12 questions about Turkey

For Russians, Turkey is the main overseas tourist destination. According to the results of 2019, Turkish resorts took 7 million of our tourists. However, even for more than once, the country remains here, the country remains mysterious, much here it is incomprehensible. In this article we collected 12 of Turkey’s most demanded tourists.

Whether the Turks Muslim?

Not at all. Despite the fact that 90% of the inhabitants of Turkey are confessing Islam, he is not a state religion. However, like any other. For almost a hundred years (since 1928), Turkey is a secular state.

Turks worship Islam, but religious canons are not so responsible as other Muslims. So, instead of five namaz (prayers) they can afford only two per day. And the use of low alcohol drinks is not condemned in society.

In fact, only two significant traditions are strictly preserved: circumcision of boys and a ban on pork.

Special situation formed with hijab. It is not only optional, but until recently it was banned in public institutions, schools and universities. Woman in Hijab could not appear in the army, for example, on the oath of his son. The ban was removed just a few years ago. However, many Turkans still prefer European clothing style.

As for women, there are in Turkey and other liberty, unthinkable for Muslim countries. Prostitution was legalized here. In the country more than 150 thousand official "priestesses of love", they pay taxes, and quite recently demanded the reform of the law on pension. To engage in such ambiguous activities, you need to get a license and once a week to pass a physical.

Is there a shark in Turkey?

If short: yes. Are they dangerous for tourists? No. First, these predatory fish are rare guests from the Turkish banks. Secondly, the country’s authorities are making safety measures. Theoretically, the likelihood of meeting with a sea predator on one of the Turkish resorts exists, but in fact it comes down to zero.

Of the four seas, the walkers of Turkey, the most accurate – black and marble. In black there are two types – cats and katra. But they do not exceed two meters and do not attack people – Terrier and Pinscher in the world of sharks. In the marble, these marine predators do not dwell, it can only be "passing", carried away by hunting for petty fish.

In the Aegean Sea there are several varieties, they are not interested in people. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that gray-blue sharks at a certain season appear in the Gekove Bay (near Marmaris), but they do not attack people.

The richest shark from the Turkish seas – Mediterranean. It dwells about forty species. However, they are not lovers of Turkish resorts and appear extremely rare here.

However, now in the Mediterranean Sea dwells other types of marine animals, which, although they do not have sharp teeth, can be sturned, bite, prick. Many poisonous and dangerous species moved in the Mediterranean from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal. Details about them and sharks Read in our large article "Sharks and poisonous marine animals in Turkey".

That behind the pretty man everywhere on portraits, and even everywhere the monuments are standing?

Meet – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. And he really can argue with Lenin in the USSR in terms of the number of monuments per square meter. Politician, reformer, military and just a cult person in Turkey. His photo is near, click on the photo to enlarge.

Mustafa was born in 1880 in Thessaloniki (Greece). Ataturk, T.E. "Father Turks" became much later. He is actively (and successful) participated in several major warriors: Balkan, with Italy, the First World War. Thanks to the obvious leadership talent and courage, the first world war, Kemal, completed the rank of general.

When the Ottoman Empire has capitulated, it was Mustafa who did not give to ruin the country and remove it "in pieces". In 1920, he convened parliament, where he was elected head of government. Three years later, the state received the name of the Turkish Republic. President became, of course, Kemal. On this post, he re-elected three times.

Under the leadership of Mustafa, the Turks won some more significant victories. Not without the help of the USSR, but on this cooperation of the two countries ceased – Kemal did not see Turkey the Communist State. He took the course for Europeization. As a result, Turkey has changed dramatically.

What did a great politician for this and how his most famous order sounds, learn from our article "10 of the most famous Turks".

What amulets with eyes hang everywhere in Turkey?

"Turkish eye" is not just a very popular souvenir from Turkey, and an important amulet. Called "Nazar" or "Munchik". He protects against any of the unclean and her jokes – the evil eye, damage and the like. As he looks, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

Motherland of this charm is ancient Greece, he got into Turkey. However, the Turks themselves have several legends associated with the advent of Nazara.

By the way, if a mystical attack was undertaken against you, and Nazar defended – he splits or disappears. Therefore, the owner of the "Eyes" is very rejoicing when the amulet disappears, because he believes that he escaped the great misfortune. Moreover, each decent Turk has several Nazarov. And for greater reliability, not only herself, but also cars, pets, doors and even office tables. Does not do without them and the New Year tree.

