vacation time &# 8211; June.


Immigration Rules: You need to add data to a questionnaire &# 8211; Specifications, Ticket Room in the cabin, and hotel location address, and phone number.

In October, accommodation in an expensive hotel for lovers for 7 days with option ; all inclusive ;, including flight. And in the hotel 3 stars you can do in 35 thousand. Pare S ; all inclusive ;. V winter holidays it costs all 70 thousand. In the hotel 5 stars, if compared with 4 stars &# 8211; 57-58 thousand. A quick tour with hotel and option ; all inclusive ;, 2 excursions and the beach cost 500-700 dollars for a couple.


But at the moment the resort is fame in Tunisia Only increase. Because it is not bad far from Moscow, the visa is not needed for this. For some tourists, even people with children and such items are the main ones when making a decision. Ideal time for arrival here &# 8211; From September to November. In such a period, the season itself almost passed, and the cost of vouchers slightly decreased.

10 Summer Resorts with Best Price-Quality

Prices: for Muscovites Turputevka in Tunisia during the high season from 40 thousand. rubles. Cost on tickets &# 8211; from 15 thousand. rubles, for such a reason better buy batch vacation. There are several beach holiday areas here, any of them are good in their own way, but it also depends on the prices of Turptovka.


Such a country has always been famous for Europeans as Cheap resort and excellent place of rest. Large with sand beaches, amazing bays, a bunch of different monuments attract to Bulgaria Huge crowds of holidaymakers annually. The season continues from May to October. In Bulgaria, there are several areas for those who want to ride over the waves either windsurfing, and the waves here are remarkably suitable for beginners and amateurs. Prices for turputevki inexpensive, especially during the season of the season from 40 thousand. rubles (there and the departure from Moscow).

Cost on tours depend on the area and quality of the hotel. Dear places &# 8211; Tsarevo, Kranevo and Sozopl. But they are for recreation and life, as well as very quiet.


Vacationers like to spend time here, because there is no need to issue a visa and passport, and On the road spent less time. But if there is a desire to reduce costs, then it is worth choosing for housing apartments in the private zone, there are resort settlements. During the day, accommodation costs about 350 rubles. For conditions with amenities in the private sector, the price increases to 500 rubles. Season For swimming in Abkhazia occurs all October.


Such a country is a delightful place to relax, it is worth looking for wild and natural corners. Single individual for 1 day for housing in the hotel and nutrition is enough $ 10, and $ 20 will give travelers Amazing rest, here they will not need anything. For a month, $ 500 is enough for a month. The perfect resort in Vietnam has Russians &# 8211; Nha Trang. There are clean beaches, the sand is golden, bottom of the bug. Tourists seek to go here where there is sand beige color and wonderful beaches &# 8211; invino, Paragon (located on the terrain of the village of An Vienne).


Sea vacation in Thailand rooted As a tradition among Russians. It is possible to enjoy the warm climate, high-quality service in the hotel, the sea of ​​cheap leisure ($ 250 is enough for the perfect holiday for the week).

Some holidaymakers are still picking up Nuwauba, taboo and Marsa Alam. A sightseeing tour on arrival in Egypt begins with a campaign to the pyramids of Giza. Travelers seek to walk around Cairo and see ; Pharaoh valley ;.

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