10 things to do in Hue

Stay in Hue can be quite entertaining. Here you clearly hear the echo of the French invasion, the noise of gatherings in the German national pubs and the sound of coffee machines. How to take yourself in such a polyphonic city? Read our list of 10 things that need to be done.

1. Spend money on the city of emperors (Citadel)

This is the most important attraction of Hue. It began to build it only in 1804, but the fortress looks much oldest and more powerful. This city in the city was partially destroyed at the time of war with the Americans. He is reconstructed to this day. Entrance was not like (150,000 dongs) and, since restoration work is still underway, the likelihood is that you will photograph and consider only the scaffolding, installed around the most interesting historic buildings. That is why the word "spend" is used in the title of the point. So as not to disturb the nervous nerves of the Russian traveler, it is better to ask in advance how things are concluded with the update of the imperial possessions.

2. Try street baguettes

Vietnam is a former colony of France, and during the French invasion he took over a very tasty tradition – the cult of baguettes. These bread works of art are sold here at every step, but to feel the entire charm of the edible culture of the country, we recommend trying products in ordinary street shops. Fresh, juicy and diverse. From tuna and lamb, to salads and eggs. Sauces at will. All bread is bought in the early morning, and stocks are replenished throughout the day. An excellent Europeanized snack in Asia can become a full lunch.

3. Ride on a river tram

Along the embankment of Hue lined up colorful water vehicles, which have no chance to stay unnoticed. You can make an hourly walk on the river, paying, after not too long-lasting price movement, approximately 5 dollars. But the water exchange rate may be meaningless and not very exciting. It is much better to combine a river walk with an excursion that will include sightseeing on your preferences and pockets. Naturally, in those 5 dollars with such a situation, do not meet, but you get the opportunity to see a lot of interesting. Standards of excursions: a visit to several pagodas, which are not enough in the city, and tomb, which is even more. The entrance to them will not be included in the ticket price for the tram giving you here. Consider this in order not to stay at night in some tomb of the Vietnamese ruler.

4. Purchase fruits in big-c

Big-C is a large store that all Hue knows about. Knows first of all because he is there the only. In the fruit department, prices can shock, surprise, confuse and make it say: "We have a liter of water in Ashans than these mangoes". The cost of fruits is below the middle plank in Asia, and this leads to delight. Yes, it is possible to purchase all this and in the market, where it is logical to look for even lower prices. But the Vietnamese people are greedy and traded with reluctance. Yes, and the market amount with a discount is likely to be higher than in Big-C. Another thing that will definitely surprise in the supermarket – the price of olive oil (from 200 rubles).

5. Sports in the park

Hue was dressed in various parks and recreation areas! Day can be completely sunbathe on the river bank, drinking something fresh. And in the evening, completely surrender to running along with dozens of local residents. Vietnamese are very like running! Every day for most local families ends with running to the sunset. Park Concepts are quite creative. They can be military, fabulous, old or futuristic, as in the photo below. Combines them one – a huge amount of greenery and purity.

6. Search for Russians

Our compatriots in Hue practically not to find. Russians love proven resorts with warm sea, like Nha Trang. Here, the complete absence of a familiar speech gives the most interesting sensation of the present journey. As if you were in a place where none of our "ours" had not yet been checked. This atmosphere will give a lot of advantages. One of them is the ability to pull out English, as in the city an incredible number of Europeans. Additional bonus: the complete absence of the cries of "Olya, take me to a tank!"

7. Have fun in one of the pubs

10 Things to do in Hue

By the way, about Europeans. Many institutions belong to them. Here you can feel yourself in real summer Germany or bright Amsterdam, visiting one of the kabaks in the evening. Once in a similar institution, you will be a drop in the sea of ​​Europeans and feel the whole salt of "other" rest. Noisy gatherings, hymns choir, dancing all the gorn and new dating. And all this in the central part of Vietnam! In a word, an interesting experience.

eight. Go to the Military Museum

From a large number of museums in the city, attention to them dissipates. But visit the Museum of the Vietnam American War you just owe. There are represented real guns that have committed real feats. Technique: Tanks, airplanes, mines. Personal things Soldiers: Military tickets survivors, photos, form. In addition, plans for captures and operations, huge bombs, torture devices. Terribly but interesting. The price of the entrance ticket is only 20,000 dong.

nine. Go to Shopping

In Hue, many different flea markets, shops, showrooms and other joy of shopaholics. In these places you will find decorations, clothes, souvenirs. Most of which are handmade. You can buy almost everything here: from beautiful silk scarves to hookah in the form of Ho Shi Min. Well, as you can not bring the Vietnamese sneaks from Vietnam?

ten. Register a real Vietnamese coffee

Those who tried real Vietnamese coffee are unlikely to be able to forget his taste. It is in Hue it is possible to conduct an experiment to find a bad drink. The experiment, which is most likely not crowned with success. In Hue, coffee is thick and rich, with good fresh condensed milk. For each coffee masters, this is a separate ceremony. The cooking process itself is of interest: fresh coffee is put in a metal vessel with holes with holes, everything is filled with boiling water and is installed on top of a glass, the bottom of which is nanitic. Thus, a drop of a drop, your mug is filled with a drink with an aroma cutting. Such coffee is good both hot and ice.

Hue city is required to visit in Vietnam travel. To linger in it for more than three days it is not necessary, since all the main places can be visited for one day. But the feeling of that slow and a little European setting is worth making adjustments to your Asian route.

10 Things to do in Hue

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