12th County of Paris

If you select accommodation in 12th district , Be prepared for the time you need time to get to the center of Paris and its main attractions. The area has both the pros and cons, but Pluses here significantly more .

This is enough Silent and safe area . Nearby are so very pleasant place for walking ; Bercy Park .

Accommodation here will cost cheaper , than in central districts. Cons – walk from your hotel to the center of Paris hardly work.

Tip: Choose hotels near the metro station and do not settle down next to the 20th district (this area has long has the glory of an unfavorable place in which many immigrants live).

Main attractions

Lyon station

Bright architectural masterpiece of early XX in. The opening of the station was timed to the World Exhibition in Paris (1900 g.). The building is made in modern style and richly decorated with elements inherent in this style. Central element ; Tower height 64 m , With clock on each of the parties. Station is connected to the subway. South France – Lyon, Marseille, Nice, as well as in Italy and Swiss Alps.

Opera Bastilly

Opera Bastilly is named after the area on which is located. Once at this place There was a legendary prison . And the theater building appeared here not so long ago – in 1989. Opening timed to the 200th anniversary of the Taking Bastille.

If you want to inspect the opera building and visit the scenes, not necessarily take tickets On view. You can use the excursion tour (the schedule of excursions takes place in the head of the theater’s workload, the schedule is better to specify on the site: www.OperaDeparis.Fr ).

French Sinemtec

In this place collected All movies , produced by french film studios. Cinema includes an archive center, 4 cinema , Exhibition halls, library and restaurant. Separate mention deserves Museum , in which exhibited Costumes and scenery to famous films , Old cinema, as well as personal things of actors and directors.

The building of the cinematki is made in bizarre architectural form (it is a bit Reminds the ballerina in a bundle ). The archives of the cinematki are here since 2005. (before that they occupied the semi-basement room of the Palace Chaio).

Museum work time: from 12:00 to 19:00 (KR. Tuesday), ticket price – 5 Euro (Museum + film ; 8 euros).


Zoo – located on the territory of the Vincensky Forest. It opened in 1931. From 2008 to 2014.g here a large-scale reconstruction. Now the zoo is divided into several biosone (Patagonia, Sahel Sudan, Amazonia-Guyana, Madagascar and Europe), animals live in an environment as close as possible to natural.

Working hours:

  • from 10:00 to 17:00 (winter),
  • With 9.30 to 20.30 (summer).

Ticket price: 22 Euro (adult), 13 Euro (Children).

Other sights

Bercy Park

This is harmonious A combination of an old landscape park ensemble and modern architecture. For a long time at this place Grew vineyards , And the District of Berchi himself was one of the most famous places of the Vinkers in Paris.

The park was opened here in the second half of the 90s. And immediately became a favorite place of rest citizens. The most interesting objects of Bercy Park: Stadium "Berci Arena", Fountain-waterfall in the form of a rhombus, a pond with an ancient house of winery.

Barci Pavilion – an unusual place that belongs J. NS. FAVAN . This is a very extravagant personality, a former antiquarian and actor, the creator of a stunning attraction on the site of one of the wine warehouses in Berci. The pavilion consists of 3 thematic halls – Hall (or Theater) Wonders , Museum of Fair Act and Venetian Hall . All three halls are great, the latter especially amazes full immersion in the historical environment and the imaginary immersion.

Museum of Fair Act

In the museum Fair art Collected acting attractions of past centuries (XVIII and XIX in.v.). it Unique collection , which is not anywhere in the world. No wonder the creator of this pavilion is called The last storytener of Europe . During the New Year and Christmas holidays, colorful costumed balls and masquerades are held here.

Visit to the Museum of Fair art must be ordered in advance.

12Th County of Paris

Ticket price: 12.50 euros (tzr.), 4 Euro (children.). For more information on: www.Pavillons-de-Bercy.Com .

Where to stop better

Aparthotel Adagio Paris Bercy Village (4 stars) ; Good option for a comfortable family stay. There are family rooms with kitchen, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and kitchenware set. Metro Station and Bercy Park are within walking distance.

Hotel Elysée Gare De Lyon (three stars) ; Hotel with small cozy rooms and polite staff. Located next to the Lyon Station and Metro Station. Next to the hotel there is a bus stop to Charles de Gol Airport. The rooms on the 1st floor may be noisy.

Additional Information

Bercy Village – entertainment complex, which is a pedestrian street with various entertainment facilities ; cinema, cafe, restaurants, wine bars and many shops. All of them are in separate houses on the territory of the former warehouses, near the park of the same name.

Restaurant Le Train Bleu ; Named in honor of the Paris-Ventimlia trains and entered into the list of historical objects . He is in On the 1st floor of the Lyon station . The restaurant serves French cuisine, the interior is made in the Art Deco style of the beginning of XX in.

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12Th County of Paris

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