12 things that will get rid of discomfort on the trip

Behind beautiful photographs from traveling, there are often stories about the wet legs, pocket thefts and surcharge for the advantage of the Suitcase. Most of the standard problems can be avoided if you take with you a few non-standard things.

Going on a journey, many try to take as much beautiful things as possible to look good in the photos and feel confidently while walking, shopping and dinner in the restaurant. But unpredictable weather and other circumstances can adjust plans, and, as a result, spoil the impressions of the trip.

To this not happen, prepare for all possible troubles in advance: lay out some of the civyl urban affairs from the suitcase, extra pairs of shoes and accessories, and instead, take things, without which no one “Parking”. They weigh little and occupy a little space, but provide maximum comfort.

Fleece Plaid

If you are going to a challenging trip, put in the manual stacking fleece plaid – it will make your trip much more comfortable. Having looked into it, you can sleep during a long night flight even in a close chest of an economy class. But the blankets on board the aircraft are better not to take – nobody erases them. During many hours of movements on long-distance buses and trains, their own plaid will save from the air conditioner, the cold air of which often becomes a cold.

Fleece plaids are thin and occupy little space, but at the same time quite warm. Usually they are two sizes: 130×170 and 150×200. Adult man of medium height is better to buy plaid size 150×200 – If an unforeseen situation arises like a forced night at the airport, he will replace a full blanket.

Woolen socks

Knitted woolen socks in most are associated with grandmothers and villages, but they save from cold in the same aircraft and buses, and even this is an indispensable thing for those who take off their shoes during distant flights.

Since gained popularity style "Hyugge", The stores have wool socks made of soft yarn with Scandinavian motives. And craftsmen at fairs you can buy real masterpieces of a wide variety of colors and textures.

If you think that you are ridiculous to look under the plaid and in woolen socks, do not worry: while in fashion, a cozy Scandinavian style, such a combination will be quite appropriate.


Many do not get to fall asleep even during a long night flight due to the noise of the engine, children’s crying and loud conversations of other waking passengers. Beroshi protect against foreign sounds, which contributes to strong sleep. They will be useful not only in the air, but on Earth, if you interfere with falling asleep any foreign sounds – from the snoring neighbor on the room to noise the road somewhere in the distance.

Almost everyone fit soft earplugs “Moldex”, which adapt to any shape of the auditory channel and are almost never felt. Unlike those Beros, which are issued in airplanes, they do not fall out of the ear. “Moldex” cost inexpensively and sold in any Russian pharmacy.

Stand for smartphone

Viewing a interesting movie – the best way to pass time in flight. In the menu of personal televisions that are usually equipped with far-hot aircraft, you can not always find a movie to taste, and there are no TV in the medium-haul and near-hymagne aircraft. If you are a true kinoman, load a few films in a smartphone in advance and put a stand for it in manual sting.

In the plane, place a stand with a smartphone on a folding table – it is much more convenient than holding a device in the hands. And if you fall unnoticed for yourself, the smartphone will not fall out of the hands and will not fly off under someone else’s seat. Even such a stand will be useful for those who love to view the latest news for morning coffee.

Cheap textile wallet on the castle

Afraid robbery on a trip? Unfortunately, no one is insured against him, but there is a way to not attract the attention of pockets: Leave at home “Mont Blanche” and “Luvitton”, And on the trip wearing money in a cheap textile wallet on the castle, more reminiscent of the cosmetic. In any country, local thieves are more interested in rich tourists, whose expensive leather wallets can be packed with bills.

Unfortunately, in the third world countries, especially in non-cereal places, without cash, do not do, because the cards do not accept in stores or even in hotels. It is in developing countries that tourists significantly increases the risk of being robbed. At the same time, in European countries with low crime, it is better to take bills or a plastic card from an expensive purse – in many stores and cafes are more willing to serve respectable customers.

Camel wool insoles

If you are going to the tropical islands or in Southeast Asia, this “Device” You are completely nothing. But warm insoles will help you out in places with sharp drops of temperatures, if you leave the hotel in the morning and returning late in the evening, and also do not want to take a few pairs of shoes on the trip. You can go to single sneakers in which it will not be hot in the afternoon, and in the evening – it is not cold due to the insoles from camel wool.

