10 things to do in Lima

Main Square of the capital – Plasa Major, or Plaza de Armaas, built almost 500 years ago. Already in 1535, Spanish conquistadors were walking here, but the main elements of the ensemble are dated XVIII-XIX centuries. In the center there is a luxury fountain of bronze, around the perimeter – the Palace of Government, the Cathedral and the Archbishop Palace. In the architecture of these buildings, classicism was mixed, neoochik, baroque. Cause delight Carved facades, spiral columns, many original turrets and balconies, polygonal windows, contrasting colors. Exactly 12 hours of the day near the Palace of Government, the spectacular change of Karaul President Peru occurs.

2. Find ancient ruins

It is difficult to imagine that in the heart of the prestigious region of Miraflores among fashionable hotels and restaurants there may be ancient ruins. Nevertheless, one of the treasures of Peruvian history is located – the Ceremonial complex of Waka Puklyan. Creating a sharp contrast with modern buildings, a large old pyramid looks especially majestically and mysterious. At night, she appears beautifully illuminated. On the territory of the complex, archaeologists have found many artifacts, including ceramic and textile products, tools of labor, remnants of removal of gods and even mummies. All of them are presented in the Uak Puklyan Museum.

3. Close up

Over Lima rises lonely San Cristobal Hall. Many centuries ago in the epoch of the Empire Inca, he was considered sacred. Now the top crosses the Cross of St. Christopher, around which the observation deck is equipped. From a height of 400 meters, the city appears as a palm. To visit the San Cristobal hill organize bus tours. The route passes through the Favel district – you can see the life of Latin American slums.

4. Peel into the spirit of independence

5. Romantic evening

The most romantic place in Lima – the Park of Love. Lovers couples come here to admire a pink sunset and a beautiful view of the ocean. In the park, everything speaks of the most beautiful feeling on Earth: an elegant sculpture of kissing lovers, quotes on a huge mosaic wall. Attractions attract newlyweds on a photo shoot, and on Valentine’s Day there is a competition for the longest kiss.

6. See the magic cycle of water

7. Visit Larco Museum

Once in Lima, it is necessary to visit the Larko Museum – learn the story and culture of Peru, to get acquainted with the history of the inks civilizations, urine, Naska. The building in which today is located the museum, built in the XVIII century. The spacious halls have placed more than 45,000 exhibits: mummies, gold jewelry, vintage fabrics, erotic collections of ceramics. Found the museum and made a huge contribution to his development Rafael Larko and his son Victor.

10 Things to do in Lima

eight. Strong in the restaurant

Capital Restaurants offer a colossal choice of Peruvian dishes. In the menu, tender soups and salads from the freshest seafood, magnificent fruit desserts and, of course, Sevich from fish fillet and mollusks. In many institutions, a creative approach is practiced both to the process of cooking dishes and their feed. Open kitchens allow you to observe a bizarre culinary action. The interior is often present by ancient wooden furniture, bright ethnic elements that create a unique atmosphere. Most restaurants have open terraces with beautiful landscapes. One of the most prestigious restaurants – Central Restaurante. It works around the clock, but the table is better to book in advance.

nine. To admire the lyma view of a bird’s eye view

Get a complete picture of the capital Peru will help the paraglider flight. Take-off sites in the city are somewhat, and you can buy a ticket directly at the hotel. Flight takes place in tandem with an instructor, exciting impressions guaranteed. Do not be afraid to take a step in the abyss so you will feel the beauty of a calm passion. When starting from the site in the Miraflores, the flight partially passes over the quiet ocean and allows you to see a lyma with a stunningly beautiful side.

ten. Tool the life of Bohemia

Barranco – the most bohemian district in Lima, the residence of famous musicians, artists, writers and designers. Active life here begins after sunset. Barranco has everything for night fun lovers – the area is replete with restaurants, pubs, nightclubs. In the afternoon, you can visit the open exhibition of paintings, admire the picturesque lake, decorated with sculptures of Venus and Amurov. Among the sights The bridge of the sigh and the figure of equestrian conquistador, one of the streets leads to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In the shop at the Museum, Dedal, you can buy souvenirs that will decorate the house and will resemble the exotic Latin American city.

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