10 things to do in Berlin

Berlin is like an open book – you can find references to the story everywhere. Remains of the Berlin Wall, mounted in the sidewalk Memorial tiles, chambers of the former gearbox and much more. This is exactly the case when you should not neglect historical facts – they will help better understand the city. Of course, the excursion is not a school lesson, in addition to information from the past, you will show interesting places, they will give advice to see, and most importantly, the excursions are held in love with people, and the part of this love they will definitely give you. Excursions start from the Brandenburg Gate, the schedule can be found on the site.

2. View Berlin from the dome of Reichstag

Glass dome of the Reichstag was created by the British architect with Norman Foster, the project was approved in 1995. When the design used 360 mirrors, reflecting daylight in the meeting room, which is below. In the center of the dome, a large hole, under it there is a system for removing rainwater, and around – benches for visitors.

Visit free, you just need to pre-sign up on the website or in the pavilion near Reichstag. Excursion lasts an hour, all those who came to issue an audio guide (in Russian). From the dome there is a panorama of all Berlin, and the audio guide tells about all significant objects.

3. Learn the story of the Berlin Wall

The Memorial Complex "Berlin Wall" on Bernauer Strasse consists of a museum and wall residues. The museum contains photos, personal stories of people who have survived the time, witness witness. Enter free, upstairs there is an observation deck. Wall – an integral part of the history of Berlin. Although a visit to the museum is far from joyful emotions, it will help better understand the city.

After the museum you can go on Mülenstrasse View East Side Gallery – Open-air Art Gallery. On the walls of a wall of 1.3 km, artists from different countries drew 106 paintings, now it is a historical monument.

4. Lost in Tirgar’an

A huge forest in the middle of the city – it is infrequently found. Former hunting grounds turned into a park where you can easily spend a whole day. Running, ride a bike, rent a boat, but just sow on the grass – the perfect plan for a hot day. Wandering along the paths and tracks of Tirgarten, you can detect not only a variety of sculptures, but also, if you are lucky, meet rabbits. On the opposite of the Brandenburg Gate, the Park is a zoo, one of the oldest in the world.

5. Purchate Chocolate Ritter Sport

On the Square of the gendarmenmarkt is a museum-shop chocolate Ritter Sport. The museum is small, talks about creating chocolate, but the most interesting is in the store. Here the chocolate ritter sport is sold to all types, tastes and sizes, including new products and gift sets – there is no such assortment in any supermarket, and the prices are below.

Master classes are held for children to create chocolate (any filling to choose from), you can also order chocolate for an individual prescription and try drinks and desserts in a cafe, of course, chocolate.

6. Eat for lunch diner-kebab

In Berlin, there is no shortage of a wide variety of cafes for every taste and wallet. Among the numerous signs are often partners – variations of shawarma in pellets with different fillings, including vegetarian. This is a popular Fast Food in Berlin, spreading thanks to emigrants from Turkey. You can eat a snack, delicious and inexpensive, when deleting from the center prices are reduced.

10 Things to do in Berlin

7. Take a walk on a summer field

Tempelhof Airport closed in 2008, part of the territory was planned to build elite housing, but local residents were against. Defending the airport, they come here to relax, sunbathe, arrange picnics, and some even organized small gardens. It is worth come here not only to look at the former flight field with an area of ​​350 hectares, but also to launch the air snake, drink coffee, sitting on the grass, and ride a bike and rollers that rent.

eight. Climb to telebashne

Berlin TV Bashes can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, the height of 368 m makes it the highest structure of Germany. Tourists can look at the city from the observation deck at 204 m, inside also there are a bar and a rotating restaurant.

nine. Relax in Charlottenburg Park

The Royal Palace and the Park adjacent to it – an excellent example of Baroque architecture. A museum is located in the palace where you can see the collection of Chinese porcelain, and on the avenues of the park you can walk in any weather. People here are usually a bit, so this place is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

ten. Take pictures with Mishka

Bear – Berlin symbol, and painted bears with raised paws are found throughout the city. Bears on the streets of Berlin appeared in 2001, and a year later, an exhibition of United Buddy Bears. Artists from all over the world painted bears representing various countries, after which the exhibition has become popular and where you visited.

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