10 things you need to do in Portugal

No doubt, the main attraction of Lisbon is an old tram number 22. It looks just like almost 100 years ago, the modernization was insignificant. His route begins on Campo Ourik, and ends in the square Martim Monis. It is curious that this is not a sightseeing tram for inspecting the sights of the city (and they are found in the way of his following: Saint-George Castle, Santa Luzia observation deck and others), and the view of the city transport.

2. Listen to Fad

Fada – a special style of traditional Portuguese music, popular and beloved almost all the Portuguese. His homeland is Lisbon. Listen to Fada in special establishments (Casa Do Fado) or in restaurants. In Lisbon, traditional regions of FAD are Bairra Altu, Alpham and Madrago. Concerts are held late in the evening, several times a week. It is easy to navigate, usually at the Fada such queues are not only from tourists, but also local residents.

3. Drive on the Vasco da Gama bridge

Vasco da Gama Bridge is considered the longest in Europe (the total length with the entrances to the bridge is 17.2 km). It was built to the 500th anniversary of the travel of Vasco da Gama to India, when the waterway was opened. To ride on the bridge, you need to sit on one of the TST bus buses, which go from Oriente. You can combine pleasant with useful and visit the second largest outlet in Europe FreePort Designer Outlet, which is located in the suburb of Lisbon Alcohol (you can get here by TST buses).

4. To visit the "Estoril" casino

Casino "Estoril" – the most popular and largest European casino, which even Monte Carlo eclipsed with its reputation. It is primarily because during World War II, spies often met and exchanged information (Portugal kept neutrality). Also, the casino is shown in one of the films about James Bond ("On the secret service of Her Majesty").

5. Admire Sintra Palaces

20 km from Lisbon is the city of Sintra, made together with the surrounding area to UNESCO World Heritage List. In the Sintra itself there is a National Palace, and several landmarks have been hidden in the surrounding forests and the hills: Palace of Foam, Mavrov Castle, Kinta’s estate da Rigallira, Montserrat Palace and Kapuchin Monastery. Bypassing all this magnificence (and it is worth it) in one day it is unlikely to succeed, so it’s better to come with overnight stay.

6. Visit the Chocolate Festival

Every year in the city of Obidysh (located in the central part of Portugal, north of Lisbon) In early March, a chocolate festival is held, which is visited by about 200,000 people. Here you can not only admire the numerous chocolate sculptures, try it and participate in a lot of different contests, but also yourself learn how to prepare chocolate candies.

7. Fall in love in the port

10 Things you need to do in Portugal

eight. Go to Livraria Lello Bookshop

Truly fabulous bookstore Livraria Lello is located in the city of Porto. It was discovered in 1906, but it has been functions to this day and every day meets a huge number of visitors. Livraria Lello has a stunning interior: a huge screw carved staircase, stained glass windows, wood carving and t.D. Joan Rowling was inspired by the interiors of the store when writing "Harry Potter", and some scenes of the film were removed here.

nine. To go to the "edge of light"

Cape Roca – the most western point of the European continent. It is difficult to believe, but the landmark is only in 1979, a lot of tourists from the most different parts of the planet can be found here. Read more about Cape Rock, learn about how to get here, you can see photos below.

ten. Relax on the beaches in Algarve

Algarve – the most southernmost region of Portugal. Many travelers believe that it is here that are the most luxurious beaches in the country. Air temperature in Algarve Even in August does not exceed 30 degrees, you can rest all year round. The ocean is cool, but the waves are ideal for surfing. This is a great place for active and beach holidays, there are all the conditions for sports throughout the year.

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