10 things to do in Jordan

From the moment the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burkhardt in 1812 reopened this ancient Nabatoy city for the world, no doubt, Peter is the most valuable and interesting attraction of Jordan. Perhaps, only a very worn heart does not melt from the view of the evening sun, the rays of which gently slide on honey stones, painting gold ancient tips, columns, sand cliffs. In Peter, it is necessary to look at the time after sunset – every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays passes Petra by Night. About one and a half thousand candles are lit in front of the temple and throughout the canyon – this is an unforgettable spectacle.

2. Feel yourself by Bedouin in Wadi Ram

Warnish the amazing panorama of the Wadi-Ram’s desert with the scorched sun sandstone cliffs and bright colorful dunes. People living here – Real Stoiki, tightened by cruel sands. To feel nomadic life, go to the Bedouin camp, some of the elements of the comfort you do not all.

3. To relax on the dead sea

Swimming in the Dead Sea makes it possible to survive the most unusual sensations that can only offer nature. Although swimming is not a completely accurate word, because it is very difficult to swim in these saline waters. Lay suitable spa resort, which is impossible quantity on the coast, take a mud bath, relax in the sun after massage.

4. Swim in reefs with fish

It is no secret that the underwater world of the Red Sea is one of the most beautiful and rich in the world. The coast belonging to Jordan is small, and its infrastructure is developed less than in Egypt, for example. But under the thickness of water – untouched reefs, sunken ships and coral gardens. You can organize immersion through any diving center in Aqaba or next door.

5. Perform pilgrimage

For many Jordan, this is not just a tourist destination, but the place of pilgrimage. There are a lot of spiritual places in the country. In the Joanian Valley, as they believed, John the Forerunner baptized Jesus Christ, in the desert of Araba stood the cities of Sodom and Gomorra. Holiness of Jordan feels especially on the mountain of Nevo.

6. Feel a spring blossom

Jordan is not only desert. In April, you can see carpets of scarlet poppies, Motley Tapes of Oleandrov, Black Iris along the royal way. Go to April to the very north of the country in Umm-Kais, where blooming is especially stormy: Daisy and thistle knee-height compete for the place under the sun with yellow Malva and Pink Cadier.

7. Hayking

10 Things to do in Jordan

Despite the fact that Jordan is usually not associated with Hayeking, there are unexpectedly many routes for hiking. Wonderful trails are in the forest reserve ADZLUN in the north of the country, over Wadi Mudzhib waterfalls and even in Petra himself or in the Wadi Rama desert – Bedouins will help you here. The most memorable routes are waiting for you in the Biosphere Reserve Dana.

eight. Find friends among local

Residents of Jordan – one of the most hospitable people on the planet. Whether the Palestinians will be invited to drink with them mint tea, or Bedouins will offer to divide bread and camel milk with them, or Chechens from Azraka will coax you with a grenade salad – Communication with them will leave you the most pleasant impressions.

nine. Explore the ancient Roman ruins

In Jordan, there are the best Ancient River ruins outside Italy. Visit the Citadel or Roman Amphitheater or Roman Amphitheater or amuse the ancient ruins in Jarasha. Sometimes there are races on chariots, and the commentator in the Roman Centurion helmet with red feathers makes it reappear this ancient outpost of the Roman Empire.

ten. Loss in desert castles

The plains of Eastern Jordan are famous for "deserted locks" – buildings of the early era of Omayjdov, who sharply contrast with the surrounding barren scenery: Palaces of pleasure, baths and hunting houses. What is only the frivolous frescoes of Kusayir Amrama, the Winter Reduens of the Arabian Lawrence in Azraka, the wildlife reserve Shaumari and the inapproprible beautiful deserted lake in the burku.

10 Things to do in Jordan

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