10 things to do in New Zealand

One of the most beautiful places in New Zealand – Lake Pukaki, that in Canterbury, in 94 miles from Timaru on the South Island. Because of the large limestone content falling into a lake through the rivers Tasman and Hooker, water in the Lake Heavenly Blue. No matter what you would like to do: just stroll through the forest, make a hike in the southern Alps or sit and admire the landscape, the area of ​​the lake – the perfect place. In addition, you can enjoy safaris, boat riding on glacial lakes, fishing and MN. Dr.

2. Climb Baldong Street

In the city of Danidin there is a street called "Baldwin Street". It would seem that it may be a remarkable? So it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the coolest residential street in the world! Its length is 359 meters, and in the upper point it reaches the height of almost 80 meters. The coolest segment is 161.2 meters, and the level of lifting on it is 47.22 meters, which corresponds to the inclination at 38 degrees. Every year, "Baldwin Street Gutbuster" will be held here, the essence of which is to rise as quickly as possible up and go down. About a thousand people in different categories compete with each other, but a record of a decade ago – 1 minute 56 seconds – still not beaten.

3. See yellow-eyed penguins

Penguin Place – the world famous reserve created to preserve the population of yellow-eyed penguins, very rare species. Today, only about 5 thousand pairs of these birds have been preserved on the planet, several hundreds of which live in the reserve. As part of the two-hour excursion, you will learn everything you need to know about these amazing animals, and when the twilight come, you will have a rare opportunity to see and take a picture of penguins at close range. It is curious that the image of the yellow-eyed penguin is present on a banknote in 5 New Zealand dollars.

4. Watch for coushlots

Kaikura Peninsula and the city of the same name in the northeast coast of New Zealand is considered the best place on the planet for watching whales, kids, dolphins and coushlots. You can do it at any time of the year. There are many different travel agencies in the city that offer excursions by plane or boat along the coast. So, for example, a three-hour excursion on a small ship will cost $ 145 (you can order here.)

5. Surfing in Ragelan

Raglan – a small town on the west coast of the North Islands, just 150 kilometers south from Auckland. Raglan – Paradise for surfing, because smooth waves are formed comfortable for riding. Even if you do not know how to ride, do not despair, there is a special school where you will be taught to do it and give the necessary gear. By the way, locals are constantly sitting on the serf beaches, who are photographed everything in a row, including surfers. It is designed for all on tourists who, after another swim, will want to buy their photo on the crest of the wave for memory.

6. Way for kiwi on the island of Stewart

Stuart Island – the third largest island in the country after the Northern and South, most of which are given under the National Park. Mason Bay on the west coast of the island offers an excellent opportunity to watch the "National Symbol of New Zealand" – Bird Kiwi – Wildlife. Here even build Kivyarni – special places where you can watch the beloved bird islanders. Kiwi lead a nightlife. Now there are less than 15,000 individuals on the planet and their population, unfortunately, is reduced.

7. Ride along the transalpian road

10 Things to do in New Zealand

Transalpian Railway is considered the most beautiful route in New Zealand and is five of the most fascinating worldwide. Its length is 223 kilometers. Train "Tranzalpine" daily connects the cities of the Southern Island – Christchurch and Greymouth, overcoming the route for four with a small hour. Following the light route, Tranzalpine passes through 19 tunnels and four viaducts, allowing passengers to enjoy picturesque landscapes of the country.

eight. Close to the Franz Joseph Glacier

The Franz Joseph Glacier is one of the main attractions of the Southern Island. It is located on the territory of the National Park Westland. He was opened by German researchers who gave him such a name in honor of the emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph. Unique makes the glacier what he descends right to tropical vegetation, there is no more such anywhere in the world. The following enforcement is available for tourists: Walk through the glacier, helicopter flight, Skydayving and DR. Helicopter Line organizes the company "The Helicopter Line", with rates can be found on the website.

nine. Like a volcanic crater

White Island ("White Island") is a valid volcano-island, most of which is under water. Every day, White Island Tours organizes excursions to those who want to look at the current volcano: Boats leave from Rotorua and Tauranga, the cost of an adult excursion – 199 $. Turquoise lake in a volcanic crater, rocks and white smoke will no doubt like lovers of "Martian landscapes".

ten. Get acquainted with customs Maori

In order to familiarize yourself with the culture of Maori – the indigenous people of New Zealand, it is worth going to Rotorua. In addition to the fact that this city is known for the fact that there is a Valley of Geysers, here you can also visit the Maori village Tamaki. Excursions are organized from Rotorua and an average of $ 105 for an adult. Here you can get acquainted with the traditions and customs of Maori, try Hangi dinner, as well as learn wood threads.

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