10 things you need to do in Montenegro

Beach Yaz – one of the most famous in Montenegro. This sandy-pebble beach is 5 km from the old town of Budva and is divided into two parts, a smaller of which is given to the use of nudistam. Yaz has high popularity among tourists due to frequent concerts of world music stars, like Madonna and Rolling Stones. Here you can sunbathe, arrange a picnic or go for a walk on souvenir shops.

2. Visit the city of Cats

Not accidentally considered the most beautiful city of Montenegro. It is located in the huge valley of the Gulf of the Gulf, and his old town is listed with UNESCO heritage list. Curious fact – in which a huge number of cats! Given the small area of ​​the city, the foster concentration exceeds all reasonable limits. But this is an explanation: there are a lot of rats in the old city because of the dampness, there are a lot of rats, so residents are breeding cats (in every house there are at least two) and feed those who do not have their homes. Homelessly walk in the city freely, and when they see tourists in a cafe, sit down to them for lunch.

3. Observe the pelicans

Skadar Lake is the largest in the Balkan Peninsula. It is located in the Zetadar Valley. Two thirds of the lake are in the territory of Montenegro and a third – in Albania. The Chernogorsk part of the lake in 1983 was announced by the National Reserve. More than 280 rare and endangered bird species (more than half of all species in Europe) live here, such as, for example, a curly pelican.

4. Go

5. Breathe

In Montenegro, several national parks, the most popular of which – the Durmitor – Radially attracts many tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Everyone will find a lesson in the shower: someone will be enough to ride a bike or walk a walk, and someone will find courage to engage in rafting and bungee-jumping. In 1980, the Durmitor Park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this is not surprising, because in its huge territory there are 48 mountains, 18 mountain lakes, rich Flora and Fauna, many copies of which are listed in the Red Book.

6. Decide on the alloy along the Tara River

For Extreme Lovers In Montenegro, there is a stunning opportunity to get a dose of adrenaline. Canyon of the River Tara, which is located in the Durmitor National Park, is the second in the depths of the world (its depth reaches 1,300 meters). Main entertainment among tourists – rafting by Tara. The most fearless extremes can make an alloy from April to June, and those who are not very confident in their abilities can try to do it in August or September, when the river is not such a river.

7. Visit hell Boyana

Ado Boyana is an artificially created island near Ultsin near the border with Albania. It is curious that on both sides, this triangular isois is washes fresh river water, and the third side is the salt water of the Adriatic Sea. In 1973, the Nudist village of Ada Boyana was organized here, and now the island is mainly associated with nudists. Nevertheless, there are other entertainment for people who do not experience a passion for naturism: windsurfing, horseback riding, cycling and t.D.

10 Things you need to do in Montenegro

eight. Rest on the shore of the lake

Biograd Lake – a picturesque glacial lake, which is located in the National Park of the same name. Water amazes with its transparency. Main types of recreation – Boat sailing, Fishing, Camping and Hiking. You can get here from Budva, from where excursions to the lake come from daily.

nine. Get acquainted with Fascine

Perast is a small vintage city located in the Gulf of Kotor just a few kilometers from. In the city there are many ancient temples with an extraordinary architecture, but the main attraction is the tiny leadership island of Gosp Od Shkrapel (in the translation means "God’s Mother on a rock"), which was built for 200 years, dropping stones from ships and falling asleep reef! Now on the island there is the Church of the Mother of God and the Museum. Every year, on July 22, Fareshida celebrates in Perasta – this is the custom of resetting the stones at the island of the state of the state of SN Shkrapel. In addition to the symbolic value, the holiday also has a practical: the stones save the island from water erosion. Also on July 22, a sailing regatta is satisfied here. You can get here on boat-taxi from Perasta Prats. After the walk, you can relax in one of the cafes of the city and enjoy the dishes of Montenegro National Kitchen.

ten. Visit Svetie Stephen

Sveti Stefan is a city-hotel located on the island 5 km from Budva, which is known not only in Europe, but also over the ocean. And all because the locals often stop such stars like Roman Abramovich, Sophie Lauren, Sylvester Stallone and even the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II! Since 2007, the island has been on reconstruction and only at the end of April 2012 was reopened to visit. In order to visit the island, you need to either book accommodation (which, to put it mildly, is expensive), or dinner in one of the restaurants.

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