11 most beautiful tea plantations in the world

Everyone has their favorite tea variety. This devilish strong, with intense amber color and characteristic aroma. Or gentle, green, with a sweet hint of jasmine. Aromatic Bergamot? With lemon? Or maybe with milk? All teas are made of leaves of the same plants. Black, green, white or red tea is only a view of drying or fermentation method. The only question is where to collect leaves. We are talking about Caellia Sinensism or not scientific language tea bush. Tea plantations always attract the gaze of the tourist and are the most beautiful places in the world.

Tea, one of the most consumed drinks in the world, grown in about 40 countries &# 8211; Basically between the tropical of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. Wet and hot climate in combination with fertile soil – this is a recipe for lush fields of green tea. Such fields give the best harvest and at the same time plead to the eyes (and taste). It is so exciting and informative for travelers.

Visiting tea plantation – an unforgettable impression not only for the biggest fans of this useful infusion. To obtain such an unforgettable experience, you need to schedule a trip in advance. Here is a subjective list of the 11 most beautiful plantations of the globe. The order is random, as it is difficult to decide which one is the most exciting.

Darjeeling – India.

Darjeeling name is known to almost every amateur tea. And not in vain! It is here, in the north-west of India, one of the best teas in the world. Moreover, Earth around plantations covered with trees, What makes it ideal for long relaxing walks. In the immediate vicinity of the plantation, it is also easy to find atmospheric housing – of course, overlooking the green hills and the ability to try various varieties of tea Darjeeling.

Kerala – India.

Speaking about India, it is worth mentioning Cultious tea Assam. Tea has a dark color, strong and slightly tart taste (contains many tanning substances). Perfectly combined with milk – both in British and Indian style, in the form of Masala tea. Where to try tea and admire the magnificent, fabulously green fields? You can go to Kerala – one of the southwest states of the country. Exciting views are waiting around the city of Munnar. It is recommended to go here not only because of the wonderful tea plantations!

Lipton Sit and Tea Hills between Ella and Haputle – Sri Lanka.

Lipton tea in the presentation does not need. This is the most recognizable brand in the world. The name of tea comes from Sir Thomas Lipton’s surname, which made Sri Lanka tea powder. Thomas Lipton One of the first created here the plantation of tea bushes, which quickly took root in the Sri Lanka environment. To this day, Ceylon tea is considered one of the best in the world. Gathering in Sri Lanka, be sure to walk along the trail of the lead between Lipton&# 8217; S Seat and Dambetenna Tea Factory &# 8211; perfect place for trekking!

During his stay on Ceylon, it is impossible not to mention the place, located on the picturesque railway track – From Ella to Haputle. Here, people admire the dislike of tea hills. Independent view!

Cameron Highlands – Malaysia.

Cameron Hills is located 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. This is definitely worth going and look at the stunning types of gentle hills overgrown with tea bushes. Being here, it is also worth going to the mossy forest. Unusual plants, many types of flora and fauna will surprise your imagination. A warning! To get into good time, The trip is better to plan in the "working day". Malaya themselves love to travel through the Cameron Highlands, so on holidays here can be very crowded!

Waterproofs – Japan.

Japanese tea plantations are located north than everyone else and fall into the list of the most cool places in the world. What is interesting, despite the fact that they produce 100 thousand. tons of dried tea per year, There are no huge industrial plantations. Japanese, like the Chinese, love tradition. Growing and collecting tea for them – a real ritual.

The overwhelming majority of tea produced here – green, first of all it is the famous match match? Plantations are usually located near water sources and not in other countries, that is, on steep slopes, and at the foot of the mountains. Manufacturers take care not only about bushes and harvest assembly, but also about the preliminary processing of the collected leaves.

If you want to see how the most beautiful places where this plant grows, go to Kyoto Prefecture. The city itself is also charming – especially in the period of Khana (Sakura flowering) in spring and in the autumn landscape.

The Valley of the Yangtze River – China.

