10 things to do in Australia

Big Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral accumulation of 350 thousand square kilometers and a length of more than 2500 km, consisting of 900 coral islands! Reef stretched along the Eastern Coast of Australia. The best way to research reef is diving (on the coast a large number of tour operators who provide snorkeling courses). You will see green turtles, dolphins, reef sharks, more than one and a half thousand different types of fish and four thousand types of mollusks.

2. Go to opera in Sydney

Opera House in Sydney is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. It takes pictures as often as pyramids in Egypt and the Colosseum in Italy. But how many people can boast that they visited inside this famous building? Four scenes in the building: Concert Hall, accommodating up to 2500 people, Drama Theater, Opera House and theater Studio. In addition, there is a cinema and two restaurants. During the existence of the building, more than 40 million people from all over the world visited him. Actual schedule and other necessary information can be found on the website.

3. Conquer harbor bridge

Harbor Bridge – the largest arched bridge in the world. It was opened in 1932. Those for whom it is not enough to just admire this architectural structure can climb on it together with the instructor’s guide. Bridgeclimb organizes 3.5 hour raises to the top of Harbor Bridge. From a height of 134 meters, you can admire the building of the Sydney opera and the panorama of the city. You can conquer the bridge both in the evening and night. The cost of such pleasure is from $ 238. Expensive, but it is worth telling friends.

4. Ride over the mountain valley

"Blue Mountains" is one of the largest National Parks of Australia, located in the province of New South Wales 100 kilometers from Sydney. Due to the large number of eucalyptus trees, the mountain envelops the blue haze, due to which such name is fixed. Scenic World Blue Mountains offers a fascinating opportunity to drive over the valley at an altitude of 270 meters in a special cabin called "SkyWay". Total distance path – 720 meters. Cabins have a transparent glass floor, which gives additional sensations, as well as glass walls, thanks to which there is a stunning view of all four sides: on the rocks "Three sisters", the waterfall "Katoumba", the Valley of Jamison and DR. On the company’s website for sale there is a special travel, which in addition to SkyWay, included non-gravy trips to Railway, walking "Walkway" and travel on the Cableway cable car. The cost of a pass for an adult – $ 35.

5. Visit the downloads "Melbourne Cup"

Melbourne Cup is called "jumps that stop the nation". Every year on the first Tuesday of November (in 2012 – November 6) Victoria state residents receive a day off to go to the famous Flemington hippodrome and see the risk of the most famous horses from all over the planet. And those who could not visit the jumps "live", go to the pubs and watch them on TV. Debt of every Australian on this day – put a few dollars per horses.

6. Swamp with dolphins

Not every day falls the ability to feed and swim with dolphins in the open sea? In Australia, it can be used everywhere. The most famous places – the tourist resort of Manya Mia and Shark Bay. Manya Mia is 800 km north of Perth in Western Australia. Every day to the coast sail big flocks of dolphins to play with people. And those are built into huge queues to feed animals.

7. Feed Kangaroo

10 Things to do in Australia

Kangaroo Island – the third largest island of Australia, which is located 100 kilometers from the coast of Adelaide. The main wealth of the island is a huge number of animals, first of all kangaroo. They can be seen at any time of the day. If you behave calm, they will allow you to approach them very close. Typically, newborn young kangaroo sit in bags to ten months, and then leave them.

eight. See the dance of the Tasmansky devil

Tasmansky Devil – Pride of Australia. It is curious that his population remained Torlko to the acute Tasmania. These animals are famous because there are almost any animal even a predator, and at night there are monstrous ominous cries. In order to find out why this little animal is called the "Devil", one of the national parks should be visited: for example, the Park of the Tasmansky Devil, Park Ravntap and DR.

nine. View the rock painting of Australian Aboriginal

Cockada National Park has the most extensive "gallery" of rock painting of ancient aborigines. The age of the preserved drawings reaches 20,000 years! Aboriginal painting is unique in that in the drawings, in addition to the appearance, internal organs are depicted. Park is located 170 km from Darwin in the north of the mainland.

ten. Visit the southernmost part of Australia

1500 km south-east of Tasmania Island is McKori – the Southern Territory of Australia (equidalist from New Zealand and Antarctica). It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its unusual location and the presence of unique species of plants and animals. Marine Elephants, Penguins, Albatrosse, Sea Kitats and other animals live on the island. Maccory is more interesting to scientists who often explore the local flora and fauna. You can get here on a cruise liner, for example, Orion Expedtion, which makes tours to Antarctica through McCaury. Trip cost – about $ 10,000 for 12 days of travel.

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