12 tips to help make excellent travel photos

"Today, few people are interested to watch "Postcards". This internet is lit up to the top. People are interested in augmented reality, personal impressions, clothed in text. Judging by the content of successful bloggers, a good travel photo is a combination of personal impressions, useful advice and beautiful cards. The photo should be an independent element, it must tell a separate story. However, the text is called up to complement the feeling, he may generally be about the specific place shown in the photo, but simply contain the impressions of the trip ".

2. Stick together

"If you use filters in mobile photos processing, try to choose a constant set of two-three, meeting your requirements and close to natural colors and shades. Either do not use filters at all. This is important in order for a person looking through the ribbon, could always distinguish your photos from others because they are uniform. The effect of addiction will be stronger. ".

3. Sometimes it is better to prefer smartphone camera

4. Do not remove where the concentration of tourists is off. Either choose unusual angles

"If you walk with tourist trails, you will constantly stumble on the places that have already been removed many times, and it will be almost impossible to find something original there. View main attractions, especially if you are first in these places, it is necessary. But you also need to diversify your routes. Remember that any such place requires several visits to understand it and discover for yourself ".

5. With the help of Selfie-Stick you can do not only selfie

"Self-stick can significantly transform photos. It can not be used to create selfie, but to change the position of the smartphone. With it, we can raise the phone and remove what is happening from above. For example, you can get a very spectacular photo of the crowd while in the stream of people on the street Estoclal in Istanbul. ".

6. Look for non-standard shooting points

"To shoot with a height is always more profitable. Such points are most often not available for us, so the photo taken from a difficult height will be impressive. Climbing the roofs of houses – the coolest way to make a great picture. Options to get there are different: either try to slip into the entrance, or negotiate with the tenant. It is always the risk and overcoming yourself, how fashionly talk is now – "Success lies outside the comfort zone". And this, damn it, 100% truth! To get a good result, you need to make something different from what others do ".

7. Photographing architecture, pay attention to the details

"Remove the large details of the object: doors, windows, bas-reliefs … they perfectly convey the nature of the place. The brain is so arranged that we are fine with what remains behind the scenes. In theory, the viewer is absolutely optionally to see the building entirely to make an impression. Much more interesting to grab a part of the space and allow the viewer to fantasize. It will hold his attention, he will not say: "Well, everything is clear, then"".

eight. Before traveling, learn the legislation and norms of the country in relation to public shooting

"Muslims, for example, is prohibited to embody the human image in any form. Accordingly, they do not like when they are photographed. It is always necessary to take into account, shooting on the street in Muslim countries. Of course, it is possible to do it, but is it necessary. It is better to ask permission ".

12 Tips to help make excellent travel photos

nine. In the days there are two hours of optimal time for shooting landscapes

"This is about 30 minutes to and 30 minutes after dawn, 30 minutes before and after sunset. The snag is that when the sun rises quite high enough, the contrast of the sky and the landscape becomes very large, the camera can not capture simultaneously. She always chooses – either the sky will be crossped white, and the landscape is well lit, or focus on the sky, but the dark landscape. With dawn and sunset lighting, the sky and the landscape are illuminated less contrast. As a result, it turns out a very good picture. Plus, during dawn and sunset the sun is close to the horizon, and the shadows are lengthened, giving an image of the invoice and volume ".

ten. Always keep the camera nearby

"Make a frame needs to be ready at any time. Removing the phone, always keep it in hand. Use the volume buttons for shooting. Lower the composition, guided by intuition. And remember that you need to have a portable battery with you, because the phone batteries on the day of the walk are not enough. An additional battery will allow you to remain non-volatile and take pictures at any time. ".

eleven. Detach the shooting process with the selection and processing process

"Remove during the day without looking at what you happen. Evening viewing photos, by the way, can turn into a pleasant ritual, especially if you are traveling not one. So you will see not only what you liked, but also what you liked by your companion ".

12. Sometimes it is worth postponing the camera

"We are so passionate about the capture of everything and all around that we forget to just live, stop and look around. And to create a high-quality image, it is necessary to drink this energy. First immerse yourself in the atmosphere, and after two or three days, you will try to chamber and start shooting. Of course, there are difficulties in the compressed temporary framework. But it is meaningless to remove everything. Because removing everything you miss the most important. The photo is about observation, so you need to observe and be prepared for the fact that at some point it can happen "that same frame"".

12 Tips to help make excellent travel photos

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