Do you know that Chinese tea has up to 18% of world exports, And in the country there are 1.5 million hectares of plantations of this characteristic plant? Basically, they are common in the southeastern part of the country, where the climate is favorable. It is believed that tea came to us from China, as there already drank him for thousands of years. Interestingly, in antiquity it was considered a medicine. In the Middle Kingdom often say that the best tea is the one that grows high in the mountains. Indeed, many plantations in China Located above 2400 m. Above sea level, picturesque landscapes can be seen, for example, in the city of Guilin. Be sure to go to Yunnan’s province, there are more than a million tea bushes there, one of the oldest in China!

Java -indoneesia.

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee makers in the world and tea too! The best tea grows on Fourth largest island of Indonesia – Java. It is there, in a cool highlands in the north of the island, you are waiting for wonderful pictorial tea fields. Especially beautiful plantations can be found around Bandung. Their endless greens – one of the reasons why you should come here Only in the rainy season. And if you want to try a local infusion, try green tea with jasmine, served cold – usually with a piece of ice and a lot of sugar. It is definitely better than cold tea in the store. You must try it! It is also worth visiting plantations in the vicinity of Ciwidey and Ciater.

Chiang Rai – Thailand.

11 Most beautiful tea plantations in the world

In Thailand relatively recently There is a tea culture. Every traveler who visited the country of smiles, probably knows the firmly brewed sweet tea of ​​red, flooded with ice and sweet milk or lime juice, which is sold on the rod trucks on any corner of the street. In addition to Tea Yen, in Thailand produced High-quality black teas Assam and Oolong. To visit the magnificent green hills, it is best to go to the north of the province of Chiangray, to the Mountain Area of ​​Mae Salong, on the border with Burma. Here are ideal weather conditions for growing green shrubs. Magnificent view of wide hills, beautiful mountain landscape and perfectly welded tea guaranteed!

Do you know that tea fields in the country of smiles were one of the royal jewelry? The king decided to plant tea bushes at the place where the opium earlier! It was one of the ways he decided to fight with the cultivation of opium and trade in them in the country and, therefore, provided the local population an alternative way to earn.

Riza – Turkey.

Turkey is also one of those countries where tea. Saturated black, leaf, cooked in special teapots (bunk – first dried heated without adding water, and then brewed with boiling water) and fed in the characteristic glasses in the form of tulips. Mandatory with two cubes of sugar that need to mix, loudly knocking a teaspoon about the edge of a glass. This is the taste that cannot be compared with any other!

What is the secret of Turkish tea? It is grown In the city called Riza in northeast of Turkey. Right on the Black Sea. This is a rather wet, rainy and warm region of the country, which creates ideal conditions for growing tea. Very picturesque look Steep hills. And although this is one of the less visited by tourists from the West of the places, it is worth seeing. You can get here by Georgia from the city of Batumi.

Kericho – Kenya.

Although tea is mainly associated with Asia, it is also grown in Africa. And this is the very drink of Roibush. In search of his plantation it is worth going, for example, in Kenya. The most beautiful of them are in Rift valley in the west of the country, or rather in the area of ​​Kericho. Another tea field that is worth adding to your list to visit. In Africa, it is also worth looking for beautiful plantations in Western Uganda.

Waikato – New Zealand

Tea in new zealand? Oddly enough, it was here that a unique plant arrived. Tea fields are in the northern part of the island. Here do One of the best ulunov in the world. Plantation is located on the outskirts of the city of Hamilton. This is one of those places that must be visited during your stay in this amazing country.

On this The list of tea plantations does not end. Another plantation deserving attention is in Europe. We are talking about the Portuguese Azores.

Of course the list can be continued Infinitely long. In search of green fields, it is also worth going, for example, to the Northern or Central Vietnam (around Hanoi and Province Lam Dong), Burma, Taiwan or other regions of China, India (for example, Assam, Tamil Nandu, Carnataka), Japan and Indonesia (for example, Northern Sumatra or Bali). Perhaps this list will serve Excellent idea For the route in the nearest or in the distant future?

11 Most beautiful tea plantations in the world

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