10 things that will affect you in Andalusia. Moorish Heritage, Passionate Flamenco and Long Beaches

On the south Spain There is a charming region Andalusia, which is the embodiment of various Spanish cliches. Passionate dancers flamenco, Traditional Fights bulls, Romantic Rustic castles, famous kitchen, Bright cities full Monuments, Mountain ridges, Wild untouched countryside and beautiful coast… Do you know that Andalusia guarantees you? so, 10 reasons to visit Andalusia:

1. Allow yourself to carry the Rhythm flamenco.

Traditional and Typically spanish rhythms passionate flamenco Saw Light B Andalusia how Original dance of Andalusian Gypsies. Temperamental dancers in the dresses in large polka dots will give you a fascinating sight, thanks to which you will forever come under Magia Andalusia.
Enjoy alive Traditional ideas right on Street Andalusian cities. If you want to plunge into flamenco Even deeper, go to the presentation of the so-called New flamenco (nuevo FLAMENCO), often combined with Modern musical styles, such as hip-hop or Reggae.
And before returning home, do not forget to buy in one of the remote shops Musical recording, Thanks to which The most beautiful Andalusian memories Return to your house while you are lying on the couch.

2. Admire the magnificent Mauritian sights.

Seville, Granada and Cordoba: Three most famous Andalusian cities that will charm you with their breathtaking spirit Buildings, Bright life and picturesque historical centers. In the Middle Ages, these cities were important centers of the territory managed Muslim Moors, Suites out North Africa, Basically because Morocco. They ruled the territory Al-Andalus almost Seven centuries, and their last kingdom Granada It was acquired by Christians only in 1492 year.
Mauria Left set Monuments. Do not miss gorgeous mosque Mesquita v Cordove, One of the most beautiful buildings of this kind in Europe, impressive palace Alhambra v Granada, Surrounded by beautiful gardens or majestic Seville fortress.

3. Discover the picturesque towns in the mountains.

Mountain Areas of Las Alpuharras Literally donated with typical white mountain cities and villages (the so-called Pueblo Blancos), surrounded olive Rochs. Go to K narrow streets Between charming White houses, Sit on picturesque Square and allow time to flow slowly.

4. Treat yourself to a glass of bluffing sherry.

Delicious Spanish Liquor wine, reinforced brandy taste, produced in Andalusia, Where it is exported worldwide. In the local wine region you can stay and learn about one of Traditional wine cellars: about History and production one of the main export goods of Spain.
Take a look Jerez de la Frontera, World Trade Center for this drink. Mauria once called this Schecer city, And it is from this name that the name occurred Popular wine.

5. Admire architectural pearls.

Andalusia proud not only Monuments of Muslim architecture. You will also find an exciting spirit Monuments Renaissance, Some of the most beautiful in the whole Spain, such as luxury noble mansions and richly decorated public buildings. Follow them in Granada, Malaga, Seville or Guadix.
Cities of Ubeda or Baes Consider The pearls of the Renaissance. Among gothic pearls Andalusia You will be amazed by an exciting spirit Royal Capella v Granada or Majestic Seville Cathedral, one of the most magnificent in Europe.

6. Allow yourself to charm with natural beauties.

Multifaceted Andalusian landscape full of contrasts. This is an integral part Mountains, including the most High mountains Spain, Sierra Nevada, where spring can be rolled on Ski, and then go down to the coast and enjoy the refreshing Bathing in the sea. Near Granada Tower Mount Mulhasen, which is The highest non-Alupian Mountain in Europe.
In the east Andalusia you’ll find Single European desert, And around the region there is A large number of national parks and protected territories , where you can go for a walk on the designated Pedestrian trails.
Full 20% of Andalusia make up Reserves. Discover for yourself, for example, The largest reserve of Spain, Cazerl, With deep gorges, forests and a lot of game or natural park Cabo de Gata Nichar with volcanic cliffs, arid areas and colonies Pink flamingo.

7. Try the Vacations of Andalusian Cuisine.

10 Things that will affect you in Andalusia. Moorish Heritage, Passionate Flamenco and Long Beaches

Bring yourself as Andaluses, Adapt to their everyday Rhythm and treat yourself a long late lunch from Multiple dishes. Enjoy fresh fish and Seafood, as well as POLE Vegetable salads famous locals Olive oil First spin.
In the summer you will be perfectly refreshed Traditional Cold Tomato Soup gazpacho and definitely do not go without trying the popular Dried ham (Hamon Serrano). You can enjoy them, for example, in the form of delicious Canape Tapas (snacks) that can take hundreds of various forms and tastes.

eight. Rest on the beach and enjoy sea waves.

Andalusia offers something for everyone. During your stay in this area you can combine learning historical monuments and admiring Natural Beauty With rest by Beach.
Popular coastal area Costa del Sol extends on both sides of Malaga, And, in addition to Beach, Local resorts are offered Accommodation, rest and water sports, as well as pleasant Restaurants, Bars, Disco and Clubs, where you can have fun to spend time until the morning.
By the way, you knew that Sun in Andalusia will shine and warm you nine days out of ten?

nine. Meet the region of art lovers.

The most famous native Andalusia &# 8211; Artist Pablo Picasso, Born B Malaga in 1881. In a local palace 16th century you’ll find Museum of the Master Cubizm, Speed More than two hundred of his work. You can also visit Castillo de&# 8211;Los Veles, whose walls are decorated with work Picasso and Juan Miro.
Or you more attract modern Art? Go to Centro DE Arte Contemporneo Malaga Or discover for yourself Artists of the Golden Age of Spain v Museum of Fine Arts in Seville.

ten. Visit the city of Ronda – Rodin of Borda

W Andaluses wild blood and Corrida &# 8211; one of Favorite entertainment. Motherland Corrida Located in the most picturesque place Spain, because G. Ronda (Ronda) is spectacularly located on two beautiful Rock Plato. Not far from Ronda Fought Roman troops Pompeiya and Caesar, And in the Middle Ages, it became the center of Andalusian Bandits &# 8211; Bandolteros. Also Ronda can boast one of older arena in Spain, Built in 1785 &# 8211; Plaza de Toros.

10 Things that will affect you in Andalusia. Moorish Heritage, Passionate Flamenco and Long Beaches

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