11 interesting bars in Sochi and Adler

We have chosen the most popular and interesting bars and restaurants in Big Sochi.

Sochi bars on the map

Bar refueling from show on knives

Bar is located near the central district of Sochi. Also known as Bar Sosikon.

A 20-minute walk from the bar is Korchagkin Square, a walk on it will be an excellent end of the evening. Nearest Trolleybus Stops Makarova and Forest.

Bar refueling participated in the project of the TV channel "Friday" ; Show "On the knives" with Konstantin Ivlev. The owner and the chief had disagreements about the name of the bar, the bar was supposed to be called "Sosikon", but the owner was able to beat off his former name. At the moment, the whole concept of Ivlev, but refilling, still works as a sports bar and takes local residents and tourists.

The situation is very homely, and the dishes are served beautifully decorated. The menu is small, which corresponds to the format of the institution: beer snacks, dishes on the Mangal and Pizza. Prices are not high, but the food is very tasty, also praise hookah with various delicious.

  • Address: G. Sochi ul. Makarenko 30 A
  • Telephone: 8 (989) 808-39-59
  • Prices: Pizza "4 Cheese" costs 380 rubles, glass of juice 90 rubles, Caesar salad 320 p.
  • Instagram: https: // www.Instagram.com / zapravkasochi

Rock and Role Bar "Triangle"

The institution is valued by lovers of rock music, has existed since 1995.

Triangle bar in Sochi / Photo from the official site

Rock-n-rollean bar "Triangle" in Sochi is located in the center of the microdistrict Adler, not far from the sea (in 5 blocks) and from the Mzmitt River.(in 2 quarters). Not far from the bar is a monument to Lenin, TRC "City Plaza", the famous Central Adler market.

Bar is known to any resident of the city. Popular rock stars are held here. King and Jester group arrived, "AC-DC",COMMA, Club DJ, Rock gang "Ka-50.

This is a mental place for the fans of rock and role theme, here they feel at home. Institution is not a bright cheerful bar, there is a languid atmosphere with backlights. It gives a bar of charm and originality.

It recently reconstructed, a new concert hall appeared with a scene, good sound and lighting.Oh is achieved thanks to new musical equipment.

Concerts show concerts in Bar on the Broad Screen. Cafe has repeatedly made popular rock bands from all over Russia, from countries of neighboring countries and legendary foreign rock stars. Accompanied by the rock and role situation in the bar plays a harsh music, but it is selected strictly according to a given bar. All novelties of rock and role movement, all the most "tasty" in terms of music and food is here. Every day there are new groups and performers.

The rock bar feed you at any time of the day. From 12 to 16 hours on orders is valid 25% ; discount. Pizza – Business card "Triangle".

There is a wide range of fish and seafood dishes.

  • Address: ul. Kirov, 56 Sochi (Adler)
  • Telephone: 8 862 240-37-83, 8 988 233-78-10
  • Prices: Little pizza costs 290 USD, Big 580 rubles.
  • Site:https: // Treugolnik.Club

Bar Cocos in the center

Bar is located in the very center of Sochi near the Komsomol Park.

Bar Cocos / Photo from the official site

This is a place that unambiguously should visit lovers of good music. The club is played by DJ daily, and there are performances of modern performers on weekends.

Outside the guest building meets a bright luminous signboard ; Cocos Bar ;. The interior of the nightclub itself is made in warm colors with an addition in the form of neon backlights. In the institution there are 3 VIP rooms for business meetings, karaoke and recreation.

One of the main features of the bar ; Large selection of cocktails. The menu has both exotic ; Chacha Panch ;, ; Request forest ;, ; Kindza Dza ; and classic ; Cosmopolitan ; and ; Bloody Mary ;.

Kitchen B ; Cocos ; ; Combination of European and Japanese dishes.

Here are preparing good rolls, tapas and burghers in Sochi. If you want something sweet, keep in mind: after midnight, desserts are not served.

There are not many places in the club, so the table should be booked in advance. The entrance has faces control, and the staff is monitored inside. This is a guarantee of a safe and comfortable stay.

  • Address: G. Sochi, ul. Vorovsky, 3
  • Telephone: 7 (988) 406 37 68 and 8 (862) 264 41 54
  • Prices: Risotto with seafood ; 490 r, roll ; Philadelphia ; ; 350 r, cocktail ; white Russian ; ; 390 R.
  • Site:https: // Cocos-Bar.Com

A restaurant ; Bar Fain Feld ; With German Hedgehog

Located near the beach and the Summer Theater. The nearest stop of Frunze Park.

