10 things you need to do in Bratislava

The main square changed the name several times, here are interesting from the architectural and historical points of view of the building and structures. Among them are the old town hall from the tower of the XIII century, similar to the bell tower, and the Roland Fountain, which in the Middle Ages served as a source of drinking water. True or not, but the townspeople believe that twice a year the knight descends from the pedestal and wanders around the city – allegedly it happens for the New Year and Good Friday. And on the square you can sit in a cozy cafe or look into the souvenir shop.

2. Ride a flying plate

Giant suspended SNP bridge, built in the early 1970s, as if he boot over the Danube. The length of the bridge is almost 431 meters, while there is not a single support in the river. On the bridge, not only cars are driven – cycling and pedestrian walkways are laid and the water pipeline passes.

On one of the supports at an altitude of 85 meters hung "Flying Plate" – Restaurant UFO and observation deck. Rising on the elevator, you can admire the panorama of the city. True, you need to be ready for the fact that the playground slightly vibrates.

3. Admire the panorama from Bratislava Grad

Monumental castle – Mandatory part of acquaintance with Bratislava. He is majestically towers on the rock on the left bank of the Danube. This massive structure, which has become a full-fledged castle in the XI century, was almost destroyed by a 1811 fire. In the second half of the twentieth century he was restored from Ruins, and now it is one of the main attractions of Bratislava. Lear to the castle for the best photos of the city.

4. Wander around the old town

5. Look at the Park of the Presidential Palace

On the one-room area surrounded by lively streets is the former residence of Count Grassalkovich – now the presidential palace. The building was built in 1760, a lot of owners changed for his long history, including ERCGERSOG Ferdinand. At the entrance to the palace there is a regular divorce of honor guard. Behind the building is a cozy park with fountains in which it is pleasant to walk.

6. Go through

Once the Bratislava surrounded powerful walls that served as reliable protection. In the XVIII century, when the boundaries of the city were significantly expanded, the gate were demolished. Of the four city gates, only Mikhailovsky has been preserved. They are located in the Tower of the same name, at the top of which there is an observation deck.

7. Slimming Slavin Memorial

10 Things you need to do in Bratislava

eight. Take pictures with monuments

Bratislava has many interesting sculptural compositions. The most famous of them is a plumber that looks out of a bronze hatch in the pavement. Another no less popular monument is the figure of the city crazy Nazi with a cylinder in hand. Here tourists are very much photographed. According to believe, if you try it, it will bring good luck. On the central square of the city, froze, leaning on a bench, French soldier in the triangne ​​- Tourists often take it for Napoleon himself.

nine. Find a good shepherd house

House of the Good Shepherd is located near the castle stairs. The house built in the XVIII century one of the local merchants is highlighted by an unusual trapezoidal shape and a rococo decor. The Facade has survived the figure of Christ – that’s why the building got such a name. Now there is a museum of old hours.

ten. To get to the castle Devin

Ruins of Devin Castle are located 13 km from the center of Bratislava. The fortress towers above the location of the two rivers – Danube and Morava. The first fortification appeared here in Roman times. The fortress performed defensive functions over the centuries, but in 1809, the Army of Napoleon was blown up. Now in a partially renovated castle there is a museum exposition, and his foot is located a wine-making village with wine cellars and cozy restaurants.

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