10 things you need to do in Warsaw

Warsaw’s old town attracts multicolored houses and cozy squares. During the war, the historical center was almost completely destroyed, a thorough reconstruction was carried out in the postwar years. The result of done painstaking work was the inclusion of an old city to the list of UNESCO World Heritage List as an exceptional example of restoring historical appearance.

On the market area there is a siren – the Warsaw symbol, depicted on the flag. According to legend, two mermaid sisters sailed in the Baltic Sea. One of them remained to sit in the port of Copenhagen, and the second was in the waters of the Vistula and got to Warsaw. A rich merchant caught Sirena, but the son of a fisherman freed her – in gratitude to Siren promised to defend the inhabitants of the city.

2. View on Warsaw from height

From where the best city view opens? Right, from the height. To see the old town in all its glory, raise the Church of St. Anne’s Church, located next to the Castle Square. The option is higher, more expensive and (what to hide) more interesting – climb the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science. The palace was built in the 50s according to the "Stalinist height", this is the highest building Warsaw. Inside there is an elevator that will take you upstairs in 19 seconds.

3. Learn the story of Warsaw Ghetto

During the Nazi occupation, part of Warsaw was separated in the ghetto. It was the largest Jewish ghetto, the number of its population was 37% of Warsaw residents. More than 400 thousand people went through it and subsequently killed. From April 19 to May 16, 1943, an uprising took place in the ghetto, but was suppressed by the Nazis, after which the ghetto was destroyed. Now in the former its territory there is a museum of the history of Polish Jews. Events that happened in Warsaw Ghetto are shown in the film Roman Polanski "Pianist".

4. Fly in the roof garden

5. Make a desire at the bell

Downting to the Old Town, you can find a small area in the form of a triangle – Canonia Square. Previously, there was a cemetery at this place, now only the sculpture of the Virgin Mary is reminded about it. Here the narrowest house of Warsaw was hid – the width of the facade does not exceed 2 m. In the middle of the square there is a bell, cast in the XVII century. It is considered if you make a desire and bypass around the bell three times, it will be.

6. Stroll among skyscrapers

Looking at the pictures of the Old Town, you might think that Warsaw is a small calm town with colored houses. This is, of course, so, but only partly. Warsaw is still the capital, and to make sure this is enough to go into the modern area and to be among the skyscrapers. Although the highest building is the Palace of Culture and Science – refers to Soviet architecture, it is surrounded by modern buildings of glass and concrete. It is especially pleasant to walk here in the evening when lights light up.

7. Enjoy beauty in lazels

10 Things you need to do in Warsaw

Palace-Park Complex Royal Lázenki – the largest Warsaw Park. The park was founded in the XVII century, and the name received thanks to the bathing pavilion located there. There is a lake and river in the park, and on the island there is a Lazenkov Palace. Lázenks are stylistically divided into three parts: Royal Park, Belvedere Park, Modern Park. For visits, palaces, greenhouse, you can ride a boat.

eight. Go through Chopin

The modern appearance of Warsaw differs from the XIX century, however, the places associated with Chopin are preserved here. On some buildings, memorial plaques are installed, the places that loved to visit the composer are also known. So the Chopin route appeared, and accompany his musical benches. The route is drawn on each bench, there is a description of the place and the button, by clicking which the music of Chopin plays.

nine. Go closer to science

The center of Science "Copernicus" will be interesting and children and adults. The inner space consists of thematic zones where several hundred exhibits are located – all of them can be touched, turning, to move. Here you can learn more about space, laws of physics, light, sound and t.D. Tickets are better to buy in advance on the site wishing to visit the center a lot.

ten. Ploy in Prague

Prague – the former suburb, and now one of the districts of Warsaw, located on the right bank of the Vistula. Prague almost did not suffer during World War II, so it was here that the film "Pianist", which we already mentioned. Previously, the area was considered disadvantaged and criminal, now things are much better. Prague is known thanks to numerous graffiti, the area is worth visiting at least in order to find out Warsaw from all sides.

10 Things you need to do in Warsaw

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