10 things to do in the Kaliningrad region

Located on the island of the Cathedral – one of the few who survived during bombing of historic buildings. This is not just a central city attraction and the burial place of the Great Philosopher of Cant – the Cathedral serves people as a cultural center. In the afternoon, numerous connoisseurs of organ music come to enjoy 40-minute concerts. In the evening a couple of times a week are invited famous performers. In a regular basis, musical festivals are held on a regular basis, it is also a permanent venue for the International Competition of Musicians.

2. Recount the city gate

Tourists who visited the city claim that in it exactly seven vintage gates. Is it so? Outbound Ausfalsky Gate, who passed only the sideless travelers, were well preserved, but in the process alterations heavily lost the initial appearance. On their basis, a memorable chairlis of St. George. Medieval brandenburg and railway gates are carefully restored, recognized as architectural monuments, but not retired, and still perform initial purpose. Zakhaimsk gates were repaired by artists and turned into an original art site. Brick royal and Friedland gates received the status of historical urban museums that store a centuries-old history in the vintage walls. Rosgarian gate restored after the ruin, became a popular restaurant.

3. Consider frozen flies in the amber museum

The museum is located in an old building, its exposition is dedicated to the neighboring deposit of the Solar Stone. Thousands of tourists who want to see the stones with the stinks with Navel midges, lizards and other grains that lived on Earth 650 million years ago arrive in a renovated and restored museum.

In the halls are presented the largest samples, several thousand products from amber. Raisin collection – a piece of legendary amber room restored by masters. In addition to the usual stones of the color of the Sun, absolutely black pebbles are exhibited.

4. Climb the ship at the World Ocean Museum

A visit to the city Marinist Museum is a real adventure, you can see expositions in a luxurious building, and after climbing the "Museum branches". Yes, the ships that were adjacent to the embankment, standing right in the park at the museum building, also his full part.

The inspection program includes two ships ("Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev" and "Vityaz"), submarine, fishing trawler, coushlot remains, exhibition complexes, located in the Royal and Friedland Gate. All vessels – Real workers of the seas who have retired and now serving museum objects that tourists love so.

5. Take pictures on the streets of the fish village

And imagine that this walk is not on the ethnographic park in Kaliningrad, but a promenade in the ancient Prussia. It was this effect that the creators who made the village at the site of the old market with stylized half-timbered houses. During the walk, you can look at the city, climbing the lighthouse, or make selfie on the tower "Lyubi". But the village itself is better to capture from the anniversary bridge. You can relax at the table Cafe River Station or on the deck of a pleasure boat.

6. Feel the spirit of Königsberg in the Amalienau area

This is one of the surviving vintage areas designed by famous architects – low-rise buildings of noble estates in the most unconventional style for Prussia. Vintage buildings are mixed with post-war builders, built on the site of collapsed. These streets-garden streets give the opportunity to feel the spirit of the former Konigsberg.

Walking, look at the twins pond, go to the church of St. Adalbert, wait on the squares named after the crowned persons. And we are walking past a dozen with more than ancient nobility estates, still wearing the names of the former owners.

7. View sunset from Zelenograd Promenade

Place relatively new, but quickly become popular in the citizens and guests of the Balneological resort. This is a wide embankment with a pier, stretching along the coast of Baltic, having a descent to water. Morning and evening promenade along the sea strengthen health and soothe nerves. In the dwelling days there is a breathtaking sunset.

10 Things to do in the Kaliningrad region

eight. Go through a dancing forest

Route less than a kilometer long passes at an amazing place in the Curonian Spit. Softwood planted on the sands in nature turned into a collection of fancy curved trees. They were even nicknamed with drunk, local pines look so unusually. Flat separate dune is near the village, you can walk from the water of the bay to the shore of the Baltic Sea.

All Curonian Spit deserves attention – an amazing, nature created by the place of the sea. During the century, the sand was covered with a fertile layer, which grew vegetation, sheltered birds and small animals.

nine. Explore the interesting places of Svetlogorsk

Visit Svetlogorsk stands for the sake of beautiful marine species inherent in the North Term. Curious ensemble from the landed waterproof building and the old tower – the symbol of the city. Tower dome rises against the background of blue sky, and the building itself completely tightened the Japanese liana. On the streets are perpetuated by the memory of Thomas Manna, a storyteller of Hoffman, Academician Pavlov

Making a promenade along the embankment, you can rented time along the sunny hour and admire the bronze nymph, and, and the "Tsarevna-frog" itself meets near the train station. It is recommended to visit Kirch and listen to music in the authority hall.

ten. Rate attractions of Baltiysk

History lovers rated Citadel Pillau, urban water towers and cathedrals. Later the list expanded at the expense of new objects. The city was returned by the Cross of St. Adalbert, installed Monuments Peter I and Elizabeth Petrovna, a chapel in honor of Dmitry Donskoy.

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