If for any reason you have no amulet, it will be able to protect and a simple image of the eye. True, it is considered less effective. And the greatest force possesses the eye-charm, manufactured independently.

As for souvenirs, it is really one of the most popular presents from Turkey. About others Read our article "What to bring from Turkey".

What are the letters with two points on top or snaps from below?

These points and swirls – diacritical signs. They indicate that the letter at which it is worth reading a little differently than without them.

Letter "&# 231; " Sounds approximately as Russian "h", but harder. It is without a diacritical sign indicates the sound similar to "J", only in a very soft.

Symbol "&# 287; " Sobless. Earlier on the sound, he most likely resembled Ukrainian "g". But now a maximum of easy breathing is expressed. If &# 287; stands between vowels, then just disappears. If between a vowel and consonant, then the previous vowel is doubled during pronunciation, it sounds longer,.

Symbol "&# 246; " has an analogue in french. Two points point to mitigation about – it sounds approximately as "ё", but softer, without the initial "th".

With a symbol "&# 252; " Similar situation. Sounds like Russian "Yu", but without the initial hard "th".

Letter "&# 351; " Many are read as "sh", but it is pronounced softer, rather as "Shch".

In addition, in Turkish there is a difference between i with a point and without. With a point, it gives the sound similar to our "and". Without – "s", but more voluminous, rear.

Diacritic signs – the only secret of reading Turkish words. In this language, the letter is equal to one sound, so reading in Turkish is quite simple. What do not tell about the translation.

Why are they in transport call each other fools?

On fools are not offended, and in Turkish dolmoshah, especially. Translated into Russian "Fool" means "stop". So the driver does not swear, but simply declares the stop, and the passengers are asked to stop at the nearest.

This is not the only curious case in Turkish-Russian translation. And "Ham" – by no means swearing. Word means "immature" or "raw". For example, it can be used when trading on the market as an argument to reduce the price of fruits or vegetables.

On the "Bardak" offended too. Turkish is a glass in which tea is traditionally served. At the same time remember the word "tobacco". Even if you do not smoke, it will come in handy, means in Turkey a plate. Therefore, get used to ordering tea checkered tea with lemon and tobacco salad.

But "Bayan" is a lady. You will see the corresponding sign on the women’s toilet. At the same time, the word "lady" is translated as "checkers".

And finally: "I’m lying" – not at all voluntary recognition. So it sounds in the Turkish word "child". Often "Jaw" called young animals.

What is the panel on the roofs of all houses in Turkey? This is solar batteries?

No, these are water heaters. They would be completely useless in Central Russia, but are a very profitable device for Turkey. Water heats the sun.

There is no central heating and hot water supply in Turkey. This issue every family is independent. Exit, in fact, two. The first – use electricity and receive no humane electricity bills. Second – tame the sun.

Solar water system is a metal plate covered with black matte paint. Due to this, the surface absorbs the sun rays and the panel heats up. Next, the heat is transmitted to Baku, with which the black plate is connected. Water in it is also heated. This is only a schematic explanation, the system has many technical nuances, but the fact remains: the black panels on the roofs heat the water. What it looks like, look at the photo above, click on the photo to enlarge.

Temperature is always different. In summer, especially in hot noon, the water is very hot, and in winter it can be barely warm. Therefore, for the safety net, the house needs an electric boiler.

There is a panel of about 500 dollars. Fully budget price for hot water for the next two decades (system life).

During the excursion, I was brought to the carpet factory, wine, leather, some onyks, clothes, souvenirs, gold (needed to emphasize). It should be?

Such practice exists in other tourist countries, but in Turkey she has acquired a catastrophic scale. Claws – a mandatory bonus to the magnificent Turkish sightseeing. Start standing from the most important thing: do not buy anything in these stores, and you will be happy.

Turkey – an interesting ancient country, a lot of sightseeing programs. And they all include visiting commercial enterprises. Perhaps only in the water parks tourists carry without arrival in the shops.

If the excursion is short, if the tourists are comfortable after breakfast, then the races in the shops do not really annoy. In this case, with stores even more interesting.