In ordinary stores such insoles find it difficult – they are sold in online stores of Mongolia and on various eco-and-fairs.


The thermal electricity has the same function as the stelek: it can replace the excess object of the outerwear. You need to choose it, based on the weather conditions of the region in which you are going to go.

The best brands of thermal ward – those who specialize in equipment for extreme sports, both expensive and budget. Inexpensive thermal underwear, as a rule, is designed for temperature to -5°C, but it is suitable for urban walks and uncomplicated mountain routes. Dear kits protecting frost to -30°C, choose climbers and sports tourists.

Textile bag or bag

It is difficult to introduce an experienced traveler without an inflatable collar cushion. But she is not suitable for everyone: someone has a neck and hurts his head, and someone cannot fall asleep when the head falls. If you want to shoot a pillow from the neck and, unfolding in a chair, put it under the temple, it is better to take a tightening bag or bag-shopper of cotton fabric instead of her.

To make an improvised pillow, you need to roll into a roll of a sweater or other volumetric, but the negative thing, and put it in the bag. It is especially convenient to sleep on such “Pillow” Those who sits near the porthole. This lifehak will help you out and if you are coming many hours moving on trains and buses or ferry crossing.

Road lamp

Many single travelers stop in hostels or enjoy a trap, and not always due to limited budget. This is a great opportunity to find acquaintances from different countries to walk together at interesting places, improve language skills and, perhaps, ride the next to each other.

12 Things that will get rid of discomfort on the trip

The main inconvenience of residence of several people in the same room is a different day of the day. Someone falls asleep at 9 pm and wakes up at dawn, and someone in the morning only goes to bed, and everything is evicted at different times. In order not to depend on the neighbors around the room and do not interfere with them, take a small road lamp on the trip, which is inserted into the outlet.

You can do the phone lantern, but it is much brighter, “Melteshit”, If you hold the phone in your hands, and quickly spends the battery charge. And if you do not take a bright chandelier light, such a lamp will be useful: yours “Rummates” will not include a chandelier if in the room and so will be sufficiently light.


Another thing that will significantly reduce the weight of your luggage and, perhaps, will repel on the trip – the raincoat. It is worth taking both tropical countries, and in the warm season to Europe. During the rain it should be worn right on top of the city backpack or bags so that documents, equipment and purchases are not wet. Clothes under the rain will remain dry, and in case of sudden cooling he will warm.

Choose expensive models from durable material – they will serve for a long time, unlike raincoats, packages from household chemicals. Many active travelers from Europe carry rainfackers, so you will not stand out and even more so – look silly.

Waterproof Case for Documents

Passports and other documents are preferably not to leave in the room, but always carry. But suddenly the starting shower can enter the bag or backpack in a matter of seconds and we just bought tickets and even pages of passport with visas and stamps of crossing boundaries.

In some cases, the laminated page with the photo may be laid out, which makes the passport invalid. To avoid such a situation, keep documents in a waterproof bag.


If you are planning to leave more than a week, but you have only hand-made pink, put a professional nail pylon in the cosmetic bag (cost from 500 rubles, sold in specialized stores). Manicure scissors or plugs you will have to leave in the inspection area, and buy new to use during the trip and then throw it away, may not work.

To unfamiliar masters of the nail service, it is better not to go: there is a risk of go away with open wounds around the nail plate or get a giant burr after the first hand washing. The feet is solved by the main problems with nails arising on the road. To the nails remain short, they need to be written every 1-2 days. With this appearance, it is easy to remove borrowers yourself.

Nail care on a trip – question of hygiene and convenience, and not aesthetics at all. Therefore, the Pillet will help not only women in the journey, but also men.

In addition to listed things, you may be useful:

  1. thermos and mug if you like natural objects without travel infrastructure;
  2. Little hinged locks on the city backpack if you are afraid of robbery and check every time, whether the wallet is in place;
  3. deodorant “Dry Dry”, If you do not have the opportunity every day to wear clean clothes or erase it;
  4. Dryer for shoes from silica gel, if the weather promises to be cool and rainy;
  5. Tee, if you have a lot of gadgets.

If you used to go only to batch tours, it is possible that in the first independent trip you will take a lot of extra things. But over time, you will learn to rationally collect a suitcase or a backpack depending on the type of trip.

12 Things that will get rid of discomfort on the trip

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