11 best restaurants of the Golden Ring

We have compiled for you a selection of the 11 best restaurants in the Golden Ring. Most of them are focused on traditional Russian cuisine. The institutions are surprised not only with delicious dishes, but also a unique atmosphere, beautiful views of historical objects.

The concept of "Golden Ring" has arisen in Soviet times: art historian Yury Bychkov in 1967 drove through the most beautiful old Russian cities. His route closed, forming a ring. So Born the romantic image of the Golden Ring of Russia.

On this route, many monuments of Starina, you can combine cognitive holidays with gastronomic joys and discoveries.

"Varnet NO9" in Sergiev Posad

After examining the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra, go to a small cozy cafe "Varnynichny NO9". His interior will remind the Soviet past: the walls are decorated with agitplacates, the mini-library lie old editions.

Be sure to try the corporate dish – dumplings with a variety of fillings or dumplings. On the first order a borsch or brideller. Tea here served in faceted glasses. Portions generous. In the cafe cozy, satisfying, mentally. In the midst of the tourist season, it is not easy to find a free table.

Address: Sergiev Posad, ul. Karl Marx, 7

Telephone: +7 965 373-27-32

Prices: roast pork with prunes ; 340 rubles, herring salad with apple ; 210 rubles.

Restaurant of Russian cuisine "Guest Izba" in Sergiev Posad

This restaurant is located next to the Trinity-Sergiye Lavra, in the heart of the tourist flow – on Krasnogorsk Square. It is called a museum restaurant, and this is no accident: it works in a historic building of wine cellars.

Here you are headed into the world of traditional Russian life.

The interior is decorated in the style of Russian restaurants of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Costumes of waiters, Fash paintings and Furniture made of wood are made according to the exhibits from the Sergiev Posad Museum-Reserve. Self in one of the two firewalls or, if the weather allows, on the summer veranda.

Local chefs use vegetables and dairy products from monastic economy. In the menu – the original Russian food, and many dishes are called the same way as hundreds of years ago.

Order duck cali (pickle), Barany Huhu (Boujon Bouralions) or Double River Fish Eh. Try the corporate dish – Pelmeni handheld modeling "Sergiev Canon". Put it can be brusal water or mors. Raise the morale tincture: Pepping, Krenovukha, Anisimovka.

Address: Sergiev Posad, pharmaceutical lane, 2

Telephone: +7-496-5414343

Prices: The keeper beef with mustard and horseradish – 260 rubles, couch duck with urinary plum – 350 rubles, a pair of scary pies (with meat and fish) – 160 USD

Restaurant "Alyosha Popovich" in Rostov

In Rostov, first of all, you need to visit the Rostov Kremlin, and from there to go to the restaurant "Alyosha Popovich" (it is at a distance of 200 meters). Waiters will surround you care and attention. Make yourself at home! The situation is very cozy, in the style of Russian hut.

Menu simple dishes of Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisine: praise, noodles soup, dumplings, roast. Try the pike cutlets and the unusual interpretation of the dumplings – here they are served baked in omelet. Even in the post of cook ready to please something delicious. Prices are very attractive. But remember that the cafe is located in the center, so it is not always possible to find a free table.

Address: Rostov Great, Street Karl Marx, 1

Telephone: +7 485 3661500

Prices: Aleshkin-Raf (corporate effect based on coffee) – 160 rubles, root with oysteries in a pan – 90 rubles, dumplings with potatoes and pickled thickens – 70 rubles.

Restaurant "Beehive" in Suzdal

The interior of the restaurant "Beehive" I want to consider a long time: it is decorated with a honey with honey, funny lamps in the form of bees. The most beautiful historical locations – the Suzdal Kremlin, the Church of Mikhail Archangel, the Museum of Wooden Architecture – just being nearby.

Rady dishes of Russian cuisine make up the basis of the menu.

Purchase to the culture of the ancestors, trying porridge from the shelf, a real double ear, rustic fetus tinctures and roots, pickles, pickled rowan. Nothing will warm you like that roast in a pot.

The restaurant is so popular that the table must be ordered in advance.

Address: Suzdal, Ul. Lenina, 45

Telephone: +7 49231 2-09-01

Restaurant "Cucumber" in Suzdal

The establishment is near the Savior-Eviefmy Monastery, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The old saying "The Suzdal residents of the garden – all year round" have developed due to the fact that residents of the city have long been passionate about the cultivation and preservation of vegetables.

In the city, there are preserved, for example, 100 recipes of sings of cucumbers, and the chef of the restaurant cooks several types of cucumber jam. Try them in a restaurant or take with you in branded packaging – you will then treat friends. Sculpt the pinch cutlets on the biscuit crust and chicken-root in Kuragi sauce. All dishes are prepared from local farm products, partly – from those are grown on the garden of their own farms "Suzdal Garden".

Address: Suzdal, Ul. Lenina, D.121

Telephone: 8 (49231) 20-2-20

Prices: Pelmeni with salmon and sulfur – 390 rubles, ear Suzdal with Khrenovukha – 450 rub, Cider cherry – 210 USD

Restaurant "Panorama" in Vladimir

The restaurant is located in the hotel of the same name, 300 meters from the Museum Complex "Chambers" and 700 meters from the Christmas Monastery. This is a big wooden house with several floors. From the balcony overlooking the understanding of the Klyazma River. Want to come here for a romantic date, or maybe at a party with friends? You will like it anyway.

