10th County of Paris

One of the districts that have chosen emigrants. It is located on the right bank of the Seine between the two stations Gare de L&# 8217; EST and Gare du Nord. On Gare de L&# 8217; EST (East Station) stay Trains from the Belorussian station G. Moscow. Attractions in this district are not so much, but here is Red light district" and the African market. Not the most optimal area for living in terms of calm, safety and proximity to sights. But accommodation here is quite cheap, In addition, in this district is located Many hostels.

Main attractions

Republic Square

The main decoration of the square symbolizes the freedom and independence of France. Statue of the Republic depicted in the form of a majestic woman towering on a pedestal and holding a laurel branch in a raised hand. This area played an important role in the history and culture of France.

So, in the XVIII in. she was the theater center of Paris. Here were theater Funembül (in it first appeared Piero Character) and historical theater (based A. Duma). Later in the process of reconstruction theaters were demolished. In modern France, the area serves as the main platform for meetings, demonstrations and street processions. It is said that it is on this square founder of photography. J. Dagger first captured in the man’s frame.

Church of St. Vikentia de Piazza

The temple is made in a classic style (late classicism) and amazes with its sizes and monumental appearance. Inside very beautifully decorated. Organ Hall With stunning acoustics – the pride of this temple. The large body of the temple is made by an outstanding authority master of the XIX in. A. Kavay-Kolom.

Channel San Marten

This place adore the Parisians themselves and often arrange picnics here. Especially noisy and fun on the banks of the canal in the dwelling summer evening. You can try to join this sacrificing Paris’s fun, at the same time felt the hero of the picture NS. Mane "Breakfast on the grass". By the way, the image of the channel can often be seen in the French films. For example, in the famous "Amelie".

Where to stop better

Recommended hotels are not from the cheapest, but have good feedback, Available in a convenient location and quite safe in terms of accommodation. Especially Convenient for short-term and transit visits to Paris.

Mercure Paris Terminus Nord (4 stars) ; Good hotel with spacious rooms. Located near the Northern Station (Where it is convenient to get to the airport). Art. The subway is almost 1 min walk from the hotel (directly can be reached to the city center).

Hotel Le Rocroy (3 stars) – small and cozy treshka, with spacious rooms. Located 5 minutes walk from the North Station (Convenient to get to the airport). The rooms may be noisy because of the neighborhood with the station.

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10Th County of Paris

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