But if the excursion is distant, for example, in Pamukkale from Antalya or Kemer, then you have to get up on a tour of 3 or 4 am. Tourists are interconnected by several stores, and everyone understands everything perfectly – this time could sleep in her room at the hotel! This is insanely annoying!

Once in an isolated space where tea is treated with Turkish sweets, and the story about the product is intertwined with beautiful legends, tourists are easily succumbing to Sale hypnosis and buy a completely unnecessary carpet, a fur coat, a vase and a magic sword. After all, how to resist where the words "best", "unique", "the cheapest" and ring in the ears? There is no antimonopoly service.

Remember that nothing unique in such shops do not sell. Even if the goods are interested in you, you can find it in the nearest to your hotel bazaar. Only the price will be lower, and the choice is wider.

And the Turks are engaged in something else, except for tourism?

You may be very surprised, but tourism is not the only article of the country’s income. However, the share of GDP from the tour studio is more than 10%, and 8% of the population works in the sector.

Turkey is in the twenty of the most economically developed countries of the world. For 2019, Turkey’s GDP amounted to 754.5 billion. $ and she ranked 19th in the world ranking on this indicator. For comparison – Russia has 11th place (1700 billion. $), Ukraine has 56 place (153 billion. $), and Belarus takes 75 lines (63 billion. $).

The greatest contribution to GDP – from the service sector – almost 64%. Next, the industry should be 27%, and the Troika leaders are closed – almost 10%. That is, from tourism the country gets as much as from the agricultural sector.

In except tourism services, the main directions are transport, communication and finance.

In industry, Turkey’s position is very strong. It is the largest television supplier in Europe, enters world top 12 car manufacturers and is one of the main manufacturers of trains and ships. Serious income brings chemical and light industry, as well as mining minerals.

In agriculture, a quarter of the population of Turkey works. The country is a leader in growing figs, pomegranates, cherries, hazelnuts, quince, apricots. Ranked second among manufacturers of cucumbers and watermelons, third – tomatoes, lentils, eggplants, pistachios.

Why do not load Wikipedia pages?

From April 2017, Wikipedia is blocked in Turkey (Law 5651). Such a decision adopted the Information Technology and Communications Council. The basis is the mention of the Wiki-articles on the support of terrorism at the state level – sponsoring Turkey some terrorist organizations.

The court acknowledged that the publication of such data is an attempt to manipulate the opinion of the Company. The blocking tried to challenge Ankara in court, but the claim was rejected. The judge explained that Wikipedia will last until the articles are not deleted by the Turkish authorities.

Turkish opposition condemned this measure. Deputy Ereren Erdem even stated that such an act puts his country in one row with North Korea.

However, the Turks found ways to access their favorite online encyclopedia. In particular, a copy of the Turkish version was created using IPFS technology and made pirated "mirrors" of two versions – Turkish and English. In the Russian version, wikipedia was impossible to read in Turkey, except for proxy.

This is not the first case of blocking online services in Turkey at the state level. In 2016, such a measure was temporarily applied to Twitter, Nazawa and Facebook.

As a result, it came to the proceedings in the Constitutional Court. And the Supreme Court rose to the side of Vicky! January 15, 2020 Wikipedia was unlocked. But this does not mean that at the time of your trip to Turkey it will not be blocked again, because the claims of the authorities did not go anywhere.

I was told "Chok Yasha". What does it mean?

It means that you sneeze. In this case, they say: "Be healthy!".

Tradition went from the pre-Islamic times, "&# 231; OK Ya&# 351; A "means" live a long life ". The fact is that during the times of Shamans, the Turks believed that with each silence they lose the soul particle, and life becomes shorter. To prevent such negative consequences surrounding say: "Live a long life".

In response, you can use the classic answers – "Sen de Gor" (which means "you also see my long life") or "HEP BERABER" ("All of us" live many years). Or just thank.

So if someone is sneezing nearby – boldly say "chok Yasha". But the logical phrase "Sykhhatler Olesun" ("Health You") is better not to pronounce. She may be quite inappropriate. The fact is that this wish express when someone comes out of the shower. Accordingly, the Russian analogue "With a light steam!". With hot water in Turkey there was always tint, so they wish to do each other not to catch a cold after water procedures.

Why some turks hide account in the restaurant under the table and they consider money there?

