10 things you need to do in Paris

Paris multifaceted and ambitious. The rich history of the city is captured in the facades of concierges and commemorative bas-reliefs of the Triumphal Arch. Gourmet French cuisine are waiting for gourmets in Mishlen restaurants. Paris Museums and Galleries – Real Treasury, where the priceless works of art are stored.

1. See the great heritage of the Louvre

The basis of the Museum collection of the Louvre Makes up the private collections of the Kings of Francis I and Louis XIV, which became accessible to public inspection during the Great French Revolution. Egyptian antiquities are kept here, antique sculptures, masterpieces of painting of the Renaissance, medieval canvas and much more. The museum itself is located in the magnificent palace complex, many years served by the royal residence.

2. Stroll through Montmartru

Montmartre is considered one of the most picturesque areas of the French capital. In the XIX century, the fame of bohemian places were firmly entrusted to him, since it was here that artists began to settle: Van Gogh, Renoir, Toulouse-Lotrek, Picasso, Modigliani. Architectural Dominant Montmartre is the picturesque basilica Sacre-Kor, and the Tetre Square, located a little west of the temple, is a lively heart of the district, where you can still feel the spirit of old Paris.

3. Pretend to be a student in the Latin Quarter

Once in the vicinity of the famous sorbonna, Lyceum Louis Great and College de France, students really settled. However, today the accommodation fee has increased so much that only a few of them can afford to live in the Latin Quarter. Over time, the area has become a real attraction. Narrow streets, cozy cafes and book shops every year visit tens of thousands of tourists.

4. Rate original modern art in the center of George Pompidou

5. Go to the view in the Kabare "Moulin Rouge"

What is a classic Paris Cabaret? This is the center of the night’s nightlife, its true spirit, in which incredible expression is hidden. "Moulin Rouge" has existed since 1889, and since then this show has not lost its popularity. Tickets are bought in advance, and on the eve of holidays and not to get them at all. In the colorful performances, the cabaret can see real Paris – sensual, artistic, free and even slightly depraved.

6. To visit urban viewing sites

Make a complete picture of the architectural look of Paris, as well as make the best frames and enjoy the picturesque views of urban quarters on the viewing platforms of the Eiffel Tower, Lafayette Galleries, Montparnasse Towers and the Arc Timf. Despite the fact that you have to stand in line (especially the Eiffel Tower in the Eiffel), an unforgettable spectacle stretching at the feet of Paris is worth this expectation.

7. Enjoy the beauty of french landscape design

10 Things you need to do in Paris

Many parks and squares worldwide are designed to imitate the famous French gardens, where the riot of nature of nature is adjacent to the aristocratic grace of forms. Paris Garden Tuileries – a standard of a classic European park with smooth lawns, alive hedges and wide alleys. It is nice to relax from the city bustle, drink a cup of coffee on the terrace or hide from the midday sun under the shadow of the trees.

eight. Make a desire in the cemetery per lash

Necropolis Per Lashhesis is located in mystical stories and legends. There will always be any evidence that saw people in black gowns committing mysterious rites among the graves, or wandering spirits. Scoops, tombstones and monuments of per lashine – Natural works of art worthy of the best museums. It is believed that the ghosts of cemeteries are able to fulfill any desire.

nine. Walk along the parade ladder of the opera Garnier

Paris opera was founded at the "King Sun" Louis XIV. Modern building, causing admiration for luxurious architecture, built in the XIX century. Today, the Grand Opera is one of the best musical theaters of the world, where the famous performers are performing and are set famous performances. To get to the presentation in Opera is how to find yourself among the highest Paris Society of the Brilliant Epoch of the French Kings.

ten. Re-feel like a child in Paris Disneyland

Located 32 km from the French capital, the amusement park has long been equal to popularity with his older American counterclaim. Atmuses, colorful decorations, thematic zones, as well as fabulous heroes, walking among visitors, create an atmosphere of magical reality, from which I do not want to return to everyday life. Memories of visiting this amazing place will remain in memory for a long time.

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