The place is great for completing the day in the company of friends. You will conquer his cozy hall and summer veranda with access to the park to the fountain. The interior prevails a dark tree and leather upholstery ; In the best traditions of German brewing.

The restaurant serves German and European dishes. The menu is composed with a fraction of humor, it will make you smile.

Be sure to order grilled vegetables and branded beer. In addition to beer, hot dishes and snacks can be tried and coffee with desserts .Also in the institution there are plasma TVs with sports broadcasts.

  • Address: Sochi, Chernomorskaya ul., eleven
  • Telephone: +7 862 262-26-06, +7 928 447-02-08
  • Prices: Beer on tap ; 130 p, Bavarian salad 300 p, cheesecake ; 260 R.
  • Instagram:https: // www.Instagram.com / fainfeld_brewery

Family Restaurant GRILL&# 8217; Age

Family Restaurant with the original French name GRILL&# 8217; Age is located in the most crowded location of the city of Sochi, on the central coast, before the cruise harbor.

Nearby embankment and seaport.

Restaurant Grill / Photo from the official site

The restaurant is located in a park area in a two-story building with panoramic windows. Comfort and coziness of the family recreation area give soft sofas with pillows in light colors.

For children there is a reserved corner with children’s toys. An animator can work with children. The warm atmosphere is complemented by nice music, photos for photos, the newest karaoke system. Players of the institution periodically introduce interesting ideas in the interior, try to cook new dishes, carefully pick up working personnel.

The restaurant attended some celebrities: and. Vernik, Valeria, and. Buinov and many others.

Here you can order original pizza, seafood dishes, desserts for sweet tooths (own production candy). Tender baked trout, Japanese and Georgian dishes, non-alcoholic mulled wine, tea from a sea buckthorn with graphrut-hangs it in the restaurant menu.

Restaurant works around the clock. Suitable for business dinners, closed parties and corporate parties.

  • Address: ul. Navaginskaya 3/4a, Sochi 354000, Russia
  • Telephone: +7 988 235-77-65
  • Prices: The average set of family dinner on 3 people will cost 3000-4000 rubles.
  • 11 Interesting bars in Sochi and Adler
  • Site:https: // grilled-sochi.RU /

Corks Wine Restaurant

Restaurant CORKS WINE BAR & Kitchen is located in the same building with the public employment center, a 10-minute walk from the Komsomol Park. The establishment is located close to the stops "TC Melody" and Sberbank.

Corx / photo restaurant from the official site

Distinctive feature of a restaurant – a huge selection of wine products.

They have a very beautiful view from the window to the city. The interior is simple, but lamp and interesting, nothing superfluous, the hall is decorated in a modern style.

Order steak, mushroom risotto, and of course wine. It is worth trying some exotic dishes, for example, tantaca tuna or avocado with a shrimp mousse.

Each dish is thought out so that it combines with the taste of wine and complemented it. Food in this place is delicious, atmosphere ; Cozy and pleasant.

  • Address: Navaginskaya, 7/3
  • Telephone: +7 900 252-10-77
  • Prices: Grilled Sybas – 840 R., Steak Shutubin – 950 R., Tiramisu – 420 p.
  • Site:Corksbar.Ru

Bar Bestuzhev with terrace

Bar is located in close to the maritime station and its square.

Bar bar / photo from the VK group

Around many monuments: "Peter first", "Alexander II" "Tigro with birds" and "The heroes of the diamond hand". After walking Skater and Selfie against the background of the monuments, you can have a snack in the Bestuzhev bar, and then stroll to the embankment and sit in the Rotunda, admiring the setting sun.

The nearest public transport stop is the seaport.

Bar offers two relaxation formats: Dance Bar and Summer Terrace.

Incendral parties are constantly in the bar: Go-Go Show, Bar-Girls Show, Perfomans Show. On the summer terrace, connoisseurs of a calm atmosphere, with a beer circle and a piece of something meat and appetizing smelling.

Be sure to try here "Treel on the grill" and Mulled wine. They will become an excellent addition for a quiet evening with the panorama of the Black Sea.

Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020: prices, tourists, restrictions
  • Address: Adler ul. Bestumev, 1/1 shopping center ; Mandarin ; (2nd floor)
  • Telephone: +7 (938) 468-62-68
  • Prices: Grilled trout – 590 p., Mulled wine – 350 r, Latte coffee – 180 p.
  • Group in VK:https: // vk.com / bestuzhevbar

Nightclub Oil in Rosa farm

Located at the popular resort Rosa Khutor, on the embankment of the Mzimita River.

Entrance to the Night Cloud of Oil / Photo Kudago.Com

To the nearest beach 15 minutes walk, as well as to the park ; Southern Cultures ;. Nearest bus stop – Olympic village (30 minutes walk) or bus – Rosa Khutor (2-3 minutes walk).

The three-storey building of the club of impressive sizes, the impression that everyone holidaymakers in Sochi can fit here. Everything is made in dark and brown shades, tables in the form of oil barrels are set inside the building.

Inside there is everything for entertainment – dance floor, karaoke zone, bar, with separate entrances, it allows you to relax in different directions or combine entertainment.

Cook Jeanne Ashner is responsible for the kitchen and comes up with copyright dishes. If you want to simply eat, then in the restaurant it is better to order a chicken soup or choose a variety of potatoes and meat, including steaks. Among the drinking – copyright cocktails and beer of our own production.

Cook here for a long time and have to wait. But no frozen food. Prepare specifically for you.

Every Friday and Saturday, famous DJs or musicians are invited here, this is a great opportunity to hear or see celebrities. In the club there are always interesting shows and programs, but to choose something interesting or hot, it is better to follow the billboard. The establishment is young enough, it works since December 2017.

It is best to go to rest with your company, one may seem boring. It is also necessary to be ready to pass face control before the disco and pay a deposit. On average check incoming at least 3000 rubles.

  • Address: G. Sochi, Esto-Sadok, ul. Lavender Quay, 6
  • Telephone: +7 (800) 234-34-54
  • Prices: Long Island ; 1100 rubles., lemonade ; 260 R.

Bar art with picture gallery

Sochi saturated city, but, no matter how cool, and all the most interesting happens in "artistic".

Bar Art / Photo from the official site

On foot to find it is not difficult ; Seven minutes from the maritime station, in an old building, former first art galleries. The nearest public transport stop is "Moscow Hotel".

Find out the bar simply ; for large stained glass windows over wide steps. You will find live music, a variety of cocktails, uncountable number of paintings and atmosphere of creativity. At the original bar rack there is no less original bartender – cocktails master.

Twice a year, Kryuku updates the exposition of paintings in the hall, and the bartender cocktail card. Every Friday and Saturday guests are surprised by new singers, show program and fresh DJ sets.

The creative process of cooking dishes is headed by a chef Nikita Prikhodko. For him, serve each dish is a small holiday. Although the institution is considered a cocktail bar, the kitchen is not inferior to the restaurant.

Everything is preparing here and now, promptly and coordinated. Wait – it’s worth it.

  • Address: Sochi, resort avenue, 29, daily from 17 to 03:00
  • Telephone: +7 (995) 123-09-55
  • Prices: Cocktail "Gulliver" (7 components) – 490 p.; Dried ham Mattlella with jam from figs – 420 p.; Mussels under the sauce of Anchovs with herbs and beer or with a creamy gorgonzole sauce – 590 p.
  • Site:http: // hudojestvenniy.Ru

Oyster restaurant Cachelot

Restaurant with aristocratic cuisine in french style.

Cachelot Bar / Photo from the official site

Located near the sea, Stop theater, in the central part of the city.

This is an oyster bar, with a maritime subject in the interior. Here is a whole country of Maison. Exotic menu and marine theme is a restaurant business card. Meat oysters is very helpful, dishes of them appreciate gourmets. Tableware in the bar, set up topics, all in the white and blue gamma. Cooks Restaurant Prepare food in your eyes (called Show Kichen). For a spectacular spectacle, alcoholic beverages are poured into the cooked dish and ignite.

In "Casholl", excellent light food and a good selection of wines. At prices the bar is not cheap, exotic requires payback.

The table is better to booke early, t.To. Many wishes.

Oysters baked under cheese, corona dish "Cashollot". Order – you will not regret.

  • Address: Sochi, ul. Ordzhonikidze, 24 K1
  • Telephone: +7 4852 721 353
  • Prices: Middle check 1500-2500 USD Prices for oysters from 80 rubles. a piece.
  • Site:http: // kashalotbar.Ru

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