So the educated intelligent turks. According to the statutory standards in Turkey, it is considered indecent to show the guests a bill and demonstrate money designed to pay lunch or dinner. Also impressively interested in the cost of meals – this is a sign of bad tone.

By analogy, in Russia, Movetona is considered to leave the price tag on a gift or ask how much it costs.

Pays in the restaurant who invited. Exception – Very close friends or relatives. When calculating should not forget about the tip. In Turkey, this is not a voluntary sign of gratitude, but practically mandatory payment. The size of the tip is from 10 to 20%, and they need to be given personally for whom money thanks is intended.

Useful and interesting to know

– Turkey has become famous for its colorful and interesting cuisine. Many tourists are even afraid of unknown Turkish dishes. So that this does not happen, read our review "The best dishes of Turkey Kitchens";

– Turkish sweets are great – Be sure to try the Pahlav, Lukum, Halva, Cynafe. But this list does not end. Read our review "The Best Turkish Sweets";

– Turkish traditions of holidays cause many questions from tourists. Calendar and holiday descriptions read in our article "Holidays in Turkey".

A pleasant stay in Turkey, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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You have a mistake on the site: here you wrote that Ataturk died in 1953. In fact, he died in 1938 !

Alexander – Glavred site

Thank you very much! Date Fixed.

good day. Staging 4 questions can offend the Turks. Please remove the phrase "what a mustache comrade". About Mustafa Kemal Atatürke Do not speak with a mockery. He was a very kind and honest person.

Alexander – Glavred site

Thanks for the comment of Julia. Indeed, the merit of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk before Turkey is even difficult to express in words. The story knows little such patriots, sincerely devotees to their homeland. Perhaps I can remember only Gustav Mannerheim in Finland. In the phrase "Usatny comrades" I do not see anyone, but replaced it on the phrase "Who is a man". Just in case it is better so.

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This is an old article. Left here for history

Before traveling to Turkey, it is useful to read information about the country. This cycle of articles will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and a pleasant stay.

Arriving to Turkey, you will see a lot of unusual, in this article we will try to answer your questions in advance.

Question 1: What the panels are located on the roofs of all houses in Turkey? This is solar batteries?

Answer: These are not quite solar batteries, at least they do not produce electricity. These are heaters for hot water.

In Turkey, there is no centralized heating or hot water system. The problem of hot water in their home and heating every Turk should do himself.

This system consists of a large metal panel covered with special black matte paint. Black color best absorbs sun rays, matte surface does not give the rays to reflect. As a result, the panel heats up from sunlight.

The panel is connected to the water tank, and the heat is transferred to Baku, and, accordingly, the water in it. As a result, water is heated in the tank. This water is used in domestic purposes and for heating.

Regarding the heating temperature, it differs depending on the time of year. Summer reaches such a temperature that the panel can be burning, the temperature is about 70-80 degrees. JJ-Tours.RU does not recommend touching panels to avoid possible burns.

There is such a heating system of about 500 USD, which is quite accessible to each resident of Turkey. We, in Russia, it applies little in Russia, since the number of sunny days is noticeably smaller than in Turkey. The idea is paid once 500 USD and enjoy hot water for the next 20 years (this is an approximate service life of the system) is very attractive. That is why such a system is in Turkey on every home.

Question 2: What amulets with eyes hang everywhere in Turkey?

Answer: In Turkey there is a believer that such amulets defend the owner from the evil eye, damage and any other mystical troubles.

Called such an amulet "Munchik", but he also has another name "Nazar".

Protects not only an amulet, but also the image of the eye, but the image is considered less effective. It is believed that if the amulet defended you, he disappears. That is, if someone tried to smooth out you, then the amulet was removed, but myself disappeared. The disappearance of this amulete Turks sincerely rejoice. It, just in case, hang not only on yourself, but also for any vehicles, on pets, on buildings, on doors. Even on the tails of the aircraft of one of the national airlines of Turkey draw such "eye".

Munches (Nazary) are common not only in Turkey, but also in many other countries that were under the authority of the Ottoman Empire. But only in Turkey they are so popular. On the one hand, all this refers to the category of "superstitions", but on the other hand, the amulet is inexpensive, it is possible to reinforce.

Usually an amulet is made of painted glass.

