10 things to do in Italy

In Italy, there are several volcanoes, active and not very. The most characteristic of them, of course, ethna on Sicily Island. You can admire this beauty at any time: if the volcano is sleeping, the hundreds of travelers make it every day, if an eruption occurs, it is better to observe it from a safe distance, for example, from nearby skating. In any case, the indescribable sensations and spectacles are guaranteed.

In addition to the raging ethna, it is also worth visiting at least restless islands-volcanoes Stromboli (emphasis on the first syllable) and a volcano, which lie in the Tyrrhenian Sea not far from Sicily. Interesting and already calmed down giants – the famous Vesuvius (in the Campania region) or lakes, formed in the crater of extinct volcanoes, for example, Braccano or Albano (both in the Lazio region).

2. Swim in four seas

Italian bootball from all sides is surrounded by the waters of the four seas, each of which is beautiful in its own way. The Adriatic (in the East) offers holidays on the magnificent sandy beaches of such resorts, as a party Rimini or a calm Lido Di Jesolo, located quite close to Venice. Ligurian Sea (in the North-West) is the most real azure coast, because from there literally to file to Monaco, Nice and Cannes. Here are hundreds of romantic coves, a multi-kilometer road of love, laid along the rocks along the coast and one of the most beautiful corners of Italy, called Cinque Terre. The Tyrrhenian Sea (southwest) will enjoy both lovers of sandy beaches and adherents of rocky shores. In addition, Tyrrhenian water is washed by one of the most colorful regions of Italy – campaign. And finally, the Ionian Sea (in the south-east), part of the coast of which is the most non-mastered tourists of the country (regions of Apulia and Calabria). There were no charters here, hundreds of five-star hotels were not built, so most of the ionic beaches you have every chance of relaxing.

3. See Alps and Lakes

4. Live in lemon grove or vineyards

If you are tired of traditional urban or resort hotels, then you are a straight road to agrotourism. In Italy, it is developed very well. For example, in the Tuscany region, you can live on an old villa in olive or grape grove. Farm Hotels La Loccaia and Podere San Giusto will be happy to take you to visit and, maybe even allowed to observe or participate in the production of olive oil or wine. For those who go to Sicily Island, the Galea Farm House is recommended as a habitat, located surrounded by lemon groves. Cook there yourself lemoncello at least every day.

5. Buy excellent wine for a couple of euros

Since we touched on an alcohol theme, then the sin does not mention what the delicious wine is produced in Italy. And the price tags are not at all like in our supermarkets. At the same time, on the shelves, you can find perfectly adequate at cheese prices (Mozarella, parmesan), ham (Parma) and delicious Italian "Pomorie". Add a bread to a basket and you will get beautiful, and most importantly, favorable Italian lunch / lunch / dinner (need to emphasize).

6. Protect the maximum possible number of local dishes

Spoken about Italian wines, you can not lose sight of the local cuisine, which is rightfully considered one of the best in the world, and for someone and at all is better without options. Paste, pizza, lasagna, risotto is the first thing that comes to mind. But there are still all sorts of variations of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. And which in Italy desserts! One tiramisu is worth paying half aim. The remaining half of the ways can save for panna-cott, cannoli tubes or ice cream Jelato.

7. Breakfast in the bar and dine in the real traitor

10 Things to do in Italy

The kitchen discussed, remained to decide where it is best to meet. Try to move away from the main attractions in major cities or generally go to dinner somewhere in the outback (you can stay on the night). Avoid restaurants that offer our guests a menu in English (half of dishes you will understand without any problems in Italian), and be sure to look like more among visitors: tourists or locals. If you want to feel one hundred percent local residents, then in the morning, run into small bars in the morning and drink straight right at the rack and eat traditional coffee with a croissant, because all the Italians often have it, often on the way from home to work.

eight. Feel provincial Italy

Satisfied with large and pompous cities, where there are always many tourist info-books and booklets in different languages, go to the outback, is best somewhere in the south of the country. Without the knowledge of Italian, just a couple of hours you will learn to masterfully communicate with gestures, facial expressions and, possibly, some Russian words, because a lot in our languages ​​is similar. There will be difficulties with local transport or get lost – you will be given a wonderful chance to find a free guide, and sometimes the driver with a car, in the face of one of the locals. And with a successful coincidence, your unnecessary curiosity or in any other non-standard situation, you risk being invited for lunch or at least on a glass of wine from personal owner cellar. And all this on the background of a wonderful Italian flavor: Wailed under the windows of linen, medieval streets and squares and, of course, shouting locals.

nine. Go to the football

ten. Do not forget about shopping

Rested, attempted, have fun. Well, it’s time to collect suitcases and come back home. But first, let’s remember that Italy is also the world law law, which means to leave here without a couple-triple new thing it would be completely unforgivable. They are worth going to Milan, or rather in his suburbs – Fidenza Village fashionable village. More than 90 fashionable outlet boutiques are collected here, offering discounts on clothes and shoes up to 70%, and in periods of sales and more.

And last, bonus item №11
What is necessary to do in Italy? Once by visiting this country, you need to fall in love with it without memory and forever leave here a part of myself, to then go back to the Apennines again and again … For one trip, you can hardly fulfill all ten items. Then follow at least the last eleventh, and everyone else is sooner or later will be implemented by themselves.

10 Things to do in Italy

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