10 things to do in Copenhagen

To do this, you just need to apply the unofficial visit of the royal couple living in the Amalienborg Palace. Of course, going to the reception to the queen is completely optional – usually tourists just come to inspect the palace. You can go through two buildings that perform the feature of the historical museum. Find out at home whether the Queen of Margret or left for their affairs, it is possible outside, for this there is a special vintage ritual. Every day exactly at noon on the square passes a change of palace guard. If the queen of the house, the shift of Karaul lasts longer than the usual and passes in the solemn atmosphere, and the flag raise the palace.

2. See Mermaid

National Treasury Denmark, Bronze Sculpture of Mermaid For more than a hundred years, pleases the residents of Copenhagen and tourists from all over the world. The initiator of the installation of the sculpture was Karl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of brewery "Carlsberg". Impressive ballet "Mermaid", He asked the ballerina who performed the main party, become a model for sculpture. The little mermaid is constantly attacked by vandals, her head and hands saws, poured paint. In 2010, the sculpture first left Denmark – she was exhibited at the World Exhibition in Shanghai. During the absence in Copenhagen, video stations were broadcast.

3. Walk around Nyhavn

Nyuhavn translated means "New Harbor". The channel of the same name of 1 km breakthrough in 1671. Previously, the area was settled by sailors and he was one of the most dangerous places of Copenhagen, but in 1980 Nyukhavn was renovated, after which it turned into a tourist attraction.

Go to the waterfront to enjoy multicolored houses on the banks of the canal. In three of them, Hans Hans Christian Andersen, who glorified Denmark. On average, the walk takes from thirty minutes to an hour. Fans of foot walks will appreciate the well-preserved exterior of old Danish houses, cozy tables on the embankment and the fabulous atmosphere of the Nyhavn district. Special chic – Walking on the days of the Christmas Fair, when the historical district is completely turning into a decoration to fairy tales.

4. Ride attractions in Tivoli Park

In Copenhagen, there is one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe – Tivoli. It opened in 1843 and is the third on attendance in Europe. Tivoli Park served as a source of inspiration for Walt Disney, when he decided to open his first Disneyland in CadiFore. In addition to attractions, numerous floral compositions deserve attention, and on weekends – fireworks show.

5. Visit the city of Freedom

In one of the areas of Copenhagen is located "State in the state" – Wolly city of Christianity, created in 1971 on the site of the military barracks as an alternative to pop culture. Now Christians are a rather unusual area in which several important rules operate. It is forbidden to take pictures of locals and the street Pusher Street, where they sell light drugs. Forbidden firearms, body armor, heavy drugs. Despite the huge number of suspicious persons of different subcultures, in Christiania is safe to be. People are quite friendly, if not violating the rules described above.

6. Recalculate the statuettes in the gyppotine of the beer king

What is common between the beer bottle "Karlsberg" and the assembly of the statuette of Edgar Dega? All this is the brainchild of the Danish family of Jacobsen. Father and son have become competitors who created different technologies for the production of beer "Karlsberg". The son-patronage was carried away by collecting objects of art, founded the Private Museum "New Gliptotek Karlsberg".

The ancient building of the glipstotay looks very inhomogeneous, it was completed by different people at different times. Counting statuettes can be started with a unique collection of Rogen, located on the first floor. You can then find out how much degass dancers is exposed, and find out the exact number of antique and Egyptian statues. Resting and having to have a luxurious winter garden, you can continue mathematical calculations, rising up to the chic collection of pictures of famous artists of different eras.

7. View the city with bastions Citadel Castelllet

10 Things to do in Copenhagen

The five-pointed star of the fortress Castellet is already three centuries, and so far this is a valid military object in which soldiers live. Inside there is an old mill, once manufactured flour for the royal yard. In the Citadel, you can wander, studying the history of military affairs. The powder warehouse is well preserved here, utility storage facilities and even prison cameras, there are a small themed museum and church on site.

Park around Castellet – favorite place for walking locals. Go through the alleys, feed the numerous birds, inspect the fort outside, consider the put guns. And be sure to raise the shaft to enjoy the luxurious views.

eight. Make a promenade on Strog street

Strict – the longest pedestrian street in Europe, translated means "walk around". In fact, it is a few streets connected in one tourist zone of 1.5 km long. This is a paradise for shopaholics, lovers of gatherings in urban cafes and recreation in non-stop mode. The whole street is engaged in shops, restaurants and pleasure places, and at the beginning of winter it turns into a huge christmas market.

Here you can see the vintage churches, medieval squares and even meet the knights, willingly take pictures with tourists. Come on a paving from a round tower throughout the street, see how street musicians and dancers are having fun, and then with a sense of accomplishment, drink a cup of strong coffee. After that you can feel a little sensant.

nine. Climb on a round tower

ten. Surprise odds in the Museum Ripley

Ripley Caricaturist Meeting Holds Palm Championship by Strange. Some believe that it is not even a museum, but just a dump of strange things. The exposition was created so that visitors do not just examine very strange exhibits, but also receive answers to not the most important, but sometimes the exciting questions. It turns out that you can pierce two bottles of one boom, come up with a science of your children names for one letter, build a palace of expensive brands. The harp without the need of a string, in the world there can be a person with four pupils in one eye, and there is no one to surprise a double-headed calf. Part of the exhibits are interactive, and the tunnel rotates. Pay a museum a couple of hours and take a walk between strange and fairly useless things, for some reason created by people.

10 Things to do in Copenhagen

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