Think, it may also be too for yourself to hang a muncher home and at work? Worse will not exactly, and this is a beautiful gift. We have a separate article about what else can be brought as a gift from Turkey.

Question 3: During the excursion, I was brought to the carpet factory, wine, leather, some onyks, clothes, souvenirs, gold (needed to emphasize). It should be?

Answer: There is such a feature in Turkey, from tourists are trying to "squeeze" to the maximum. This distinguishes Turkey from many other countries.

You are raised at 4 o’clock in the morning and driven on a tour with a check-in to several such enterprises to "catch" anything from the above-mentioned list. These are many leads to rabies, since this time they could sleep at the hotel.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to deal with this. We have not seen excursions in Turkey, which would not contain this negative.

During shopping, be careful, do not buy anything at all.

You specifically brought to a place where you are cut off from sources of information, you can not estimate the price of goods. You specifically brought to a place where you can not get if the product is "Lipov" or defective. Think whether it is worth buying something in such a situation?

Well, if you buy something small, fezka or small souvenir. But some of the goods that you offer in such places are quite expensive, for example, gold or carpets.

The main thing is to remember, all this can be bought in stores, you can always go to the nearest city and buy everything you need from souvenir to carpet.

Question 4: Whose portrait in Turkey hangs everywhere where you can hang him? Who is this man?

Answer: This person is called Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In this article we will tell about it in detail.

His real name Mustafa Kemal, Ataturk, which means "father of the Turks" or "Father of the People" to his name was added later. He was born in the 1880th year, although there are versions that in 1881, JJ-Tours.RU does not guarantee accuracy. Early biography is simple, but there was a lot of achievements, he became a military man, participated in the war with Italy, the Balkan War and the First World War. In all these wars, Mustafa, Kemal showed excellent qualities of the leader and the commander and retired by the end of the First World War to the title of General.

In 1919, the Ottoman Empire capitulated and broke. Mustafa Kemal convened the new government of Turkey in the city of Ankara (the current capital of Turkey), announced the Sultan government lowlands.

So the Turkish Republic was founded. But everything was not so simple, Mustafa Kumalia had to still have a lot of work, I had to win the Armenians in the East and Greeks in the West. We will not cover these wars, there were a lot of ambiguous bloody events.

The Soviet Russia helped the victory of the Turk. Weapons, Cartridges and Gold were sent to Turkey. But cooperation in the field of communism did not take place, Mustafa Kemal got rid of all communists in the country.

After the wives were subsided, transformations began in Turkey. We list the most basic ones:

– The abolition of the Sultanate and Caliphate, the transition to the republic.

– Elimination of laws based on the Sharia and the introduction of codes on the European sample.

– Introduction Family and Ban Consoles for Names.

– Providing equal rights to women.

– Introduction of an international system of time and calendar.

– Adoption of a new alphabet and a change in Turkish, deliverance of the language from Arab and Persian borrowing.

– Introduction of a secular education system.

As a result of the reforms, Turkey has changed "beyond recognition" and became a modern state, which remains still. If you are poorly presenting Turkey today, we have an article about it.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died in 1938 from the liver cirrhosis. His mausoleum is located in the city of Ankara. Tourists who are interested in can go to Ankara and see.

Question 5: Is there a shark in Turkey and can you swim at night?

Answer: In the Mediterranean Sea now there are almost no sharks. Sometime there were a lot of them. But man won a shark in this struggle.

Sharks almost disappeared from the Mediterranean Sea and completely disappeared from the Black Sea. Off the coast of Turkey they are not found at all. A man hunted for a long time at shark and caught the fish, the source of food for these predators. In the result of sharks almost disappeared in these places.

Bathing at night without fears, the beaches in Turkey for the night do not close, as they do in other resort countries.

Question 6: How many cigarettes are in Turkey? Maybe it should take?

Answer: This is a frequent question of those of us who smoke cigarettes. The answer is simple, as follows. Cigarettes in Turkey stand as much as we have, but it is in ordinary areas of Turkey. In the resort zone, cheaper than 2 dollars for a pack not found, and the price of 2 dollars still need to search, usually cigarettes are 3 dollars or more. The quality of local cigarettes also leaves much to be desired.

Take a stock with you. I hope that you are reading this article before the trip and you are armed with this knowledge.

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