Order salad with pickled chicken fillet, cashew nuts and blanched asparagus, chicken fillet "Don storm" or chicken fillet grill in a nut sauce with coconut milk. The restaurant combines welcoming hospitality, interior in the spirit of Russian aristocracy and the European level of service.

Address: Vladimir, B. Moscow, 44b

Telephone: +7 (4922) 46-47-46

Prices: Salad with chicken liver, caramelized pear and orange – 660 rubles, gentle fillet steridi with sauce and potatoes "Pushkin" – 110 rubles, chocolate fondan – 260 rubles.

Beer Restaurant Blackwood in Vladimir

Here all sincere and present: Russian hospitality, exotic details of the interior, brought from different parts of the world. Pride of the restaurant – dishes of hunting kitchen, menu with river fish, many varieties of beer from their own brewery.

Be sure to order beer – it is brewed from high-quality European raw materials by antique recipes, as well as author dumplings with reindeer cutting and cherry flour, dishes from Siberian Omul and Muksun.

Address: Vladimir, Ul. B.Nizhny Novgorod, D.eleven

Telephone:+7 4922 32-37-77

Prices: Author’s Salad "Indigirika" with a cut-in reindeer and white weselves – 580 rubles, Triple Wheat El (0.75 l) – 300 rubles, apple semi-dry cider (0.75 l) – 280 USD

Restaurant "Penate" in Yaroslavl

11 Best restaurants of the Golden Ring

Located a 5-minute walk from Red Square, close to River Station. It will be a good completion walk through the Volga Embankment. The nearest stops of trolleybus – "Red Square" and "Mountain Cinema".

The restaurant occupies the building of the 18th century. Due to the interior with carved wooden furniture and is too artistic feeding of dishes, it may seem pathetic.

The first ten years of its existence it was a closed club. Since 2009. He became publicly available, but with the spirit of the former elitism.

Order tartar here, buns with anchus and garlic butter and honey. You can try ice cream with something exotic (for example, lobster), but it’s an amateur.

The restaurant menu is a reflection of the tops of the chef Oleg Molotov on a modern kitchen and a restaurant business. He believes that traditional dishes can be found anywhere, and the restaurant needs to go for new tastes.

To understand the tastes of this restaurant. Order a tasting set – the main dishes in reduced portions.

Table in "Penats" it is advisable to book in advance. There are no very many places, and this is Restaurant No. 1 in all Ratings on Yaroslavl. Get ready to wait for your order, long-feeding dishes – a sign that food is prepared specifically for you.

Address: Yaroslavl, Soviet ul., 28

Telephone: +7 4852 721 353

Prices: Lobster ice cream – 380 rub, tartar from lamb – 420 rubles, Medovik – 280 USD

Coffee Shop "Horns and hooves" in Yaroslavl

In the historic center of the city, on the Epiphany Square, the famous "Horn and hooves" coffee house works. Interior – in the spirit of movies about the Osta Bender. Coffee shop is famous for the freshest desserts from the highest quality products. Confectioners here do not use artificial additives.

Big pride of the institution – great fragrant coffee. There is even a coffee soup in the menu. There is an impressive assortment of pancakes, delicious dishes on business lunch, as well as branded vitamin teas in "shaggy" cups. To eat truly satisfy, order cream beefrogans on a potato pillow and French cake "Kish-Loren" with salmon and broccoli.

Address: Yaroslavl, ul. Pervomayskaya, 59/40

Telephone: +7 4852 30-73-91

Prices: Coffee soup with vegetables, fried bacon and philadelphia cheese – 165 rub, Cefenener with "Riga Balm" – 155 rubles, vitamin tea (200 ml) – 130 rubles.

Cafe "Montpanne" in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Cozy urban cafe find it easy: it is two steps from Red Square and Savior Transfiguration Cathedral. The interior is romantic and no complaints: cozy plaids, many old books, candles with glass wax in candlesticks. Summer sit on the veranda with a beautiful view of the city.

Here you will feel like a guest at the grandmother, which feeds homemade buoyanic, weld ear, tomressed potatoes with meat, chicken grooves and moves mint tea.

It is worth trying pancakes with stunning fillings, such as white mushrooms and smoked ducks. You can order branded desserts, for example, jam from the gooseberry and candy "Montpanne".

Address: Pereslavl-Zalessky, ul.Sovetskaya, 10

Telephone: +7 (903) 820-20-98

Prices: Middle account 1500 USD

Restaurant "Pie&Borsch "in Pereslavl-Zalessky

The interior in the style of Russian hut is decorated with woven panels and decorative ceramic tiles. In the fast food restaurant "Pie&Borsch "There are business lunches, coffee with me, dishes of Russian cuisine.

Certainly try delicious dumplings, pancakes, datarants and couch. They will be sent quickly, and you, rebuilding, go back to walk along the streets of the old town.

11 Best restaurants of the Golden Ring

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