10 things you need to do in Malaysia

Nose monkeys dwell only on Borneo, you can see them in Bako National Park. Park is located in Sarawak, you can get here on a boat from the city of Kuching. In addition to the nose in the park you can meet ordinary monkeys and bearded pigs, not to mention birds and insects. For tourists, routes of different lengths are laid with access to beaches and viewing grounds. To be inside the jungle with all their sounds, when even the sheet falls loudly, – expensive. The main thing is to look carefully on the sides, the nose did not come to you.

2. Look at the bats going on the night hunt

Mulu National Park is located in the state of Sabah, which is on Borneo. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here are one of the largest caves in the world. There is a small airport in the park where tourists arrive. Settling in a comfortable bungalow and lunching paste in a local cafe, go to the heart of the park – Caves populated by the colonies of volatile mice. Caves form a whole system connected by the underground river. Today, only about 200 km has been studied – 40% of their total length.

At sunset millions of bats fly to hunt. First, one small spiral flies out of the cave, then another one, then an infinite manifiable stream is formed, consisting of tiny points. Tourists from all over the world come to see this spectacle. If the day impressions are not enough, you can go for a night walk accompanied by a guide.

3. See the bloom of Rafflezia

Parasite flower, reacing the meter in diameter and sourcing unpleasant smell, see not so easy. Bud ripens about 9 months, dissolves only a few days, after which he starts to rot. The flower does not have a flowering season, you can see it almost at any time of the year. Common in the jungle Borneo, in tourist sites for viewing fee.

4. Strengthen snorkeling

In Malaysia, there are not only white sand beaches and the Azure Sea – underwater hiding a whole world with corals, fish and even turtles. It remains only to wear a mask and immerse yourself in a new exciting reality. Snorkeling places abound: Reserve Tunka Abdul Rahman at the city of Kota-Kinabalu, Pergtean Islands and Redang Island in Northeast Malaysia, Sipadan Island in the south of Sabah and others.

5. Look at Kuala Lumpur from height

In the capital of Malaysia, skyscrapers are not uncommon, but the most famous are Petronas Towers, which have become a symbol of the city. In the evening, the illumination is included on them, and at the foot – a dancing fountain. The height of the towers – 451.9 m, upstairs there is an observation deck where you can go beyond the city panorama. Alternative option – climb to television, where city types can be combined with a visit to the restaurant. Telebashny height – 421 m.

6. Walk

While in Kuala Lumpur, life boils, in Putraja, located just 20 km, meet the passerby on the street is not so easy. Putrajaya – a young city founded in 1995., This is the administrative center of Malaysia. Almost a third of the territory occupy the parks, and this is an excellent opportunity to relax from the heat. Beautiful city with modern architecture can definitely include on the route.

7. Enjoy the colonial architecture

10 Things you need to do in Malaysia

The city of Malacca leads its story since the beginning of the XV century. Due to the successful location on the coast of the Malack Strait, the city attracted the attention of European conquerors. Malacca visited Portugal, Holland, England, and retained colonial architecture. The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Europe and Asia exist in Malacca side by side – Walk around the city will leave bright impressions.

eight. Go to visit orangutans

Orangutans in the wild can only be found on the Islands Borneo and Sumatra – Animals are under threat of extinction due to cutting of tropical forests. Not far from the city of Sandakan in the state of Sabah, Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. Here live animals, which were found sick, wounded, saved from poachers and t.D. Orangutan is treated and prepared for life in the wild (after rehabilitation they are released). Tourists can be observed for the feeding process and see orangutans in a natural habitat.

nine. To conquer Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu highlight 4095 m – fourth in height in Southeast Asia. Located on Borneo Island in Sabah. Climbing, as a rule, lasts a couple of days and is available for people without special training. At the foot of the National Park with many plants and animal species.

ten. Find in thickets of elephant-pigmeys

Pygmy Elephants (Dwarf Elephants) – Rare Animals inhabitants in the North Borneo. Their growth does not exceed 2.5 m, and the ears are distinguished by a large size. You can see the elephants by molting along the Kinabatangan river in the state of Sabah. Sitting in a boat with a guide, you can find not only elephants, but also birds-rhinos, monkeys and other animals.

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