10 things to do in Denmark

Castle Kronborg is famous for the whole world thanks to Shakespeare and his "Hamletu", whose actions occur here. The castle is located on Zealand Island near Helsingør. Now inside is the Danish Maritime Museum dedicated to the development of the Danish fleet from the Renaissance. Every year in the castle for the holiday of summer solstice, theatrical troupes from different countries put their versions "Gamletta".

2. Get acquainted with Scandinavian life

Funes in Odense – this is an open-air museum with contact pigs, horses and sheep. Initially, there was an idea to recreate the Scandinavian village, which it was from the XVI to the XIX century and how a great storyteller saw him. Houses here are real – the vintage buildings were collected throughout Denmark. Farmers live in them, the leading economy, as their grandfathers and great-grandfather did. You can see old women with wooden bush, shepherds, guarding animals. In the pens you can get acquainted with the horses of the ancient Frederixborg breed.

Come on the streets of the village, admire the half-timbered houses in the greenery. Go to a real forge or a pottery workshop, taste beer in a local brewery, and in the summer you can get to the real village holiday.

3. Escape

Faires are going to unity with nature and the ability to feel yourself on the edge of the world. And when we get tired, you can always return to the cozy hotel to all seats of civilization. Ferrene is also called sheep islands – sheep here really a lot, along with the prey of herring, they constitute the main article of the income islanders. Tourists are offered warm sweaters and hundreds of high-quality wool – the best gift for needlewomen.

Here is a real paradise for climbers, lovers of natural rocky beauty and fishermen. Cultural life is represented by folk festivals, seasonal holidays and local rounds. Gastronomic tourists Farories will offer dozens of fish species, whale meat, dried or dried lamb.

4. Way to birds in the National Park

If you want to see a piece of the untouched man of nature, go to the National Park. In the park it is not necessary to walk on foot – you can move on bicycles or settle the Icelandic horse. Birds nest in the meadows and dunes, including rare, the most fortunate observers can see the dancing caravels with their own eyes. In addition, there is a beach here – you can swim and sunbathe, and the local club will provide the necessary windsurfing equipment. In the coastal village there is aquarium of the North Sea and you can always buy fresh fish. History lovers will be interested in familiar with the heritage of World War II, studied exhibits at the Hansstolm Museum Center and visiting the bunkers scattered on the territory.

5. Visit Homeland "Lego"

Designers "Lego" familiar to everyone, but not everyone knows that the birthplace of the famous toy – Denmark. Located in the tiny town of Billund "Legolale" – Today amusement park, annually attracting at least a million children from around the world. The park opened in 1968, becoming the first similar thematic fleet in the world (now they are already six). Legoleline built of 46 million cubes "Lego" Different sizes.

6. Taste the royal life in Frederixborg Castle

Royal Frederixborg Residence Built in the XVIII century on Zealand Island. This is a real northern palace with a park, lake and flower beds, considered the most beautiful castle owned by the royal family of Denmark. A wonderful place is available for visiting only one month a year.

Tourists are allowed in the castle only in July, when the monarchs go on vacation. Raisin Park – Flowerba "Norwegian Valley", destroyed by statues of fishermen and farmers (about 70 sculptures). You can evaluate the quality of fruits and vegetables from the greenhouse – this harvest every day is served on the table to members of the royal family. Take inside the palace – you can examine the premises from the attic to the basements, do not forget to take the audio guide (there is Russian). And be sure to inspect the gallery with the portraits of the Danish kings.

7. Walk along the edge between the rocks and the sea

10 Things to do in Denmark

Danes and tourists love the cliffs of MONS CLINT for incredible beauty. The main entertainment here is a long walk through the narrow edge of a pebble beach between the snow-white, sparkling in the rays of the sun with rocks and emerald sea water. The combination of colors is not amenable to description, but add to this also the ribbon of greenery from trees growing on the rocks. During the walk, you can find ancient petrified mollusks, millions of years in the depths of the breed.

It’s impossible to get lost here, caring Danes have placed the signs everywhere. You can continue to get acquainted with nature, climbing the rocks in search of thickets of wild orchids, which grow at least twenty varieties. You can complete the walk in the same geocenter at the top of the rocks – this is an interactive museum representing the history of rocks from the chalk period to modernity, and 3D cinema.

eight. To get to Sweden on the Erezunsk Bridge

Ereysoon Bridge-tunnel allows you to quickly get from Copenhagen to Swedish Malmo. From the Danish capital, you can travel by train or car, to drive a tunnel on the artificial island of Peh Checks, cross the Natural Island Saltholm and to be in the city of Malmo. Both islands names arose in the process of construction, the first translated as the island of Pepper, the second is the island of salt. Economic Danes created a small natural park on Pehecholm.

Trains Part paths are overcome through the tunnel, and then go to the artificial rocky island, followed towards Sweden along the lower tier. Travel for all types of transport across the bridge paid, plus you will need a passport. Cars go along the top of the structure, the passengers open the stunning types of the Erein Bay. Photos from the top of the bridge are obtained better – the passengers of the train are hampered by flashes. Look at the bridge from the side, you can, climbing the viewing platform in Malmo.

nine. Enjoy the Baltic Sea

ten. Rate Danish brewing

Plant "Karsberg" founded in 1847 Jacob Christian Jacobsen, calling him in honor of his son Karl. Now the old plant does not work, but performs the function of the museum. The whole kingdom is located on a huge territory, where it is possible to inspect the production facilities, residential areas, learn about the process of brewing and, of course, try beer.

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