10 things to do in Abkhazia

This is the most famous place in Abkhazia, for the sake of which tourists are precisely overcome the protracted lift to shining on the background of the sky domes. The monastery park is rather reminiscent of the Botanical Garden, you can walk for hours under the seven of exotic trees, admire the magic species and sea. It is worth looking at the walls painted by frescoes and descend into the cave.

2. To drink a cup of coffee at Lake Rice

Of course, after inspection of an excellent high mountain lake. An early spring can be admired by the reflection of the snow-covered mountains, and in the fall enjoy the gold scenery. Every time of year is good here in its own way. The length of the shores is only two kilometers – go around the lake in a circle and find the best view. After a walk, it’s nice to sit on the terrace of a cafe and look at the lake, while enjoying the local cuisine, a cup of coffee, well, or how streaming.

3. Dial water in a well of anaccopian fortress

Well-preserved old Anacopian fortress towers on top of the Iverland Mountain. The rise is not the easiest, especially in hot weather. Take with me water in bottles (on the lift to buy nowhere), but do not throw away the bottle, it will come in handy at the end of the way. The complexity of the rise is cyclingly compensated by the beauty of opening species and the ability to study and photograph the walls and towers of the citadel. And as a pleasant bonus, you can dial cool water (the bottles did not throw out?) from "inexhaustible well", with unofficial asscription on a plate "Saint".

4. Remember the scene "Sherlock Holmes" At the foot of Gegsky Waterfall

All fans of the fans of the famous detective know what the Gegian waterfall looks like. In the film he is convincing "Played" The role of Reishhenbakh Waterfall, and it was under him the hero of Livanov fought with Professor Moriarty.

Local call the waterfall short name Zou. In addition to the fascinating spectacle from falling water, it attracts attention to the ability to create rainbow from the Miriads of the droplets flying through the clouds around the district. All this action is happening against the background of the majestic cliffs.

You can visit the Gegian waterfall only in the warm season – the snow at the entrance to it lies long. Only SUVs can pass through a bumpy road. Part of the path lies through the YupsHar Canyon, also carrying called "Stone bag", – It is a four-meter wall, a narrow passage ahead and a small strip of the sky on top.

5. Consider a centuries-old inscription on the Blizzard bridge

It is not known whether the Queen of Tamara crossed the river a flat school on the Blevasky bridge, but he is unofficially named after her honor. Tamara Tsaritsa Bridge connects the shores from the end of the XI century. This is a simple, but very durable arch from limestone 13 meters long.

800 years ago in these places was restless. Bridge and defensive structures (their remnants can be seen nearby) were erected to protect against conquerors. According to the legend, passing by the new narrow bridge, the Abkhaz soldiers broke the armor of the enemy. Stroll along the bridge and find on its side part of the eight centuries ago by glorifying Christ the phrase in Georgian.

6. Play in the summer in snowballs in the valley of seven lakes

Journey through the seasons is suitable for hiking lovers. The path runs past the lake Rice, through the passes of dust and chha and at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level goes to the Alpine meadows, and then to the Valley of the Seven Lakes.

From the pass to the very far Lake Sultan six kilometers. The trail goes through the blooming meadows from the lake to the lake. Lake glacier with a constant level of cold water. Winter reluctantly leaves this wonderful place, so in the summer you can find snow here. The road becomes available for cars from about the end of June to October, but 7 km in one direction can only go on foot.

7. Rate the statue of Pitsundskaya Mede

The attitude of tourists to the black five-meter monument, towering on the very edge of the beach, quite ambiguous. Many confuse a strange place for the monument – the Pitsundsky Beach, otherwise not by moral giant sizes and the color of the woman and her children, and the pose of the mode is quite threatening.

10 Things to do in Abkhazia

Other tourists familiar with the legend about Jason and Argonauts believe that it should look like a woman’s wondrus abandoned by her husband. In this figure, the power and personal tragedy of the daughter of Colchis, who pretended their homeland and family. Special grace of Medea does not differ, but it is quite worthy of attention and couple photo.

eight. Feel silence in the abandoned city of Tkvarch

Once it was a thriving industrial city. Houses were built, mines and enterprises worked, children were born. Now life is barely grieving in this ghost town. Residents are very small, there are no cars. The main feature of the city, felt immediately, is a piercing silence.

In Tkvicheli, they go after a photo shoot in the absorbing nature city and beautiful species. In the time of the USSR, there was a balneological resort with mineral waters, now you can simply dial water from the thermal source.

nine. See Stalagmites near Shakuran waterfall

The road to the cascades of Shakuran Waterfall itself in itself – besides beautiful landscapes of tourists, a pleasant walk through the ssymboy forest is waiting. Easy to feel yourself in the inhabitant of the world "Avatar", The main thing is to simultaneously look under the feet on the carpet from the moss and ride from the rocks.

Waterfalls are not the highest in Abkhazia, but in the complex look very impressive. The main highlight is a ten meter stalagmita, grown right under the high flow of water. Surprisingly, but the waterfall does not destroy the stone pillar, but on the contrary – carefully supplies it minerals and helps to grow.

ten. Touch the story in the estate of the prince of Oldenburg

Primorsky Park – such a name received an exotic Park of Prince Oldenburg. You can walk along the alleys, sit at the fountains and take pictures of gray pin. Be sure to learn the palace – the architectural pearl of the resort. And when leaving the park there is a restaurant "Gagripsh" – the institution was bought in 1902 in Paris, in a disassembled form delivered to Abkhazia and collected without applying nails.

10 Things to do in Abkhazia

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