10 things to do in Azerbaijan

Named after Lake Goygel (which means "blue Lake") to which he is adjacent, the National Park is an amazing place with an unimaginable beautiful nature. It was created in 2008, its area of ​​more than 12 hectares. Here they take eco-tourists, spend tours of the park itself and on the slope of the Kiapaz mountain.

2. Find traces of primitive people

If you go to the south of Baku, you can get to the Gobustan Historical and Art Reserve. Frame drawings, the ancient parking of people, swept in the slopes of the mountains of the cave, the tombstones – the spirit captures, because at every step the traces of people who lived in Paleolithic. On the territory of the reserve, a museum has a museum, where you can not only ask the ancient exhibits, but also on the interactive panel of interest to the monuments.

3. See the burning hill

Country of oil and gas, Azerbaijan at every step reminds tourists about their wealth. Fire Mountain (Yanardag translated) causes fear and admiring the thrill at the same time – its slope is covered with negatulous flame languages. The mysterious natural phenomenon is easily explained: the gas is burning, which breaks into the surface and reacts with oxygen. Not one millennium Mount Yanardag because of the fiery slope is the place of pilgrimage of fans of mysterious phenomena.

4. Bowing fire in the temple athechgy

5. Admire the mountain of Shahdag

Turkic word "Dag" means "mountain", So translate the name of this beautiful place in Azerbaijan is simply – "King Mountain". At the height of a little more than 2500 m begins the eternal Merzlot, and the Mountain itself is like a formidable medieval castle from afar. Near the Mountain Located the Tourist Skiing Complex.

6. Surprised by mud volcanoes

The most unique and old mud volcanoes are located in Azerbaijan. Moreover – more than 40% is located in this country. Visit places where there are mud volcanoes, just it is impossible – you need a special permission. The main reason for the prohibition – volcanoes are a threat to life, they can start erupt at any time. Now you can visit with the conductor volcanoes of Dilengyaz and Galandarachtarma. Those who saw near the mud volcanoes for a long time will not leave the sense of the unreality of what happened. As if fleeing another planet or participated in filming a fantastic movie.

7. Be on a pink lake

10 Things to do in Azerbaijan

eight. Visit Bibi Eybat Mosque

In any country of the former CIS there are monuments destroyed in Soviet times and restored in our days to joy to tourists. In Azerbaijan, this is a Bibi-Eybat mosque. It was built in the XIII century, and at the beginning of the twentieth century they were blown up by the program "Fighting religious obscuration". In the 90s of the last century, the mosque was rebuilt and now is a classic example of shirvan style in architecture.

nine. Go to the Palace of Sheki Khan

This palace is small (only two floors, the total area of ​​about 300 kV. m) but unrealistic beautiful. Outdoor and interior walls, ceiling, even plafo luminaires – all painted with thin ornaments and scenes of war and hunting. Interior decoration is withstanding in the classic Persian style, openwork lattices on windows and stained glass windows of mosaic glass, mirror balconies are amazed by luxury. Former residence of Sheki Khanov – UNESCO World Heritage Candidate.

ten. Admire Azerbaijani carpets

The first exposition of the museum (in the old building) was opened in 1972, and in 2014 Museum moved to a new building. It is located on Mikayil Usaynova Avenue in Baku and looks like a richly crawled and rolled carpet. Exposure, except for unique carpets, there are ancient clothes, weapons, dishes, jewelry. Also in the museum there is a hall where they found the shelter saved carpets from the city of Shusha. During the Karabakh conflict, the director of the local museum with risk for life took out exhibits from a deposited city.

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