10 things you need to do in Karachay-Cherkessia

Plateau Bermamat is 40 km from Kislovodsk, but the path mostly lies through off-road and will take at least two hours. You can get here as part of the excursions on the jeep – in the resort cities of such offers a lot, the travel season lasts from May to November. The plateau is best to come to the dawn – at this time the greatest chances of clear weather, and consequently, on the view of Elbrus. If you are lucky, you will see the Broken Ghost – an unusual natural phenomenon that occurs due to refraction and decomposition in the spectrum of sunlight crystals of ice in the clouds.

2. Climb to the top of Mussa Achitar

  • Old cable car. This path is the longest, but also the most picturesque. The entire rise is divided into 4 plots, each of which contains transplant stations. In the middle of the route there is a famous hotel "Plate". This gift of Finnish President Keckonny has long been one of the symbols of Dombaya. Hotel is open in 1979 and still acts. It looks impressively and the appearance really resembles or a plate, whether some kind of alien object, landing on a mountainside.
  • Pendulum cable car. These are trains with a capacity of up to 20 people. At an altitude of 2200 m and the meadow "Crocus" Located transplant stations. From the last platform to a height of 3000 m, the rise is carried out on the chair lift.
  • Modern Hondon Type Road. We will have to transplage here twice – at an altitude of 2277 m and 3000 m. On the final section, the rise occurs on the elevators of the chair.
  • At each stop there is a cafe where you can relax over a cup of fragrant tea with mountain herbs.

3. Hear the roar of powerful jets of Alibek waterfall

Alibek – the largest of the glaciers of Dombaya, his length is 4.5 km. In addition, it is located below everyone and approaches the edge of the forest. The impressive view of the Giant Alibek Glacier fascinates tourists, in search of unique natural beauties of fixing in these places. The waterfall and the Alibek glacier are located on the territory of Teberdinsky biosphere reserve (the entrance is paid there, be sure to get a pass). Nearby there is a small lake with water emerald-blue, it is called Turkey. They say, tours dwelling in the mountains come here on the water.

4. Get to Baduk’s lakes

Baduksky lakes are also located in the Teberdinsky Reserve. To get around all three lakes, you will need about 5-6 hours, correctly calculate the output time to return to darkness. This route is not the easiest and goes all the time in the mountain, but passes through very beautiful places – on the coniferous forest with stony areas.

The purest water of emerald color, a picturesque road, a beautiful valley – that’s what captives the heart of experienced travelers and makes them overcome all the difficulties of this not the easiest road. The first lake on the way will be the smallest, but also the coldest. Water in it even on hot days barely reaches + 5 ° C. The last of the lakes, the largest and deep, the warmer – the water in it is warmed up to +10 ° C.

5. View in Multicolored Eyes Teberda

Such a name of the Lakes was obtained for an unusual shade of water of each of them. One of the lakes has a bluish-smoky-black shade, it is surrounded by rocky mountain peaks and is called a black lake. The water of the second seems to be painted in a bright celestial azure – this is a lake called blue.

Lakes are located in the Valley of the Ullu-Mustju River, which flows into Teberd. The path to them will require physical endurance and comfortable shoes – it will be necessary to overcome quite steep lifts. If you climb on the saddle between the ridges, you can see two lakes simultaneously, and all the beauty of the Valley of Ull-Mustju will open in front of you.

6. Climb on the dome of the biggest telescope in Europe

10 Things you need to do in Karachay-Cherkessia

Special Astrophysical Observatory RAS – the largest in the territory of not only Russia, but also in Europe. It is located near the village of Nizhny Arkhyz, on Mount Pastukhov. It was built this construction for 15 years, starting from the 60s of the last century, and the observatory began to act in 1975. The giant white dome of the Observatory telescope is visible from afar, its height is 50 m, the diameter of the dome – 45 m.

Tourists in the composition of excursion groups are allowed to the largest telescope – BTA, which is under the white dome. The diameter of its mirror – 6 m. If desired, tourists can climb on the dome of a large telescope for stairs. There are small telescopes here, their diameter – 1 m and 0.6 m. Observatory is open three times a week – on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on holidays and days of school holidays. Excursions are held from 9:00 to 15:00.

7. To visit Sofia lakes and waterfalls

From the Polyana Towlu (it is also called Sofia) the routes to Sofia Waterfalls and Lakes. Glacier farm – the end point of the transport route on the way to waterfalls, on only on foot. From this place is well visible Sofia Glacier. Sofia is the second largest vertex of Arcise, her height is more than 3600 m. Sofia River, dragging from the glacier to the valley, together with three other mountain rivers flows into the large-water river Big Zelechuk.

Sofia waterfalls are the largest in Arczyme, their height is about 90 m. Cold water flows straight from the glacier. With the emergence of waterfalls, a legend is associated, telling about the battle of two titans, competing with each other for the title of lord of the world. One of them hit the glacier in a rustling of rage, he splits, and from the inside the turbulent flow was water.

The route to the lakes is separate, you need to rise in the mountains. The most difficult on the way will be the last plot (300 m) with a very cool lift. But after you will be rewarded by amazing views of the three mountain lakes with water of an unusual azure color.

eight. Transfer through the century to the ancient capital of Alanya

Not far from the township is another unique landmark of Arkhyza – "Lick of Christ". This is a rocky fresco, discovered not so long ago – in 1999. According to preliminary data, its creation time is dated to the IX century. To "Family of Christ" leads a staircase in 526 steps.

nine. Ski

Dombay and Arkhyz – Popular ski resorts of the Caucasus, known since Soviet times. Dombay is located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. In addition to the long tradition of skiing, this resort boasts stunning views and splendor of the environment. The main zone of skiing – the slopes of the Moussa-Achitar mountain. Height difference – from 3200 to 2277 m. The total length of the tracks is 20 km, most of them are suitable for beginners and mid-level. For freeride and extreme riding lovers, there are also great opportunities. Season lasts from November to April.

The Valley of the Archyz resort is between the marks at 1440 and 3300 m above sea level. The name of the resort is translated as a "beautiful girl". Higher points of Arcise – Peaks Sofia and Pshish. Total track length – about 15 km. Arkhyz is perfect for novice skiers.

ten. Rate the taste of Hychin and Shorpa

The main ingredients of Circassic cuisine – flour, meat and milk. From this uncomplicated set of Circass food products manage to prepare real culinary masterpieces. What are only the gentle cheeses that add taste to any dish.

One of the hits of local cuisine – Hychini. These are the delicious dough pellets fried in oil, with a filling of cheese, cottage cheese, greens, meat or potatoes. Hychins are served with sour cream or butter. On a cold day, especially in the mountains, it will help for a long time to recharge the screws of the Shorp. This satisfying lamb soup or dried meat with seasonings and spices is able to quench the hunger for a long time. And a cup of fragrant tea from mountain herbs will warm and give a pleasant aftertaste.

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