10 things to do in Ireland

The oldest district of Dublin – Temple Bar is the most popular tourist destination. And all this due to the fact that there is a huge number of restaurants and pubs. Most of them are designed for tourists who believe that the intensive absorption of Guinness will help them comprehend Ireland. Deserves a separate word the oldest Pub of the city – "The Brazen Head" ("Copper Head"), which was opened in 1198, the current building of the institution was built in the 16th century. Now "Copper Head" – one of the best pubs of the country in which you can try an excellent Guinness and enjoy the living Celtic music.

2. Take a walk on the day of St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day – Annual National Irish Holiday, which is celebrated on March 17 in the memory of St. Patrick. Holy Patrick, according to legend, brought Christianity on the pagan island. On this day, musical and beer parties are arranged, parade with songs and dances, Guinness beer pours river. Previously, the holiday was celebrated only in the United States and Ireland, but now the parades dedicated to the Holy Patrick pass in many countries of the world, including in Russia.

3. Make a bet on dog runs

Dog running – one of the most popular entertainment in Ireland, especially considering the fact that the casino is prohibited here by law. On dog runs, you can not only enjoy the struggle for the first place, but also try something to win by betting. You can read more.

4. Get acquainted with the history of Ginnes

"Brewery at the Gate of St. James" is the same factory where the world famous Dark Beer Guinness is boiled. It is truly a cult place. Here is the house of Arthur Guinness, the founder of the company and its museum, which is located in a seven-story building. The first floors of the building are devoted to the souvenir products, the history of the company, the tasting of beer, and at the very top there is a Bar "Graviti", which offers stunning views of the city. Price of entrance ticket for adult – 13.50 euros (it includes the price of a pint of beer, which will be offered to you).

5. Visit Rugby Cup Match

Rugby without a doubt – the most popular sport in Ireland. Annually six prefabs – England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy and Ireland – are played with each other "Cup of Six Nations" (the most prestigious European competition). The next draw will be held from February 2 to March 16, 2013. In Dublin, 2 matches of the Irish national team will be held in Dublin. More detailed match schedule can be found here.

6. Make a circle by ring Kerry

Ring Kerry – a popular tourist route that passes through the county of Kerry. On the path of the route with a length of 166 kilometers, you can meet a huge number of zhidovaknosts: Ross Castle, Lake Killarney, Torque Waterfall, Church of St. Mary and much more. Typically, the ring is driving on cars, but there are also trails for hiking.

7. View on the rocks Mocher

10 Things to do in Ireland

Rocks Mohler – one of the most popular sights of Ireland. Their height is more than 200 meters and stretch the rocks for 8 km long, having gap over the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This place will have to fans of Harry Potter fans, because it was here that the scenes were filmed for the last film.Read more.

eight. Visit Galway

Galway – the cultural capital of Ireland, the city of sailors and pirates. This is one of those few major Irish cities, where you can still hear Gaelsky (Celtic) language, participate in national holidays. They also say that the very "Irish" Irish people live here 🙂

nine. Be on the chapping

Ashford Castle, which is located in the North-West of the country, in Mayo County, leads its history since 1228. He often changed the owners, for example, in 1873 he passed into possession of Guinness. Now it is one of the best hotels in Ireland. 3 hours after noon, guests are going to a spacious living room and enjoy tea.Site Castle

ten. Buy as a gift rings of quarters

No jewelry store in Dublin costs without rings of retardations (rings in the form of hands, which hold the heart, crowned with crown). The heart symbolizes love, hands – friendship, and the crown – loyalty. The legend is connected with this ring about the faithful beloved, which waited a return from the slavish captivity of his groom, and he made her as a gift such a ring. Previously, this ring was a national wedding ring in Ireland, but now it is given in friendship. The average value of the rings – from 300 euros.

10 Things to do in Ireland

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