10 things to do in Madrid

The most famous gastronomic market in Madrid – San Miguel, which is near Plaza Major. Counters are risen in the most diverse meal, in addition, there are many cafes where you can try local cuisine. Cepping holiday starts from early morning and continues until late evening. Go to any liker a restaurant and order a glass of natural wine and traditional Spanish tapas snack.

About 15 minutes a slow step towards the quarter La Latina – and you are already on the huge market El Rastro. Here there is everything that the soul wishes: from unique antiques, vintage knight armor and sword to bird cells and used clothing. Can be easily found and authentic cassays – an indispensable attribute of Flamenco dancers.

Even if you are not going to buy anything, El Rastro will charm you expression, friendly bustle and common positive. But keep in mind that it works only on weekends.

2. Go to the operetta in Spanish

The pride of the Spaniards – the National Theater Sarsuel (La Zarzuela). Buy a ticket, take a comfortable chair in the room and enjoy a colorful, cheerful view, in which conversations and improvised jokes will be alternating with folk songs, music and dancing. Artists are actively in contact with the audience, thereby making the idea of ​​even more interesting and funny. Spectator places in the La Zarzuela Theater are distributed on 6 zones: the most expensive are in the zone "A", and the most budget in the zone "F".

In the XVII century, Sarsuells have a lot in common with the operetta, but still this is a separate musical drama genre. In mild satirical form, it reflects the pressing problems of the Spaniards, transfers the nuances of folk traditions and holidays.

3. Feel the power of the Egyptian gods

Diverse and incomprehensible Madrid surprises tourists continuously. It is difficult to imagine, but in the middle of the modern European city there is a real ancient Egyptian sanctuary for worshiping the gods of Isis and Amon. This is the Debode Temple, erected by the Egyptians more than 2,000 years ago in the lower course of the Nile. In the middle of the 20th century, he migrated to Madrid and is now towers on a man-made island in the middle of a large lake surrounded by lush vegetation Park Swirl de Montanya.

Touch the ancient majestic walls and rendered the prayer of the goddess of Isis at any time of the day. To inspect the temple inside and gain new knowledge about the ancient Egyptian cults, sign up for Saturday Excursion.

4. Barcelona

Atoche station – the largest in Spain. From here, trains are sent to all corners of Europe, the expressations capable of home to Barcelona are running at high-speed highways. Take a row on a greenhouse that decorates the waiting room. Under a huge glass dome, palm trees grow, the pond is splashing and even inhabit the turtles.

5. Cheat for Real Madrid

It is not necessary to be a football fan so that the words "Real Madrid" threw in a shiver. Native Team Stadium – Santiago Bernabeu. National and international matches are held here, including Champions League. Tickets usually book in advance, and then redeem the stadium at the cash desks.

If visiting the match is not included in your plans, look at the stadium on the tour. In the Museum of the Club, the awards conquered for all the time of its existence since 1902 are broadcast on the screens the best game moments. It is impossible to stay indifferent, learning about the rich history of one of the most titled clubs. In addition to the museum, you will see the inner premises of the stadium, including the locker rooms of athletes, and exit the field, feeling like a team player.

6. Stand under the falling skyscrapers

The laws of gravity once retreated before the construction technologies, and the Twin Tower "Gate of Europe" rose on La Castelian Avenue – Dential Competitors of the Pisan Tower. Leaning greatly, a couple of Stater Skyscrapers seek to each other in his arms, and with their roofs, helicopters take off and disappear.

Taming the winding Obelisk Kaha, installed on the square between the towers, further emphasizes the considerable angle of inclination. Come closer and appreciate the grandeur of the design of architects. "The Gate of Europe" appear in many films: "Living flesh", "Day of the Beast", "Torrent".

7. Look at the live symbol of Madrid

In the center of the Spanish capital, a luxurious Retiro Park with an area of ​​more than 100 hectares spread. Stroll along the beautiful alleys, go on a boat on a picturesque lake, watch the game of water jets in the fountains. One of them for its basis has the sculpture of the fallen angel and in this sense is the only one in its kind.

10 Things to do in Madrid

The central composition of the park is the equestrian sculpture of the king Alfonso XII. There is a crystal palace and a magnificent rosary. In one of the corners, a strawberry tree grows – a symbol of the Spanish capital, decorating her coat of arms.

eight. Enjoy the masterpieces of the golden century

In the National Museum Prado, lucky people can see the work of the greatest artists of the Renaissance and Golden Century. In a huge collection of Raphael, Botticelli, Bosch, Wang Dequee, you will see "three graces" of Rubens and the naked "let’s" brush Titian.

In order to get even closer to the European Fine Art, visit the Tissen-Borneis Museum and the Queen Sofia Center. Together with Prado, they form a "golden triangle of the arts" of Madrid and have collections of surrealists and impressionists, including the creations of Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and Salvador Dali.

nine. Find out your attitude to Corrida

The fearless spirit of the Spaniards found her incarnation in a cruel, but exciting Borda. Visiting Madrid from May to October, do not miss the chance to watch the legendary spectacle, evaluate the rage of the bull and the beauty of Matador’s movements. The location of the Corrida is a huge Arena Las Ventas, which accommodates 25,000 spectators. She in itself is an interesting landmark. It is also worth come here to visit the Museum of the Corrida and see the exhibits from which blood cold.

ten. Robed on Hamon in the museum

Only in Madrid there is a whole network of museums, in which you can buy and eat any "exhibit", while getting delicious taste. Perhaps you have already guessed that we are talking about the famous museums of Hamon (there are 5 such institutions in the city).

Museum "Collections" include many types of Spanish delicacy. The cooking process provides for a long drying of pork ham, so the taste of a finished dish depends on the temperature and humidity mode and is very different depending on the climatic conditions of one area or another.

Tool the Hamon delivered from different provinces of Spain, and pay attention to what long and thin pieces. Spaniards are confident that the quality of cutting affects the taste and aroma, so he is engaged in her special specialist – Cortador, and this is also part of a unique Spanish culture.

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