12 reasons to go to Bavaria

To write this post I inspired my relation to Germany as a whole. I never considered Germany as a country in which you can go on vacation. I do not know why so, but just about Germany somehow did not think at all. But in September I managed to go there. And the idea of ​​this trip is entirely the idea of ​​my husband, in which I did not accept any participation trip was a gift for my birthday. And now I am insanely grateful to Ruslan so the name is my husband for revealed to me this fantastic place! Bavaria fabulous and unforgettable! I could not even think about the fact that in Germany can be so beautiful!

And this my story about why it is worth going to Bavaria. I personally know 12 reasons for traveling this amazing edge. Further numbering is just a numbering without priority rank 🙂

Raise number one. Unreal beauty meadows.

How much I don’t look at them, I can’t believe that they are real.

Raise number two. The mountains.

Here in general without comment, since it is simply impossible not to love the mountains!

Raise number three. Lake.

They seem to be the bottomless bowls, carefully surrounded and protected from all sides by the power of the Bavarian Mountains. They seem like mirrors in which picturesque shores are reflected. They seem to be precious stones that transfusals with a variety of flowers – from bright blue to the azure-green. I want to write pictures from such lakes and of course they want to swim in them. Lovely reason to return to Bavaria in the warm season!

Raise number four. Shop.

This is one of my favorite reasons. For one thing is the low bow to the Bavarians! It would seem that such in benches?! All salt is that these shops are in very suitable places. You sit down, enjoy an indescribable look and at this point the time to exist for you. Otherwise they are all jammed)))

Raise number five. Expensive.

About the fact that roads of excellent quality can not write – it goes without. But the roads in Bavaria are incredibly scenic! And to the one who goes at the moment behind the wheel falls extremely difficult and lead the car, and the beauty outside the window is not distracted.

Raise number six. Clouds.

Clouds that can be collected in the palm and put in your pocket. For the first time in my life I visited the cloud last year on Mount Gunung district in Malaysia. This mountain is just 881 meters high, but when cloudy weather, then this height is enough for the clouds swim through you. And in Bavaria, we hit the mountain Kelstin, where there was a Hitler’s residence. And here there are also the same clouds. Low and thick. Collect, yes fold in your pocket 🙂

It is me on the background of the clouds, not a white wall :)))

Raise number seven. Houses of local residents.

Which are works of art. Residents of Bavaria seem to somehow learned to decorate their homes and their lives. These incredible flowers, which are about to cease to be visible at home. Scribed walls, thanks to which the streets of the city turn into art galleries. Multicolored shutters. every corner is amazing beautiful. Do not cease to admire what love all this is done.

The reason number eight. Cows.

In childhood, from all animals, I loved the cows and monkeys most. To this day I will die cows with bubber on the neck. Himself a video with cows in the meadows, on which the ringing of Bubareniki is heard, and review these rollers to catch the spirit of the Bavarian Alps again.

Raise number nine. Sheeps.

Lamb is a separate funny story. We drove on the way to the side of the house and saw sheep on one of the meadows. Oil painting – a huge green meadow on the background of the mountain and in one "corner" this meadow bunch of sheep. We sharply turned to the meadow to look at the ideal Bavarian Sheep. And when these sheep saw our car, stopped at the meadow, they like crazy rushed to flee from their "Angle" to us in the opposite corner. How ridiculous developed their ears. We laughed to tears! And all this together with almost a tangible football hoofs – it was something.

12 Reasons to go to Bavaria

Raise number ten. Tasty food.

Even Fast Food. It was one of the delicious sausages, from those that I ate.

The reason number is eleven. Colorful locals.

A lot of local men walks in national costumes. It looks a little funny, but very patriotic!

The reason number is twelve. From Germany is very easy to get to Austria.

And in Austria, we also fell in love forever!

There are also ideal meadows:

Vegetables in the right places:

Stunning beauty of lake and fantastic mountains:

And of course picturesque roads, delicious food and friendly Austrians. Austria liked us at no less than Bavaria. And there we will also definitely move!

In general, reasons for visiting Bavaria, as it seems to me. For lovers of nature and harmony – is the perfect place! In which I wish to go to each of you.

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