1000 and 1 night, or what has led India depressed sexuality

Perhaps the most loud crime of recent years in India, which has stolen the public and provoked a wave of demonstrations with armed police resistance, – Group rape of a 23-year-old student Jot Singh Pandi in December 2012. The crime was committed in the capital of New Delhi around 10 pm, in the bus where the girl sat down with her young man. A group of six people, including a teenager, beat both, after which the girl raped with a special cruelty. Despite the passage of intensive therapy, after 12 days she died.

January 15, 2013 Several hundred people went on a demonstration around a school in the state of Goa, where in the afternoon there was an attack on a seven-year-old girl. Liva girl, director arrested for negligence.

Also widely known case with the public activist of Bhunvari Devi, which opposed early marriages and in 1992 was raped by a group of men from her parent castes. This case was refused to consider the police by motivating the fact that "representatives of higher castes could not defile themselves with a relationship with a woman below themselves. The conflict attracted the attention of national and international media and became an iconic moment in the movement of women’s rights in India.

Nowadays, attacks come every day that do not receive and never receive publicity. Why?

Forward in the past: historical events that explain such the present

According to the law of Indian, they can vote, work, participate in the political life of the country, but still in modern Indian society have the status of people of the second grade – in the XXI century Patriarchate flourishes in the country. The gender imbalance, which began for a long time, when the boy in the family was considered a blessing, and a girl is a burden. Newborn babies left in the jungle, because in the future they would have to pay the dowry, issuing married. The boy became an assistant in the farm, and in marriage stayed with his parents.

Since then, the situation has not changed greatly – most of the country still make up poor low-developed areas. Before the right of a person, if there is no water in the village and it is necessary to extract it with great difficulty?

With the advent of ultrasound, selective abortions became a real problem. ("My Planet" has previously published an excerpt from the book "Time of genome", which tells how in different countries and cultures of the world refer to the definition of sex of the child with the help of modern genetic technologies.)

A huge number of men cannot make a family because of gender imbalance, caste prohibitions, and here also taboo on sex before marriage.

Meanwhile, life in the Indian village still stands on orthodox rules. Despite the official cancellation of caste separation, the system still holds society tightly, especially in rural areas. Representatives of higher castes – untouchables. In a very different sense of the word. And the main power "on the village" – the Council of Elders. For example, relatively recently, in 2014, in the Indian state, Western Bengal, a 20-year-old girl underwent a group rape on the orders of village elders, which condemned her for relations with a man out of marriage.

In the megalopolis, people are educated and do not keep traditions, but the inhabitants of poor regions are flown here in search of earnings and intake. The second is difficult to understand and accept the fact that a woman can walk down the street in a short skirt, talking to men, drink alcohol and t. D. And here again there is a conflict of social traditions of India and modern global trends.

How the authorities solve the problem of sexual harassment on the domestic and official level

In major Indian cities, promotions are constantly underway in support of the protection of women’s rights, most of them do not achieve anything.

Since 2013, the law has been approved in India, which is criminalized sexual harassment, voyeurism and any forms of sexual violence, and rape with death is punishable by the death penalty. But in the Criminal Code of India, cases of domestic violence are not regulated, and this is the most common problem. Perhaps one of the reasons is that marriages are too often concluded without taking into account the opinions of the marriage: by the will of the parents, the laws of the caste, as inducing traditions or a simple calculation.

According to the statistics of arrests, adolescents often act as rapists and differ in extreme cruelty, but they actually receive from criminal penalties only benefits – three years of a correctional colony (that is, life at the expense of the state) and providing a future profession for free.

1000 And 1 night, or what has led India depressed sexuality

The groups of elders in the villages used to have an unlimited power – married people at their discretion, whiten the courts, managed by property, established their rules and punishment for their violation. Legally, they lost these powers in 2011, but on the fact of change occur very slowly.

Statistics do not reflect the real picture of the case. Too often, victims of violence silent about what happened, because the probability of marrying after rape is extremely small. In addition, the victims face the unwillingness of the police to investigate such things – they are too much. What is happening so usually and does not surprise anyone that it is who is right, and who is to blame, just laziness. Cases of Participants. With the highest try not to get involved. As a result, only a quarter of appeals reaches a court decision.

I am impossible to re-educate a whole country overnight, but it is quite real to affect the younger generation. Song resolution seems to attempt to introduce sex education in schools, but they are criticized by many right parties as an unhealthy influence of the West, undermining the traditional way of life.

The government is trying to solve the problem of selective abortions of payment of small compensation in the case of the birth of a girl and the ban on the definition of the sex of the child. Abortions for testimony tests are prohibited. However, all the prohibitions, if desired, are bypassed by bribe.

Experience independent Travels in India Russian women

Ira Fofanova, traveler and artist from St. Petersburg: Personally, I travel alone is absolutely not scary, despite the fact that in life I am very trusting. Indians – people open and sociable, though, are sometimes intrusive and, of course, it repels. Safety recommendations here are simple: be modest, polite and welcoming, and then risks to buy a couple of good Indian friends.

Marina Archina, Barista from Ufa: It would seem that I didn’t really stand out in a crowd of tourists: a short short shorts, strap topics, loose hair. But for some reason, the Indian attacked my girlfriend. We drove on a scooter at 10 pm through an unlit part of the road between two settlements in the state of Goa, when this person caught up at high speed and began to be crowned to the sideline, roughly hinting that we need to stop and go with him to the forest. With fear, we left even more gas, barely reached the nearest residential point, threw a bike and hid in the courtyard of someone’s home. They sat there for an hour before you risked check if this pervert is waiting for us. After this incident, I always close my arms, legs and face when I go in the dark, but I don’t drive anywhere in the dark without guys.

Anna Kiseleva, a journalist and singer from Moscow: My practice shows that the Hindus do not understand the subordination – you are just charging with them, and they are welcome, and they regard it as a green signal to rolling closer. It strains and tires. There are, of course, educated, intelligent people (usually they are older), with which it is pleasant to communicate simply and on working issues. Much depends on time and place. It is hardly a casting manager on filming in Mumbai will behave like a rustic savage from the central state, where a white woman looks like an oak animal in a zoo. My advice is to keep a distance, be polite, follow the zone of your personal comfort, do not walk in the dark one day, not to make money, expensive things and naked parts of the body.

1000 And 1 night, or what has led India depressed sexuality

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