10 things that need to be done on Madeira

Sit down to the bus or rent a car and go to the highest Mower of Europe – Cabo Zhirao. The Atlantic Ocean will be literally. The route from Funchala lies through the colorful village of Kamara de Lobosh. On the way you will meet the wine cellar, the old church, the plantation of bananas.

Rising in the mountains along a winding serpentine, you will find yourself on the observation site. To stand on it, courage will need, because from the stretching bottom of the abyss, only the glass floor separates you. From a height of almost 600 meters Discover the boundless Atlantic Ocean and Like Tedic Landscapes Madeira. Enjoy the clean air with eucalyptus notes that come from nearby forests.

2. Apply to the house of Columbus

Rise on the board of the ship, who escales every morning from Madeira to go to the island of Porto Santa. Slept only 40 km. As soon as go on the ladder, you will be covered with a peaceful atmosphere, which is strikingly different from the noisy life of ordinary resorts. Immediately go to the beach and you will be delighted with a canopy coastal strip, covered with golden sand. Dry climate and steadily warm water and air temperature on port Santa allow you to swim round. Passive rest on the beach Diverse by snorkeling, catamarans and water skiing.

I bump bumping and paid, go to Vila Baleir. Here you will see two buildings, one of which was built in 1480. Once in this house there was a children’s discoverer Christopher Columbus, and now the museum is open in it. Among its exhibits, documents relating to the preparation of Columbus to around the world, as a result of which he discovered a new light. There are exposures and layouts of legendary sailboats, vintage cards and portraits.

3. Touch the black swan

Next to Funchal on the hill rises the Palace Monte, surrounded by a lush garden. Plants got here from around the world, and now on the same territory they grow by Scottish heather, Belgian azaleas, giant ferns, proud laurels, high cedars and many other Flora representatives.

Walking on shady paths, you will meet beautiful peacocks and battle Indonesian roosters. Go to the central lake for which black and white swans float. They are almost manual and, perhaps, you can touch their soft plumage. Then go to the Monte Palace. Built in the XVIII century, today he plays the role of the museum. Consider collections of minerals from all continents, climb on the viewing platform and from a height of 600 meters admire the capital of Madeira and the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Walk in laurels

A natural park of Madeira with famous laurel forests, or Laurisillva stretches on a huge territory. Stroll on shady alleys, admiring sparkling foliage and enjoying spicy healing flavors. Many trees in this park are endemics and no more innocent in the natural environment. Only on Madeira you will see Barbosano, Laureau, Vinatico – all this from the Lavrov family. Among them, there are gigids reaching 40 meters in height. Along with laurels in the park, hundreds of species of other subtropical plants grow, including palm trees and orchids.

5. Enjoy mader

On the homeland of one of the most sophisticated fastened drinks in the world can not do without tasting. To drink a glass of famous maders you can in any restaurant on the island, but to learn its history and manufacturing process, go to Madera’s Wine Museum. It is located in the center of Funchal and famous for the richest collection. Here you will see barrels, chanes and even a press that has been more than 300 years old. When you go to the tasting room and your glass will be filled with Mader, pay attention to its bright amber color. Having removed a sip, rate caramel and nut shades in the aroma and aftertaste.

6. Get acquainted with the wizard

Until the middle of the 20th century, the hunt for whales flourished on Madeira, and the town of Kanisal was the grievous capital of Kitoboe. Today, the archipelago water area is a reserve where there is a strict ban on the killing of all marine mammals. However, a special atmosphere is still preserved in Kanisale, and on the street you can meet former kitoboes. Be sure to go to the whaling museum – consider the exhibits and find out how the whale ships looked and how the marine giants carcasses were processed. After the museum, go to the local beach to sunbathe on Iscin-Black Sand.

10 Things that need to be done on Madeira

7. Meet the sun over the Atlantic

Waking up dumbenten, leave your cozy bed in the hotel and hurry to meet the sun. You will have to conquer the peak-do-Arieur – the highest top of the archipelago and see an unforgettable dawn, the panorama of the Atlantic and clouds that will extend with you under your feet. After contemplating the dizzying landscapes, it is time to drink a cup of hot coffee in a cozy restaurant, which makes himself the foot of the mountain. If you wish, you can get to the second significant peak – Peak-Ruhiva. For this, you will have to go through 6-7 km along the highland picturesque path.

eight. Look at the monastery

Without a visit to the unique female monastery of Santa Clara, acquaintance with Madeira will be incomplete. First of all, an unusual location – the monastery is in the Carter extinct volcano. Sit down to the bus or taxi and follow the village of Kurral-Dash Freirash (just 19 km from Funchala). After a steep road, the abode will appear, more similar to a luxurious country estate with large terraces. The buildings of the monastery and the church with it date back to the XVI century.

Going to the altar, give a tribute to Zhuan Zarka – the dust of the lapper Madeira rests exactly here. Evaluate the elegance of the interior and painting, take a look into a small window that connects samples with the outside world, listen to the singing of the church choir and, filled with sublime feelings, return to worldly life with its bright colors.

nine. Swim in the lava pool

ten. Feel the power of nature

Madeira – a flowering island, but here there is a territory of naked rocks, where you will not see any single tree or busta. Wear comfortable shoes, bow to water and in the morning Go to the Sea San Lorenzo. You will meet desert landscapes and sheer cliffs, falling into the ocean. The harsh beauty of landscapes captivates. The tourist trail will lead you to a tiny stone pyramid that organically complements the opening panorama of the Eastern Coast Madeira. Picture here has already become a tradition, and you do not apply to capture yourself on this great background.

10 Things that need to be done on Madeira

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