10 things you need to do in Peru

The legendary city of Incov Machu Picchu – the main archaeological monument to Peru. Having risen to the top of a high mountain range, tourists will see the sacred square, the temple of the Sun, the house of the elect virgins, the residence of the scenic of scenic terraces and other no less interesting objects. To get around the whole complex, it will take about three hours. Immediately for Machu Picchu – Wine Picchu Mount. Climb on the viewing platform at the top of the top and admire the breathtaking perfume panorama of the Urubamba River Valley.

2. Explore the capital of the Empire Incas

Approximately 100 km from Machu Picchu surrounded by the Anda Cusco densely populated city. In the past, he was the capital of the Empire of the Inca and to the present day retained architectural masterpieces of that era. Inspection is best starting with Gun Square – Incas were sure that there was a PUAP of the Earth. Tourists are waiting for the Temple of Cyancant, the legendary Fortress of Saxauiman with walls in the form of teeth Puma and other samples of Incan architecture. Open to visit the Museum of Incas, Museum of Regional History, Koki and Chocolate Museums, Christian Temples and Cathedrals.

3. Be in the sacred valley

In the Valley of the Urubamba River, Inka civilization left the unique historical monuments, among which the fortresses of Bunch-Pukar and the Writing, multistage terraces of moores, water complex Tambo, Salt Copyrque Maras. During the trip along the sacred valley of the Inca, an amazing picture opens – the beauty of nature is harmonized with the beauty of the ancient ruins.

4. See the Pearl of And

5. Reveal the mystery of the Lines of Naski

One of the most exciting secrets on earth – Giant drawings on the plateau of Nask. Scientists argue that this is part of an ancient irrigation system, and Ufologists are confident that aliens ships landed here. Tourists are given the opportunity to see the lines of Naski with their own eyes. The best review opens from an airplane or helicopter. Peruvian travel agencies offer aircraft over hummingbirds, monkey, spider and other popular images. Two drawings can be seen from the observation deck, which is located on the highway Panarican.

6. Go to the highest peaks of Peru

Wascaran National Park is 3400 km² of wildlife, including Mountain Peaks Wascharan, Alpamayo and Wanda. The reserve attracts fantastic landscapes, the rarest kinds of flora and fauna – only here you can admire the endemic plant of Puya Raymond, which is called the Queen of Andes. From the rapidly melting glacier Pastoruri, you can go down to the Llanukuno lake and swim in the thermal baths of Monterrey. The starting point for travelers is the city of Uraz.

7. Move to another planet

Having rejuvenated to climb the height of 5,000 meters above sea level, tourists will be rewarded with unearthly scenery of rainbow mountains. Nature is so bright and bugly painted the slopes that they seem unreal. It is no coincidence that the National Geographic magazine indicated them in his list of 100 seats required for visiting. If it turns out to take a glance – pay attention and surrounding panorama, especially the Glacier Ausangat, who was considered sacred. Sightseeing is located on the territory of the province of Kispriches 100 km from Cusco.

10 Things you need to do in Peru

eight. Sandboarding

Surrounded by the desert of the Siechwra, there is one of the most picturesque places in Peru – Oasis Wakhachin. The opportunity to make a sandboarding and ride buggy on huge embossed dunes as a magnet pulls here fans of speed and drive. Among the gifts of nature is almost always clear sky, hot sun, blue lake and stunning beauty sunset. Everything you need to ride here can be rented. To the services of holidaymakers, comfortable hotels and restaurants surrounded by bright tropical greenery. Locking is not far from the city of ICA.

nine. Get acquainted with wild animals

Balestas – a group of small rocky islands in the Pacific. Fast boat will deliver travelers in a virgin corner, where sea lions and seats, pelicans and penguins live. Animal lovers will be glad to see the grand colonies of cormorants. From the side of the ocean in front of the tourists will appear the mysterious chandelier of parakas – a giant image of a trident on a rock. In the rays of the setting sun in the Gulf of Pink Flamingo, especially beautiful. Nearest city – Pisco, ICA Department.

ten. Get lost in the jungle of amazon

According to Peru flows Amazon – the greatest river of the world. The extensive plain region in its pool is occupied by hardening Selva. Tourist center of these places – Ikitos, a city with a half-million population without a land message with a civilized world. Reaching Ikitos by air or water, tourists go to the lodge, and already hence the penetration of the Amazon jungle and acquaintance with the richest Flora and the Fauna. Having visited one of the tributaries, you can see pink dolphins and affecting the sizes Victoria Regia.

To admire the ruge from a height of 35 meters, make a walk through the cable car. From above there is a stunning view of the Green Sea of ​​Jungle, where the monkeys jump among the crowns of trees, bright birds and giant butterflies flute.

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