10 things to do in Hungary

Hungary tourists are often called the country of sale, and all because there is a huge amount of healing thermal sources where you can relax, and improve your health. Bathing is on the territory of the whole country, but the most famous – Sechensky baths – are located in the capital.

2. Buy Original Rubic Cube

About the invention of the Hungarian sculptor Ern Rubik heard many, probably, everyone tried to collect him. Because of the worldwide puzzle popularity, it is almost impossible to find a real cube of Rubik Hungarian production (Chinese "fakes" are sold everywhere). Fortunately, buy the original Rubik cube right in Hungary (in many souvenir shops, in the Duty Free Airport Budapest or to order through a special site. Soon in the capital of Hungary, it is planned to open a museum dedicated to a famous toy.

3. Ride on the longest tram

The longest tram in the world can be seen in Budapest (its length is 55.9 m). If it is not possible to ride exactly on this tram – not trouble, sit down in any, in Budapest it is the most convenient and common type of transport.

4. Look at the animals in Budapest

Budapest Zoo – a great place to relax the whole family. It was opened in 1866 and, despite a significant modernization in recent decades, is considered the oldest Zoo of Europe. Here you can see more than 500 species of animals and 4000 varieties of plants in an area of ​​250 acres.

5. Rejuvenate in Lake Heviz

In the West of Hungary, there is the largest thermal lake in the world – Heviz. There are always a lot of visitors here, and it is not surprising: the water temperature is about + 34 ° C, and in the coldest winter months it does not fall below + 26 ° C. Special attention deserves the healing properties of the lake: Il, which lies with a multi-meter at the bottom of the lake, has therapeutic properties. Swimming in the lake is recommended to everyone who suffers from disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

6. To visit the Marzipan Museum

Museum of Marzipan in Centrem is gaining popularity every year. Here you will find real works of art, such as Chocolate Budapest Parliament, Sweet Map of Hungary, Marzipan Hungarian Kings. It stands out on their background a huge figure of Michael Jackson in full growth. In the workshop, you can see the process of making exhibits and immediately try them.

7. Enjoy the bloom of the river Tis

10 Things to do in Hungary

In mid-June, on the Tis River, you can watch a beautiful sight, which is called blossom: a huge amount of filter (winged insects) fill water lilies.

eight. Relax on a yacht on Lake Balaton

Balaton – the largest freshwater lake of Central Europe, is 100 km from Budapest. It is curious that the average depth of the lake is only 3 meters, and in the southern part of the lake at a distance of 200-300 meters from the coast and is less – about a meter. This resort is popular not only among Hungarians who call Balaton by the Hungarian Sea, but also among tourists from all over Europe. On the Balaton you can swim, enter or ride a yacht. The territory around the lake refers to the National Park, cycling and pedestrian routes are laid here.

nine. Schedule wine in current

It is impossible to imagine Hungary without a current – the famous winemaking in the north of the country, which was listed in the world heritage of UNESCO in 2002. Mount Tokay and its vineyards – one of the main characters of Hungary, chanting in the anthem of the country.

ten. Visit Holloote village

The old village of Holloko (translated from Hungarian, the village of Nograd, known as the ethnographic open-air museum (while the village lives his daily life, despite crowds of tourists). Her story goes his roots in the XIII century, when the first settlements appeared. In 1987, the village is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Traditional folk crafts have been preserved here: Embroidery, pottery, wood carving.

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