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The first thing you see while traveling from Phuket Airport to your hotel, – Strange trees growing in rows. Exactly planted plantations occupy more than half of all the vegetation of the island. This is a gevent – evergreen tree of the family of Rocha. A small cup of each trunk is tied to each trunk, in which the thick white juice of the tree is assembled – Latex. Harvesting juice Tree Gevei on family plantations – one of the classes of local inhabitants of Phuket.

Latex from Thailand

Tree GEVEY and NATURAL LATEX is "White gold" Thailand Along with Papyrus in Egypt, silk in China, fur coats in Greece and Cheese in Switzerland. Wood is valued in the production of furniture for extraordinary strength and moisture resistance. And the antibacterial properties of natural latex, the juice of rubberos, are known worldwide, from natural latex they make surgical gloves, children’s nipples, catheters, droppers, condoms, as well as shoes and jewelry.

A little more than 170 years ago, the process of vulcanization of liquid latex was invented, which was the beginning of absolutely new products – latex Pen, thanks to which products for sleep from natural latex become increasingly popular. What are so good pillows and mattresses from natural latex? Let’s figure it out.

What are pillows?

What are the pillows now there are no bedding in the market: from swan fluff, sheep wool, cotton wool, hollofiber, sintecon, silicone, silk, buckwheat husk, hop, memorial, artificial and natural latex. What to choose the right satellite of sweet sleep?

Conditionally all pillows and mattresses can be divided into products with natural fillers and artificial. Those and others have their pros and cons. Natural fillers will always be better than artificial from the point of view of environmental friendliness and health, because they consist only of natural ingredients. Some mattresses and pillows made of artificial materials for all their amenities of use are isolated phenols and harmful to the body of the cyano compound, from which migraine and other diseases appear.

But natural products are not suitable for everyone. Allergies can not sleep on pillows from the Pooh and Feather, dust ticks are growing in them, which their lives are annoyed by the respiratory organs. Sheep wool and cotton wool are riveted with lumps, and from this pillow become tough in 1-2 years. Bucky husk and similar products incredibly rustled with each movement, which is absolutely unacceptable for people with sensitive sleep. Synthetic novelties – memorials and artificial latex – good by orthopedic properties, but with all its advantages are largely inferior to natural latex: the first one is afraid of water and loses its properties of memory from wetting, so it is impossible to wash the products, and the second is pretty tough, and the second one cries and absorbs moisture and sweat. The choice remains you: Pillows and mattresses from artificial materials can be changed every 2-5 years, suffering allergies on dust ticks, do not sleep at night because of the rustling of husk or enjoy a healthy sleep on natural latex for 20 years.

What are so good pillows and latex mattresses? Let’s in order.

Benefits of latex pillows

Form and size of natural latex pillows are diverse. It has long been known that sleeping an adult man without a pillow is not at all useful: in the process of resting the muscles of the neck relax, so this area needs to be supported by a special roller. Such pillows are called orthopedic, they are high, low and with special tuberculk massagers. In addition, there are standard high pillows for lovers sleep on two pillows, standard low, children’s, teenage and others. In some hotels of Thailand (mostly 5 *), guests to choose from offer several pillows and including latex. For example, in Banyan Tree.

The thickness of the mattresses from natural latex varies from 5 cm to 15. Mattress 15 cm can be put on the floor or bed without using additional mattresses, but orthopedic properties begin to appear at 5 cm, for this, the latex mattress is better put on the usual. The dimensions of natural latex mattresses start from 100×100 cm – for a crib, and up to the size of a double bed 180×200 cm. Try to lie on the latex mattress. I always have the feeling that I sleep in the clouds.

For children, sets from the mattress and four pillows and funny toy pillows in the form of elephants, bears and hares. And for adults – a comfortable roller that can be used while sleeping for unloading the spine or when reading or watching a movie under the head. At first glance, the roller may seem like a very strange Thai invention. I recommend to try, it will be impossible to part.

Pillows and mattresses from natural latex

Natural Latex combines all the best properties of synthetic and natural materials.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of latex, microorganisms and saprophytes are not breeding from it, which reduces the risk of allergic and respiratory diseases. Therefore, pillows are recommended to people prone to allergies and respiratory diseases, as well as children.

Thanks to special forms that are used for the manufacture of pillows and mattresses, a porous structure with reported holes is formed. Air capillaries provide excellent air circulation, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. On such pillows and mattresses body "breathe", And the person does not sweat. You are guaranteed strong sleep without wet hair in the morning and without itching skin redness.

Orthopedic Latex pillows help to support their heads during sleep in the right position, fully relax the cervical spine and remove the load from the neck muscles. Because of this, the headache disappears in the morning, a feeling of lightness appears. Of course, osteochondrosis does not treat a single pillow from natural latex, but will help reduce pain and improve the condition.

Natural latex mattresses have several stiffness zones specifically designed for the proper body load distribution. The weight of the body is evenly distributed, and the spine takes a physiologically correct position, which contributes to full relaxation and removal of muscle tension. Latex mattresses support the body without transmitting blood vessels without disturbing blood circulation, thus removing the load from the heart muscle.

Natural latex, unlike artificial, has excellent wear-resistance, does not crumble, it does not remember, does not prevent, does not create seals under the severity of the body, does not rot, does not deteriorate under the action of moisture and retains its form for 20 years.

Latex mattresses do not creak, like spring, do not form waves when moving, turning, you do not deliver inconvenience to a person sleeping nearby. Latex takes care of every movement of your body and provides complete independence while sleeping.

Pillows and mattresses from natural latex are produced on environmental technologies, finished products do not distinguish free radicals, toxic substances and radioactive elements into the atmosphere.

100% Phuket Latex from Thailand from 1000 Bat - Pillows, Mattresses, Prices and Reviews Phuket Guide

Lack of medical contraindications (with the exception of rare allergies to latex) makes mattresses and pillows from natural latex perfect satellites of healthy and strong sleep.

Pillows and mattresses from natural latex require minimal care. Each product has a cotton case that is easily removed and erased. Latex products, if necessary, is recommended to wash only manually in warm water no more than + 40 ° C using liquid soap, dry – avoiding direct sunlight and intimacy of heating devices.

Choosing bedding, think about: a third of life a person spends in a dream when his body rests and gaining energy for a new day. Do not save on your health, choose pillows and mattresses from natural latex!

For all questions of buying pillows and mattresses from natural latex in Thailand, delivery to Russia, cooperate by phone Victor +66 828 199 098. Or buy pillows and mattresses online by links below. Green Latex is leaders in Thailand.

Prices for pillows and blankets

Name Size in see Price in Batha
Pillow "Comfort Massage" (60 * 32 * 10) 1800
Pillow "Classic" (60 * 40 * 15) 2000
Pillow "Heart" (60 * 34 * 10) 1800
Pillow "Circuit" (60 * 35 * 10) 1800
Pillow "Wave Massage" (60 * 35 * 10) 1800
Pillow "For kids" (53 * 26 * 7) 1200
Roller (100 * 20 * 20) 2800
Pillow – toy (62 * 38 * 6) 1400
Pillow "For armchairs" 2.5 cm (45 * 45 * 2.5) 1000
Pillow "For armchairs" 5 cm (45 * 45 * 5) 1400
Natural latex blankets 6500-8750

Prices for mattresses

The size Weight in kg Price in Batha
100 * 200 * 2.5 centimeters (weight 3 kg) 7000 BAT
100 * 200 * 5 centimeters (weight 5 kg) 8500 bah
100 * 200 * 7.5 centimeters (weight 7.5 kg) 12000 BAT
100 * 200 * 10 centimeters (weight 10 kg) 20,000 baht
150 * 200 * 2.5 centimeters (weight 6.5 kg) 8000 BAT
150 * 200 * 5 centimeters (weight 11 kg) 12000 BAT
150 * 200 * 7.5 centimeters (weight 17 kg) 18750 BAT
150 * 200 * 10 centimeters (weight 22 kg) 25000 BAT
160 * 200 * 2.5 centimeters (weight 7 kg) 8750 BAT
160 * 200 * 5 centimeters (weight 12 kg) 15000 BAT
160 * 200 * 7.5 centimeters (weight 20 kg) 20,000 baht
160 * 200 * 10 centimeters (weight 25 kg) 30000 baht
180 * 200 * 2.5 centimeters (weight 5 kg) 9500 BAT
180 * 200 * 5 centimeters (weight 15 kg) 16250 BAT
180 * 200 * 7.5 centimeters (weight 25 kg) 21250 BAT
180 * 200 * 10 centimeters (weight 27 kg) 32500 BAT

Warranties and certificates

Warranty is provided for all products: for pillows 5 years, on mattresses 10 years. Each product has a warranty card that is embedded in the package. The company has attached maximum effort to enter the international market. Green Latex products are sold mainly to Asia countries and occupies a leading position.

It is worth noting that the replacement of producer products is carried out both in Thailand and official representatives in Russia. However, if the product was damaged by the buyer’s fault, the exchange and refund will be impossible. Remember that Latex products are afraid of temperatures above 40 degrees, as well as exposure to ultraviolet. You can not store and use latex next to the battery and expose machine washing, so before operating carefully read the instructions for use.

100% Phuket Latex from Thailand from 1000 Bat - Pillows, Mattresses, Prices and Reviews Phuket Guide

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